How to make 200 dollars in one day

It always suprises people to hear that I make $3,000 a month as a stay at home mom. It’s not nearly as hard as people think and I’m not the rare exception that makes money from home.

After 9 years in a well-paying career, I quit my job and replaced my salary with these four side jobs. I wouldn’t call it easy, but being able to stay home with my kids and make up my salary was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Here are the stay at home jobs that I’ve tried, and which ones really worked.

This is the BEST LIST I've Found! The 4 ways that I make over $3000 dollars a month as a stay at home mom.... This is the best list of ways to make money as a stay at home mom or for someone that wants to be able to quit and stay home with her kids. I usually hate these lists because they list money saving apps or jobs that most people couldn't do. This was the best article I've read on this (and the comments are even better!!) I needed to know how to make 3000 a month.

UPDATE: We had a TON of emails from this article asking about how to start a blog. If you want to start a blog but aren’t sure where to start then I’d love to tell you about a simple and easy resource that worked for me. Bonus points because it’s actually FREE right now. Get the First 10 Steps of a Profitable Blog that walks you through the 10 steps you MUST get right in start and building your blog here.

Other successful side jobs… 

If you STILL haven’t found a side job that interests you, here are a few more ways that I’ve seen work:

how to make 3000 fast

  • Voice-over actor: I have two friends, one of whom does voice-over work for a full-time job and one who does it on the side to make a little extra money. Another friend has a pre-teen daughter that does voiceover work for her college fund. Two of them took this voice-over course to get started and highly recommend it.
  • Proofreader: Proofreading is when you take a document and scan it to fix errors. The most common form of proofreading is for court reporters, but authors and even bloggers also use proofreaders. Proofread Anywhere is currently the best course for learning how to proofread.
  • Freelance Writer: The program, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, is the best resource available to train in freelance. This is usually  more professional writing than blogging but you don’t need to wait to build your own readership.
  • Tutor/Online Teacher: While teachers and college students are the obvious choice for this side job, there are also gigs for music and English as a second language that pay pretty well. You can use a site like or start your own business (and do your own marketing).
  • Newspaper Delivery: Call your local paper to find out more about earnings from a paper route and job details.
  • Holidays at a Retail Location: Work evenings and weekends at a store that you love (mine would be Ralph Lauren), during the holiday season. You pick up extra cash and you’ll have the employee discount (up to 50% off at Ralph Lauren- you can clearly see that I’ve thought this through) to help with holiday shopping.
  • Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants help business owners run their day to day operations. Tasks can be anything from handling emails, scheduling clients, formatting, and scheduling blog posts, handling social media, and processing data. 30 Days to Virtual Assistant Success is the course you’ll want to take to get started.
  • Dog Walker or Pet Sitting: Take advantage of being home while others are at work and start a dog walking or pet sitting business. It can grow quickly by word of mouth, and you (and your kids!) will get the added benefit of sunshine and exercise. Use this book to explain step-by-step how to get started.
  • Etsy Shop: If you’re lucky enough to have a hobby that you can market, look into opening an Etsy shop to supplement your income.
  • Stock Photography: If you have a fancy camera, you can make a pretty penny by selling your photos to stock photography sites. You can find out more here. Keep in mind, they aren’t looking for once in a lifetime Hawaiian sunset shots, but anything and everything from photos of irons, receipts, cash, grocery carts or anything else you have around. I strongly suggest you take a Creative Live stock photographer course first.
  • Couponing: Consider extreme couponing and selling your surplus on Facebook yard sale sites. We have a neighbor that does this and it’s genius! She makes over $1,000 a month and it benefits everyone. She’s paid for the time it takes to coupon and local moms that don’t have the time to coupon benefit with crazy good deals from her. She uses Krazy Coupon Lady’s free coupon database to go and snatch the deals. Genius.

Well, that’s my list of side jobs!

Need more side jobs to make money from home? You can find them here. 

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Did I miss any side jobs? Have you tried any of these or do you want to try any of them?

Odd Jobs Around the Neighborhood

Do odd jobs around the neighborhood for extra cash.

If you aren’t interested in starting a side business or just want something that’s not focused solely online then why not look into odd jobs around the neighborhood?

These are all tried and true ways to earn and help you reach that $100/week mark in no time!


Babysitting is as tried and true as it gets. As long as people keep having children they’ll need babysitters. Depending on where you live you can earn anywhere from $20-$200 per day babysitting.

If you want to speed things up you can consider hosting a “parent’s night out.” This is where you open up your home to a few kids on a weekend night and provide fun for the little ones while the parents go out. These usually last 4-5 hours and you should be able to charge $30 per child.


Not everyone enjoys painting, has time for it, or even wants to do it – but most people do like having their homes painted! If you’re a good painter this is one service you should be able to find plenty of clients for.

The last time I moved I paid $1,465 for about a week’s worth of painting. (And I live in a small town!)

Handy Work

If you’re handy and have decent referrals you can make $100 per week doing odd jobs around people’s houses. To get your name out there have friends and family spread the word and also announce your services on Facebook.

Pet Sit

Pet sitting was something I never thought would be too terribly profitable until fellow blogger Crystal started building up a pet sitting business. You can read here how she earned $30,000 her first year pet sitting.

Become a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand in a positive light by interacting with consumers to tell them about products and service.

