How to make a fidget spinner

Ok, so we have gone a little CRAZY of Fidget Spinners here at Red Ted HQ. It all started with a “delayed” Fidget Spinner order.. and the belief of my children that I can make anything (hahahaha I have trained them well). So last Friday, I shared with your a super simple DIY Fidget Spinner Without Bearings (because we had no bearings, and neither do most of my readers). Over the weekend, we decided to make some more Easy Fidget Spinners – this time the “Tri Fidget Spinner” version. Yes, in essence they were/ are the same, but I added a free Fidget Spinner DIY template to that post to make life easier for you. IT ALSO got me thinking about the SCIENCE of Fidget Spinners.. and how Fidgets Spinners make a great Science Fair Project! There are so many elements from Centrifugal Forces, to Frictions and Optics, even sound that you can investigate with figdet spinners (I talk about the Science of Fidget Spinners here)… it made me think.. you guys need a WHOLE SET of DIY Fidget Spinners – a round up of the best and hopefully easy Fidget Spinner DIY ideas out there.. so I pulled together this list. They are quite “wide an varied”. Personally my favourite are of course our own no bearing Fidget Spinners, but I also LOVE the LEGO Fidget Spinner DIYs.

Oh.. and unless you are using them for the Science Fair.. here a 5 Reasons to Ban them from the classroom!

Fidget Spinner DIY Ideas - are you looking for easy Fidget Spinners DIYs? Here are a great set of DIYs that show you how to make Fidget Spinners. There are a variety. Fidget Spinners without bearings, as well as cool bearing Fidget Spinner diys. So fun! These also make great Science Fair investigations. Read on for more information. Have fun with your DIY Fidget spinner!!!

DIY Fidget Spinner  – Materials

  • cardboard (we used cereal packes, an old party hat and some pretty card)
  • a toothpick
  • 2 1 penny coins (I think you would use quarters in the US, right?)
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We also used –

UPDATE: a NEW set of DIY Printable Fidget Spinner Templates here!

Super Simple Fidget Spinners Kids and Parents Can Make

Maggy at Red Ted Art is simply a crafting genius. I mean G-E-N-I-U-S. And of course she created a DIY Fidget Spinner Toy.She also has an awesome video to show you exactly how to make it if you’re more of a video learner! She probably was one of those “cool kids” in school who knew all the secrets…;0)

This fidget spinner is made with cardboard. Grab the super easy instructions here.

These flex tangles are new and dear to my heart! Love how simple they are and how few materials they require! Grab all the details here.

Want a super-duper version of a paper fidget spinner? Check out this tutorial!

These fidget spinners use skateboard bearings for their DIY version!

Lego fans will love these that are totally rad! ;0)

And….if you want to create your own and compare them to the store versions, you can grab the crazy popular one here.

Ready to make your child’s week a blast? Try ALL homemade fight spinners and then decide on your fave! Be sure to tell me which one you loved most!

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