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Google Forms is a web-based app used to create forms for data collection purposes. Students and teachers can use Google Forms to make surveys, quizzes, or event registration sheets. The form is web-based and can be shared with respondents by sending a link, emailing a message, or embedding it into a web page or blog post. Data gathered using the form is typically stored in a spreadsheet. Although there are other online survey apps, Google Forms is an excellent free option.

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Create polls, surveys, quizzes, and event registration sheets using Google Forms.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Google Forms:

2. Ask Various Types of Questions

Google Forms allows you to ask both open-ended and closed-ended questions. You can use drop down menus, multiple choice, checklists, rating scales, and short answers text boxes to gather data. Below are the types of questions you can use in a Google Form:

  • Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Choose from a list
  • Scale
  • Grid
  • Date
  • Time

Here’s how Google Form works:

1. Log into your Google gmail account. In the upper left hand corner you’ll see a red button that says “Create”. Click on Create, and then select Form.

online survey

Once logged into your Google account, click on Create, Form

2. You will automatically be prompted to choose a title and theme for your survey. You can choose from several standard survey templates, or select a designed template.

online survey

You will be prompted to name your survey and choose a theme

3. Click on “Choose response destination”. The following box will pop up and you can decide whether you want your survey responses to go to a new spreadsheet (which will be created in your Google Drive), or you can choose an existing spreadsheet from your Google Drive to add the responses to. If you choose to add responses to an existing spreadsheet, it will automatically create a new tab for you.

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*Also, right below the response destination button you’ll see a space for “Form settings”. Be sure to uncheck the box for “required sign in” or else those who click on your link won’t be able to access the survey.

online survey

Click on Choose Response Destination to create a new spreadsheet, or add responses to an existing one

4. Add your first question by typing it in the “question title” space; next, add any help text you want to appear under the question (example: Respond in 50 words or less); and then, select the Question Type. For multiple choice questions you will have the option to “Add ‘Other'” as an option, and for all questions you can make the answer “required” by checking the box to the right of the “Done” button.

online survey

Select type of question you want to ask by clicking in the “question type” box

5. Add multiple questions to the form by clicking “Add item” and selecting the type of question you want to add.

online survey

Add multiple questions to your survey; select type from menu

6. Once you’ve finished creating all of your questions, be sure you have the right permissions checked, otherwise people will not be able to access the form. To select the sharing options you’d like for the form go to “File”, then selecting “Add collaborators”. This will bring up the box below, which shows you who currently has permission to view the form.

It will automatically default to Private under “Who has access”. Click on “Change” to the right of the Private settings to update.

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online survey

7. Once you’re finished creating your survey and setting your permissions, click “Send form” in the bottom left hand corner of the page. This will bring up the following screen where you can choose to share a link, embed the form, or email the form directly to people by adding their email addresses in the space provided.

online survey

Copy URL, add email address and send, or copy the Embed code

Aside from obtaining priceless feedback or suggestions from your customers and your audience on your existing products, services and offerings, you’re also doing what every business should take great pride in: providing good customer service.

Letting your customers know that you not only care enough to ask for their feedback and suggestions, but that you also plan on actually doing something with the information they provide is huge. In addition, you’re finding out valuable information about their pain points, which you can then take and create products, services and offerings that can help.

It’s also a great strategy to take the feedback and suggestions you receive from your online survey and show your customers or audience that you’ve made improvements or solved the problems they’ve identified (i.e. a simple widget on your home page that says “You asked for a mobile app, and we responded! Access our mobile app by clicking here.”)

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to create a quick online survey to ask for feedback or suggestions from your customers or audience, then I hope this post was helpful.

What strategies do you use to request feedback or suggestions from your customers or audience? Share with us in the comments section below!

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When students submit a Google Form in Google Classroom it will automatically mark the assignment as done ONLY if the Google Form is the ONLY link in the assignment. If you add any other resources to the assignment it will not automatically mark as done.Add only the Google Form

If you create a spreadsheet for Google Forms the form submissions make a COPY to the spreadsheet. Anything deleted from the Form does NOT delete from the spreadsheet. Anything deleted from the spreadsheet does not delete from the Form.Click on responses and create a spreadsheet

Click on the 3 dots on the Responses tab to reveal a menu that gives you the option to “Delete all responses.” Double check that you have a spreadsheet before you do this. When students submit to the Google Form it shows charts and graphs to summarize the data. Deleting the responses allows you to reset the graphs to view the summary of responses per period. Delete all responses is also how you reuse a Google Form.3 dots delete all responses

Suggestion to always click on the settings cog and review the settings.fidget spinner settings cog

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