How to make friendship bracelets

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Did you know that you can weave with drinking straws? I only just learned about the technique, but I can already think of a bunch of fun ways to craft with it! For today’s project, I made woven yarn friendship bracelets. They’re so simple to do, but the possibilities are endless.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

One of my favorite things about these bracelets is that they look so much like the knotted embroidery thread bracelets that we all made as kids. But, these ones are much quicker and easier to do, so they’re perfect for younger kids who aren’t quite ready to use embroidery thread yet.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

  • Colored yarn
  • Scissors
  • Sequins
  • Straws
  • White glue
  • Washi tape

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 1Cut a short snip into one end of each drinking straw. For this bracelet, I used two, but three looks good too! Feed a piece of yarn through the straw, put the end into the slit, and wrap it with a piece of washi tape to secure it in place. Leave about 12” extended out past the straw. Do this for both straws, as shown.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 2Take another piece of yarn (leave it attached to the ball for now) in one hand and hold the other two straws in the other hand. Wrap the yarn around one straw then the other, making a figure 8 as you weave around them, as shown. Keep wrapping!

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 3Keep wrapping the yarn, sliding the yarn down the straws as needed.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 4When you are happy with the length of your bracelet, slide the whole thing off the straws. Cut the vertical yarns so that the bracelet is free from the straws.

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DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 5Use the excess length of the wrapping yarn to tie double knots onto each of the vertical yarns on each end.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step 6Braid the three tails together, or tie a loop, depending on how you’d like to wear the bracelet.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Step  7Use white glue to attach on sequins or beads for extra decoration. Repeat and make bracelets for all your friends! Try using more straws, straws of different sizes, or weave two pieces of yarn at once! You can also make stripes by switching colors – just tie a new color of yarn onto the one you’ve started weaving with, and switch back and forth as you like.

DIY Woven Yarn Friendship BraceletsDIY Woven Yarn Friendship BraceletsDIY Woven Yarn Friendship BraceletsDIY Woven Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Happy crafting! :)

Friendship bracelets supplies:

  • Plastic Canvas Cord (in metallic colors)
  • Tape

plastic lace to make craftThe all metallic (on the left) is a little stiffer than the metallic-and-colored, so have both on hand. On some friendship bracelets the stiff metallics work better, and on some the softer works better.

Step 1:

In this image, I have already begun my knots. It’s is easier to show you this way, but you will have a little more work to do I’m afraid! :o)

I have pre-threaded 3 pearls onto my centre cord and secured for tension.

Cut a second strand of cord approx. 0.5m and thread underneath your centre strand. Make sure your pearls are in the middle of your centre strand as we will work on each side of them.

Keeping your 0.5m strand centralised, take the left side and place it over the tight centre thread. You will then take the right-hand side of your 0.5m cord and place it over the left side you brought over. Your right piece will then go underneath the centre thread and pull it up through the little circle you created on the left side. Pull this tightly and move up to the pearls to secure.

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*THIS is one-half of your square knot! We now do the same knot but using reverse sides first.

Step 2:

Starting with the right side thread, place it OVER the centre cord and lie flat. Take the left side cord, place it over the thread you laid down and then UNDER the centre cord. Bring it up through the loop you created on the right-hand side and pull tight up to the previous knot.

Step 4:

You will now create the same knots again and again, alternating between using the left side to begin and then the right. As this section will give you half of your bracelet, you will need enough length to go from the beads to half way around your wrist.

Glue the ends of your cords and trim the excess, once dry.

Complete the same amount on the other side of your beads to give you knotted sides.

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