How to make egg salad

This 1-minute egg salad uses the microwave to make quick work of the eggs.

1 Minute Egg Salad |

Confession time: I love egg salad.

Confession time part two: I rarely plan for egg salad. So for a long time, I just didn’t make it. By the time I hard-cooked eggs and cooled them, the craving for egg salad usually had passed. (I tend to crave egg salad at lunch when I’m in a “FOOD NOW!” mood.)

But then! THEN! This past fall, we redid our kitchen floor. For a few days, the oven was out of the kitchen. This turned out to be less of a problem than you’d think. Thankfully it was early fall; so we ate lots of salads and I used the slow cooker a few times. One day in the midst of that, I looked up “microwave foods.” I did this mostly for fun. Nothing really grabbed me until I saw hard-cooked eggs. Even though I’d seen advertisements for Eggies , I never really believed you could microwave eggs. That sounded…well, it sounded nuts to me.

Yet things that are nuts are sometimes fun to try. So I grabbed some custard cups, eggs, and headed to the microwave. OH.MY.GOD. It worked! The eggs “hard cooked.” Well, mostly. Let me clarify!

These eggs are great for:

egg salad breakfast sandwiches

sliced or chopped eggs on green salads.These aren’t the type of eggs you’d eat plain as a snack. But for egg salad or a breakfast sandwich? They are great! In fact, I don’t think I’ve boiled an egg since.

What can you do with egg salad?

My husband is always begging me to make egg salad. Sure, hard boiling and peeling the eggs takes time, but I have perfected that process by using the Instant Pot to hard boil my eggs. If I’m making a large batch of egg salad, I always use an egg slicer to speed up the process. Simple tools like that make recipes like egg salad a breeze.

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When we make egg salad, we do a few things with it.

  • First off, I like to make a big batch. If I’m going to go to the trouble of making it, I want more than enough for a single sandwich. I typically boil a dozen eggs at a time.
  • Our favorite go to use for egg salad is to make an egg salad sandwich. My kids and my husband prefer fluffy white bread with their egg salad and nothing else. I prefer a rustic rye bread. Something that is a bit chewy with a lot of flavor. I also love sneaking in fresh veggies like this spinach and radish.
  • Nothing is needed to enhance this avocado egg salad, but I’ve been known to add bacon and jalapeno to just about anything.
  • Egg salad is a quick and easy choice for your kid’s school lunch.
  • Sometimes if I need a quick snack with a bit of protein, I’ll have a small amount of egg salad with some crackers. It’s the perfect tide-me-over snack before dinner.

Add avocado to your traditional egg salad recipe for great flavor!

What do you put in avocado egg salad?

I put hard boiled eggs, ripe avocado, mayonnaise, and a bit of mustard. I know there are people out there who don’t like mayonnaise, and there are options for you. If you want to make egg salad without mayo, you can easily substitute sour cream or greek yogurt for the mayo. If you’re making avocado egg salad, you can completely omit the mayo and/or dairy and use the avocado to make it creamy. A bit of olive oil can thin it out if it’s too thick.

The only other thing needed for egg salad is salt and freshly ground pepper. I like to go above and beyond and use Jacobsen’s black garlic salt. It’s not cheap, but it’s harvested by hand from the Oregon Coast and is worth every penny.

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Egg salad recipe with avocado.

Avocado Egg Salad combines creamy mashed avocado with traditional egg salad for a delicious quick and easy lunch. If you love avocado on toast, but also love the flavor of egg salad, then this recipe is for you. Make a big batch and have lunch ready to go for the whole week!

  • 12 eggs
  • 1 large ripe avocado
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cook and peel the hard boiled eggs. You can either follow my stovetop method, or use the Instant pot to cook on low pressure for 6-7 minutes with the eggs on the trivet and 1 cup of water in the base. Either way, transfer cooked eggs to an ice bath before peeling.
  2. Chop the hard boiled eggs and add to a large bowl.
  3. Chop or mash the peeled avocado. Add to the eggs. Add mayonnaise and mustard. Stir well to combine. You can add more mayo and/or mustard if you prefer. Add salt and pepper, to taste.

Egg salad will keep in the refrigerator for at least 5 days if stored in an air tight container.

Calories 306 Calories from Fat 243 Total Carbohydrates 3g 1% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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