How to make a youtube intro

Biteable is the perfect online editing tool to create video intros for your YouTube channel, blog or video. Choose from hundreds of different video styles and effects and add your own color, music and logo, or just use one of our pre-made templates

Video Intro Templates

A video intro can mean either a short title screen or screens at the start of a video, or a video that explains what something is about. Here we will be talking specifically about title screens, but Biteable also allows you to create great Explainer Videos.

If you’re making videos as a business, you’ll be aware that just blazing in to your video content straight away is akin to just opening the door and walking into someone’s house without knocking. A far more stylish and professional way of going about it is to make an intro that gently leads into the main content of the video.

Things to remember when making a video intro:

  • Make a good first impression. Your intro will be the first thing your audience will see, so it’s worth spending the time to make it really good. If it’s fun and recognisable, people will be more likely to engage with the content and share your video.
  • Make it short & sweet. A good intro is usually fairly quick, no more than 20 seconds (preferably between 5-10), and has a minimal amount of text or voiceover, so put minor but potentially long-winded details in an outro (or better yet, don’t put them in at all).
  • Make it tell the story. Your intro needs to convey who you are and what you’re about, and what the video is about.
  • Brand it. There’s a reason big companies have logos and colors. It helps people to recognize and remember your product and the more familiar people are, the more likely they are to come back.

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How to make a video intro or outro:

  1. Choose an intro or outro video template you like – we’ve listed a few suggestions at the top of this page
  2. Sign up for free, or Log in to your Biteable account
  3. Begin editing the customisable version of your chosen template
  4. Choose from our vast selection of animated scenes in many different styles
  5. Add your own text, photos, colors and music to make the video your own
  6. Download your finished creation to add to the beginning or end of your videos
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how to make a youtube intro 2. Keep things short and sweet

Whenever people ask us how to make a cool YouTube intro, something that we often reiterate over and over is the fact that it’s very, very easy to go overboard when putting your intro together.

Folks are often under the impression that they need to make their intro lengthy by throwing in as much flair and information as they possibly can, but this is simply the wrong way to go.

When putting your intro together, follow the saying of “less is more.” The goal with your YouTube channel is to build an audience that is regularly consuming your content and looking forward to your new content.

If you have an intro that’s 30-seconds long, people are going to get tired of sitting through it in no time at all. Try to keep things to around 5-seconds or less, and make sure you don’t go overboard with the animations and effects you throw in there either.

Basic Guidelines for Making Your Youtube Intro

Your intro should be the following:

  • Visually interesting to capture attention.
  • Branded with either your logo, colors, face or something else unique to your company.
  • Long enough and clear enough to tell the story of what your video is about.
  • Short enough to not cause people to bail. Aim for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Unique and engaging enough to make people want to stick around.

An intro maker can help you capture all these elements so you don’t have to make your intro from scratch. These tools help with this by giving you a template to start with and generally easy-to-use editors and graphics.

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The result is you making more videos thanks to the time you’ll save:

(Image Source)

The best Youtube intro tool for you is going to depend on your needs and budget: some tools have features you can’t live without, while other slimmer tools might be able to do all you need.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something on this list to make your video’s intro great!

Click here to see how we can turn your blog posts into beautiful videos.

Now, let’s talk get into the different tools.


Now you know the good and bad in the variety of intro maker tools on the market.

The point isn’t that any one tool is better than another. The tool you choose will depend on the capabilities you need from it and your budget.

That being said our personal favorites are Filmora and Intro Maker.

If you have a hefty wallet and want top-of-the-line, go for Filmora.

When looking for just something basic to showcase your logo, consider Intro Maker.

If you want the rest of your video made for you (not just the intro), we can create incredible videos tailored to your content. Click here to see how.

Which tool is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments!

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Analytics back this up

Many of us here at Fullscreen watch videos all day long, and many of those videos kick off with motion intros—some 3 seconds long, some 30 or more. So we spoke with creators and viewers and looked at YouTube analytics to understand what keeps viewers around and what drives them away.

We took a look at the audience retention of videos that contain intros longer than 5 seconds. In many cases, the graphs look very similar to the one below (which is for a video that has a 25-second intro).

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.43.16 PM

In this case, the intro went on so long (25 seconds) that 50% of viewers dropped off before the actual content of the video even started. After looking at reams of data like this, we feel that intros longer than 5 seconds can drive viewers away.

How to approach your own intros

If your videos contain motion intros longer than 5–10 seconds, you should:

  • Check the audience retention of several of those videos to see whether viewership drops off significantly during your video intros.
  • If the length of your intro is in fact driving away lots of viewers, consider trimming some of your video intros with YouTube’s Video Editor.
  • Consider reducing the length of your intros in future videos to 5 seconds max.

Good luck with your videos!

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