How to make eclipse glasses at home

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Solar eclipse 2017 is merely a couple of hours away. There is unprecedented enthusiasm regarding this total solar eclipse across United States. People are travelling hundreds of miles to have a perfect look at the total solar eclipse.

A small town in Madras that will have perfect solar eclipse view is attracting around two hundred thousand people from across the US. The local population that is just over 6000 inhabitants will swell to two hundred thousand people when the actual solar eclipse begins on August 2017.

People are trying to find perfect solar eclipse glasses and there are news from different parts of the country that solar eclipse glasses are already out of stock. But buying solar glasses is not the only option to be able to watch solar eclipse. If you are unable to get hold of solar eclipse glasses from upscale shopping mall, you can make your own solar eclipse glasses at your home.

Making solar eclipse glasses is not a rocket science. You can easily still make a makeshift solar eclipse viewer at home for at very low price or really at no price at all. It must be added there that these solar eclipse glasses are as safe and secure as the professionally made solar eclipse glasses.

Important tools needed to make solar eclipse

1-empty cereal box, 2-aluminum foil, 3-nail/pushpin, 4– Tape, 4– Scissors

If you want to make solar eclipse glasses, take a white piece of paper or cardboard, trace the bottom of the box, then cut out the rectangle with scissors and tape it to the bottom of the opened cereal box. That will be used as the screen of the personal theater.

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You should cut out two squares on the top/lid of the box that measure almost around 1.5 inches. Now carefully tape the lid securely back together. On one of the squares you just cut out, cover the hole in aluminum foil and tape it down. Next, apply the small nail/pushpin through it. This will be your lens and hole that the eclipse will project through.

This is going to help you watch the solar eclipse without really damaging your eyes. You should watch the solar eclipse through the small hole made with the nail/pin. To see the eclipse as it happens, look through the other hole in the lid — the one without the foil — and you should be able to see a projection of the eclipse safely. While the experience is not as good as from professionally made glasses, it is the next best thing that you can do to watch the eclipse and not damage your eyes.

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