How to make a pom pom

Here is an easy DIY pom pom maker you can create from a scrap of cardboard.

This craft has been super popular since I first published it a year ago, and I’ve had lots of questions about measurements and requests for a template. I hear you, and now I’ve added one! I’ve also created a short video tutorial.

How to make pom poms the easy way

I really hate to admit this but as a craft blogger I struggled for a long time to make a decent pom pom. In the olden days when I was a child we used cardboard discs shaped like a donut and you would spend a very, very long time carefully wrapping yarn around and through the hole in the centre until it was plump and ready to trim. In this day and age we’re all a bit less patient and that technique seems very cumbersome and tedious (I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself here).

After a some experimenting I’ve come up with a much quicker and easier way of creating big, fluffy pom poms. I already own several plastic pom pom makers purchased inexpensively from the craft store and although I’ve given it a good shot I haven’t been able to figure them out. Quite possibly I’m a big dunce when it comes to following instructions but this way has been FAR quicker and easier for me. Let me show you how it works.

More fun crafts to make using yarn:

• Make a pom pom & pipe cleaner doll• Use a God’s Eye inspired weaving technique to create yarn butterflies• Make traditional, brightly coloured yarn dolls• You can also use yarn in art, like with this yarn painting idea over at Picklebums

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You’ll also find lots of fun ideas on our yarn crafts board on Pinterest.

DIY pom pom maker


Start with your preferred color of yarn.  Take the end and snip a 12″-24″ length and set it aside.Start wrapping the yarn from the the ball around your fingers. 3 or 4 fingers makes a regular, adult-sized pom-pom for a hat, but you can make a few and decided which size you like. 

hand wrapped in yarn

Wrap it lots of times. Wrap it more times than you think you need to. You want your pom-pom to be nice and full. Keep in mind, the bigger you want your pom-pom, the more times you need to wrap it. When you leave the yarn long on the pom-pom, it spreads out more, making it look less full. 


Take the yarn you cut previously, and tie it around the middle. You might need help here as you tie the knot, because it’s very important that it is tied as tight as possible. If it is loose at all, the yarn pom-pom will easily come apart. 

Tied wrapped yarn making a pom-pom


Finish your pom-pom by giving it a nice, round haircut. Don’t get carried away! It’s easy to go crazy and cut a side too short. This part takes practice, once you make 2-3, you will get the hang of it. Make sure you leave the two ends of your tie piece long. 

yarn pom-pom with string attached

It took me a while to figure out how to attach them, and I wish I would have found a good tutorial to begin with. I really hate how sometimes the pom-pom will be loose and floppy. Arg!This happened when you simply use the two ends to sew it to your crochet piece. 

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Using a yarn needle and one of the ends, push the needle through the top of the hat. This hat is gathered at the top, so I am working around the gathering. 

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