How to make a fence in minecraft

1-The Fence Castle

fence minecraft hall of fame castle fence fence minecraft hall of fame castle fence

Here is a full sized castle made out of fence material by Psychowolf20 on Youtube. Great for doing PvPs and towering over everything in your Biome.

Benefits: No need to toggle between materials, a great defense structure for player battlesMaterials: Oak fenceContributor: Psychowolf20

2-The Sign Fence

minecraft sign fence

The sign fence begins with a departure from the traditional fence material into the realm of versatility and creativity. This is a great addition that not only creates stellar perimeter enclosure but repurposes signs to help create a more private feel to fence design.

Benefits: Simple to create and great for keeping in the horsesMaterials: Oak fence , Sign, and Oakwood slabContributor: Jeracraft

3-The Armour Sign Fence

minecraft fence armour stand close up minecraft fence armour stand side minecraft fence armour stand

This is a unique blend of gothic style and material utilization helping to create an unorthodox concoction that remains faithful to function and form. The Armour Stand Fence here is a showcase of Jeracraft’s creativity and resourcefulness in material placement.

Benefits: Versatile in keeping out mobs and also penning in petsMaterials: Oak fence , Sign, Oakwood slab,Cobblestone, Wood, Armour Stand, and CarpetContributor: Jeracraft

4-The Electric Fence

minecraft fence electric close up minecraft fence electric aerial minecraft fence electric front

A visually stunning of display that tantalizes the imagination with the possibilities of fence design in Minecraft, the electric fence is animated by charged creepers which can be further extended to create a stun effect for other mobs that you want to keep out.Benefits: Electricity helps fend off unwanted visitors like mobsMaterials: Iron Bars, Cobblestone, and Charged CreepersSource: Planktonimore123

5-The Jurassic Park Fence

Minecraft Fence Jurassic park fence aerial Minecraft Fence Jurassic park fence top Minecraft Fence Jurassic park fence front

For those who grew up in awe of the prehistoric titans brought back to life in Jurassic Park, one imaginative visionary undertook a colossal feat. Traditional Curious took on the monumental task of recreating the memorable fences that run along the park, which separated the dinosaurs from other habitat areas, at least for part of the movie!Benefits: Electric fences and iron bars give off an imposing stature fending off even the most stubborn behemothsMaterials: Iron Bars, Cobblestone Slab, Cobblestone WallContributor: TradtionallyCurious

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6-Medieval Fence Wall

Medieval minecraft fence side Medieval minecraft fence top Medieval minecraft fence front

This fence wall design features staggered slab placement and mossy accents to help create a Middle Age feel. We appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail that ultimately results in a visually impacting spectacle. The pillar design also gives it more of a royal appearance, enabling a standout design by this Minecrafter.

Benefits: This fence design provides added durability using stone bricksMaterials: Stone Brick , Mossy Stone Brick, and Cracked Stone BrickContributor: WelsKnight Gaming

7-Oak and Modern Fence

fence minecraft modern oak fence in progress fence minecraft modern oak fence in progress front fence minecraft modern oak fence front archaway

WiderDude serves up an impressive modern design for a fence in Minecraft that could easily stand the test of the most upscale and posh neighbourhoods. The stellar design is simple but elegantly crafted using only oak materials.Benefits: The height of the fence makes it hard to jump across in case you have unexpected visitorsMaterials: Oak leaves and Oak FenceContributor: WelsKnight Gaming

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