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How to Make Yuzu Lavender Soy Candles

This recipe has such an amazing scent! If you have never smelled yuzu essential oil, I implore you to buy a bottle this instant! There is nothing quite like the beautiful full-bodied, bright, tangy, and sweet aroma of this exotic Japanese citrus.

Yuzu is known to promote feelings of cheerfulness, happiness, and a sense of wellbeing.

The lavender I chose to use in this blend is called “fine lavender” which is a lavender that is grown in higher altitudes that produces a more refined and complex scent than other lavender essential oils.

Lavender is known to promote feelings of calm and relaxation and helps relieve stress and nervous tension.

It’s the perfect combo for mood elevation!

To make one yuzu lavender soy candle, you will need:

One 4oz candle tin Candle wicks with wick holders An accurate kitchen scale A calculator (I just used my phone) A saucepan A pyrex measuring cup (or other heat resistant container for melting) Some newspaper 75g of 100% pure soy wax  135 drops yuzu essential oil (can sub with lemon)  135 drops fine lavender essential oil (can sub with lavender)

Feel free to multiply this recipe as needed.

Loving Preparation – Yuzu Lavender Soy Candle Recipe

1. Begin by calculating the amount of soy wax you need for your containers using the kitchen scale, then place the wax in a pyrex measuring cup for melting.

2. Next, calculate how many drops of essential oils you need to get a 6-10% dilution.

3. After that, bring one inch of water to a gentle simmer in a saucepan and place the pyrex measuring cup with the soy wax in the center.

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4. Use this time to lay out a sheet of newspaper and get your candle tin ready by getting the wick placed. Use a chopstick to keep the wick taught when you pour the wax.

5. Once the wax has melted completely, remove the pyrex from the heat, place it on a kitchen towel on the counter to dry off any water droplets, and allow it to cool a bit.

6. At this point, thoroughly mix the essential oils into the wax, then pour the final product into the candle tin.

7. Allow the candle to solidify completely, then carefully trim the wick (keep it about ½ an inch long)

How to make scented soy candles

Soy Candle Troubleshooting

– Shrinkage

If your candle is pulling from the edges of the container it means that the container stayed too cool while the candle solidified. You can remedy this by loosely wrapping a towel around the candle while it cools.

– Cracking

If your candle develops cracks on the surface, simply use a hair dryer to smooth the wax. You may want to do this if you’re giving the candle as a gift. Cracking is a result of cooling too quickly.

– Curdling

If your candle has a really strange texture, you may have added too much essential oil. Some waxes can take up to a 12% dilution, but soy usually takes 6-10%.

– Tunneling

If your candle burns down in a narrow tunnel and not to the edges of the container it means you need to use a larger wick size. I recommend sizing up by one and seeing how that burns. Another reason for tunneling is blowing out the candle too soon. You want to burn candles at least until the entire surface is melted before extinguishing it.

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– Weak Aroma

The essential oils you used may have a low flash point and may have evaporated too much before solidification was complete OR you didn’t add enough essential oils.

– Too Much Candle Smoke

This means that your wick is too long. Trim it down so it’s between a ½-1/4 inch long.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to make your own scented soy candles! Have you ever made candles before? Please share your favorites in the comments below!

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What you will need to make your DIY dried flower candles:

  • Wax – We recommend using soy wax but any organic wax should do
  • Cotton Candle Wick – Measured to fit your container, with a little extra length for the candle setting
  • Dried Flowers – Either bought or you can dry your own
  • Glass Jar or Container – You could also try using old ceramic tea cups for a unique edge
  • A Pencil – We’ll use this to help the wick set
  • A Wooden Skewer
  • Optional: Essential oils

Step 1: Melt the wax

Boiling wax in a pan and bain marie

For this first step you should melt the wax on your hob. You can either do this with a jug or bowl in a saucepan of shallow water or with or just in the saucepan itself (use one you don’t mind getting waxy). It’s better to melt the wax slowly with quite a low heat to ensure that it cools quickly so as not to damage the dried petals with the heat of the liquid.

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Step 4: Add the wick and the oils

setting candle wick

You should already have your wick set to be placed in the candle. If you want to add in the oils do so after the wax has cooled for a few minutes to ensure that the heat doesn’t make the oils smoke. If you’re adding strong scents like eucalyptus only place a couple of drops in the mixture but for more subtle fragrances more is better (around 20 – 30 drops). After giving the mixture a light stir you can then drop in the wick. Make sure to keep it centred so the candle will burn evenly.

best selling flowers

Step 6: Let the wax cool

wet candles with dried flowers inside

Now that everything is set in place find a cool dry place for the wax to solidify. This can take up to 24 hours to completely settle so don’t rush the process or the flowers or wick could get knocked out of place.

Once the candles are full set you can then add any additional decorations. Perhaps you may add a label with the name of the recipient or a birthday greeting if it’s for a birthday party. Whatever the celebration, your home made floral candle should be able to impress your loved ones with its light, scent and craftsmanship.

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