How to make a stress ball

We have a super fun craft for you today – DIY Stress Balls!!! We have made a variation of this a couple of times already – in the past we filled them with RICE and turned them into Superhero Juggling Balls. Today, we are going to show you how to make stress balls using flour and balloons. What I really like about this balloon craft – is how colourful it is, how fun and of course how easy!! Now it is VERY important that you watch the whole video for instructions.. though this craft is easy.. there is POTENTIAL for mess if you don’t pay attention – you will see why in the video!!!

I also think that these Stress Balls make FABULOUS Father’s Day Gifts or Teach Appreciation Gifts (what teacher doesn’t get stressed now and again, right?!) and they are super thrifty to make. Simply perfect!

I think that these stress balls would also look great with some Emoji features.. just use a set of yellow balloons and add the right details and you have a fabulous Emoji craft!


How to make a Stress Ball. Fun and easy DIY Balloon Stress Balls for Father's Day or Teacher Appreciation Day. These DIY Stress Balls also make a great sensory toy #stressballs #sen #sensory #fathersday #teachers

UPDATE: Please remember that over time the balloons become brittle and WILL break. I found the odd pile of broken Stress Ball balloons and flour in our house recently. Ha. I would say the DIY Stress Balls last well for about 6 months.. and then need to be changed (unless of course you play with them a LOT then they will last 2-3 weeks).

How to make Stress Balls - a super easy DIY for kids - great as father's day gifts or teacher appreciation gifts!

1. The Pink Stress Ball 


A simple pink stress ball is pretty to look at and it calms you down wonderfully whenever you need it to! Pop it in your handbag and take it along just in case you find yourself in a stressful situation, needing to squeeze your feelings out! Get the tutorial at BuzzFeed!

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2. Orbeez Stress Ball


If you want your stress ball to be really special to the touch, fill it with Orbeez! They will create such a fun sensation under your fingers you’ll love to just pick it up for a couple of seconds and play with it. Before you know it, your stress will evaporate! Thanks, Morena DIY!

3. Two Ingredient Stress Ball 


Is the lack of time part of what’s stressing you out? No worries friend, this stress ball by What’s Up Moms only requires two ingredients and a couple of minutes to make. You can easily squeeze the prep time into your morning routine and pack the stress ball to go with you into a long Monday!

4. Stress Balls for Children 


Children can get stressed and agitated too! Luckily, Se La Cava has three great ideas for stress balls that will keep your little ones busy and calm through longer car drives or afternoons when you just want some peaceful moments to yourself! As such, these stress balls de-stress the parents as well!

5. Slime Stress Ball 


Remember when we were kids and slime was the coolest thing on Earth?! We can quickly return to simpler times with this super easy tutorial by Dave Hax for a slime stress ball! Squeeze it when you are feeling tense and channel your inner happy child!

6. Donut Stress Balls 


In times of stress, get some donuts! Since we imagine you can’t always keep donuts on hand, here is the next best thing: a donut stress ball that will help you relax in those nervous moments when you just need to breathe a little! Get the instructions at DIY Lover!

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7. Mini Mesh Stress Balls 


Mesh stress balls have gotten super popular, given their unique look and tactile sensation when squeezed! They can get quite addictive, but above all they are some of the most joyful stress balls out there and you’ll definitely want to make a few of them in different colors to keep things interesting and diverse! Mr. Creative will show you how it’s done!

8. Giant Mesh Stress Ball 


If mini stress balls aren’t for you, Karina Garcia has a giant mesh stress ball for you! This one is a sure way to keep your stress at bay; when you are fully immersed into it, squeezing it with both hands at once, the negative thoughts won’t be able to hold you hostage anymore!

9. Pokemon Stress Ball 


Are you a part of the Pokemon frenzy? Do Pokemon make you happy? If so, this Pikachu stress ball is the perfect one for you! You can customize it to fit the appearance of your favorite Pokemon, of course, and have your personal little anti-stress companion! See the how-to at And Next Comes L!

10. Unicorn Stress Ball 


The reason why this stress ball is the coolest is because it doesn’t even look like a stress ball! You can keep it on your work desk every day and nobody will know that it is your secret de-stressing tool! The next time somebody tries to tell you that unicorns aren’t real … squeeze that ball! Cute Life Hacks will show you how to make it!

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11. Emoji Stress Balls 


Nowadays, most of our communicating goes through emojis. We’ve gotten so used to expressing our feelings through them, it seems fitting to turn them into some simple and adorable emoji stress balls that will instantly uplift our mood simply at the sight of them! Me and My Inklings has a great tutorial!

12. Macaroon Stress Balls 


Looking like a sweet macaroon, this stress ball by MaGa Dollie Life is a really cute way to honor the luxurious dessert while relieving the stress at the same time! It may cause you some sweet cravings, so after you’re done squeezing it, treat yourself to some actual macaroons!

Breathe in, breathe out. Squeeze the unicorn. All is well. 

How to Make Stress Balls

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