How to make meringue

By popular request, here is a dedicated video and instructions for preparing the meringue in macaron baking. The meringue is perhaps the most important foundation for macarons so it’s important to make it properly. I’d venture to say that most of your macaron problems will come from a poorly prepared meringue. Make sure you are starting with aged egg whites (link below) and follow the step-by-step instructions outlined. I also made a video for you so you can get a visual idea of the key markers to look for when making meringue.

Stiff Peaks is characterized by points in the egg whites that stand vertically without drooping.

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Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are fluffy pillows of sweetness. They’re melt-in-your-mouth cookies made from whipped egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar.


Meringues have a delicately crisp exterior and a soft, slightly chewy center and they are amazingly delicious!

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Tips For Making Perfect Meringue Cookies

I have a few meringue baking tips to share with you to help your meringues come out perfect every time…

  •  Be careful not to leave any of the egg yolk with the egg white. This will interfere with the egg whites foaming.
  •  If your egg whites have been kept in the refrigerator, bring them to room temperature.  Warmer eggs whip faster than cold eggs
  •  Use glass, copper or stainless steel bowls when making meringues. Plastic bowls can sometimes harbor traces of grease which will prevent the egg whites from getting stiff.
  •  Use super-fine sugar when making meringues because it dissolves faster than regular sugar and gradually add the sugar, a tiny bit at a time while beating continuously.
  •  Try not to over-whip the egg whites. The meringue should be shiny and glossy so stop whipping when stiff peaks form.
  •  If possible, try to avoid making meringues on humid or rainy days. This could affect how the meringues turn out. If necessary, you might need to increase the baking time.
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