How to make cinnamon rolls

This is the Best Cinnamon Roll recipe, ready to enjoy in an hour! These yeast cinnamon rolls are quick and easy. Get the secret that makes them better than the rest!

best cinnamon roll recipe

I’m always watching my weight, even if it’s just watching those tastes, drips and drizzles going into my mouth. If I’m going to “spend” calories on a sweet treat, it needs to be worth every calorie! I love a good cinnamon roll, but it seems they’re few and far between.

Dieting has made me a food critic! I won’t name names, but I find that a lot of cinnamon rolls are dry and boring. I’ve been on a quest to bake the the best cinnamon roll for a while and I’m happy to announce that I’ve nailed it! I still like cinnamon rolls made from frozen bread dough, but they’re not quite as soft and fluffy and you truly don’t save that much time using the frozen bread dough.

More than once I’ve forgotten to start it the night before and had to come up with an alternate plan in the morning. That’s how these babies were born! Adapted from All Recipes, these light and fluffy rolls are dare I say, the Best Cinnamon Roll recipe.

Yeast Cinnamon Rolls are easy with my simple step-by-step instructions.  I’m all about being fuss-free, especially in the morning. (PS if you want a no yeast shortcut, you’ll love these Easy Cinnamon Rolls, too!)

How to Make Cinnamon Rolls Without Yeast

I’ve tried so many recipes for homemade cinnamon roll dough, but for some reason the cinnamon buns always get hard after they cool. Now I use crescent rolls instead of making my own dough and the cinnamon buns always turn out super soft and fluffy. This is really the best cinnamon roll recipe if you’re looking for something fast and easy! You don’t have to make the dough or wait for the yeast to rise!

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Easy Cinnamon Rolls Ingredients

Fast & Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Don’t get me wrong I love a good yeasty cinnamon roll, there is no other kind! Sometimes however you just don’t have the time to make them and that’s when this recipe comes in handy. You might have noticed that I have another no yeast cinnamon buns recipe on my website – My Easy Cinnamon Buns with No Yeast– and while those are also really good cinnamon buns, they are a crunchy, dense cinnamon roll. I wanted to see if you could make cinnamon buns that rise.

fast fluffy no rise cinnamon rolls with no yeast

 These are probably the closest that you will ever get to a yeasted cinnamon roll but spend half the time making it!

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