Most of the time, brand ambassadors provide samples of products or host live giveaways to spark interest in the brand they are representing. You can earn up to $20/hour as a brand ambassador. Here’s where to sign up.

Mow Lawns

Mowing lawns is another one of those tasks that many people wish to avoid altogether. (I know this because I am one of them!)

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If you have the equipment and don’t mind mowing you can earn $100 per week mowing two medium sized yards.

Shovel Snow

Shoveling snow is not just for kids. In fact, at my old neighborhood there was a husband and wife team who made a pretty good side income shoveling snow in the winter.

If you live in a snowy climate this is a job you should give a chance.

Clean Houses

There’s a common thread in a lot of these “odd jobs.” There are many things, though not terribly difficult, that people don’t want to do simply because they don’t like doing them. Cleaning is one of these.

If you’re a good cleaner and enjoy it you should be able to earn $100 per week cleaning two houses.

Detail Cars

According to Pay Scale the average car detailer earns around $11.00 per hour. However, that’s working for an employer. If you were to detail cars yourself you could reasonably expect to earn $15+ per hour.

Rent Out an Extra Room in Your house

Have an extra room in your house? Depending on where you live you could earn $100 per week or more by simply renting out a spare bedroom.

Earn with an Online Job

Earn extra income with an online job

If you like the idea of work from home but don’t want to start your own business or find your own clients these online jobs are for you!

Data Entry

Data entry is a term for a wide variety of online work. This can include inputting information into spreadsheets, typing up documents and even transcription. There’s normally a low-barrier to entry when it comes to data entry so you shouldn’t expect to earn more than $7-$10 per hour.

Here are five companies that hire for data entry.

Virtual Assisting

While you can start a successful virtual assistant business all on your own (and earn a much higher hourly rate) you can also get hired to perform basic virtual assistant tasks.

Here are seven companies that hire virtual assistants.

Customer Service

Work from home customer service includes taking phone calls, answering emails and in some instances, online chat jobs. You’ll typically need a quiet area and a headset to qualify for these jobs.

Here’s where to find work from home customer service jobs.

Become a Freelance Researcher

Freelance researchers mainly answer questions that others don’t have the time to find themselves. This job can be very diverse and the pay is all over the place.

Here’s how to get paid for freelance research.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators are given search terms and instructed on what to look for in the results. This position involves evaluating relevancy of searches for major search engines. While this type of work isn’t always consistent it pays fairly well at around $12-$15 per hour.

Here’s how to become a search engine evaluator with Leap Force.

Social Media Evaluator

Social media evaluators are given instructions to search for certain hashtags, search terms, videos, ads and more for large social networks. They are then to evaluate relevancy and report back.


Transcriptionists transcribe written or audio documents. As a transcriptionist there are several different niches you can break into.

Here’s where to find transcription jobs for beginners.

Online Tutor

Tutoring isn’t done in the same way it used to be. In fact, there’s now a huge demand for online tutors. Online tutoring allows for flexibility for both the student and the teacher.

Here are six places that hire online tutors.

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Write Resumes

Writing resumes is a writing niche all of its own. If you pay attention to detail and enjoy writing this could be a good fit for you.

Here’s where you can get hired to write resumes.

Work as a Personal Stylist

I’m sure you heard of the popular clothing company Stitch Fix but did you know they hire work from home stylists?

If you’re into fashion here’s how to get a work from home stylist job with Stitch Fix.

Earn an Extra $100 Per Week with Online Passive Income

There are plenty of ways to earn for those of us willing to put in the work. Here are some online passive income ideas you can try today.

While earning money actively through a side hustle is a great way to increase your income you can put that money to work for you with passive income. Passive income is money you earn without having to trade your time for dollars.

Nine ways to earn passive income online include:

  • Write Books
  • License Photos
  • Buy Profitable Websites
  • Create an Online Course
  • Create an App
  • Design T-Shirts or Other Products
  • Start a Drop-Shipping Business
  • Sell Digital Downloads

You can read about how to get started with each of those here.

Supplemental Ways to Earn

Ideas to help supplement income.

I hope you’ve come up with at least a few ways to earn that extra $100 per week. You can make those earnings go even further with minimal effort through these supplemental ways to earn.


It’s no secret that taking surveys won’t replace your day job. However, taking surveys can be a fun way to earn extra cash, free products, and gift cards.

Here’s where you can find legit survey sites, focus panels and more to sign up with.

National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel, owned by the Nielsen Group, is a program in which you can earn rewards for scanning your groceries each week. You just sign up, download the app, and then scan your purchases.

You can sign up for NCP here.

Rewards Sites

Rewards sites are my favorite little extra income earners. I’ve been using both Swagbucks and InboxDollars for years and regularly earn at least $20 per month through each of them with very minimal effort. I normally save mine up and use them for Christmas shopping each year.

With Swagbucks you can get paid to search the internet, completely surveys, watch videos and more. You can do the same with Inbox Dollars but they also send you emails to “read.” (Which is basically just viewing an advertisement.)

Inbox Dollars Earnings

To get started sign up for Swagbucks here. You can sign up for InboxDollars here and get a free $5 credited to your account.

Test Websites

While you can’t really can’t on consistent income from testing the usability of websites you can earn a pretty good amount in a short period of time.

In fact you’ll normally earn around $15 for a 20 minute test. Here are places that will pay you to test websites.

Mystery Shop

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn a little extra cash, free dinners and free products. Some places will even let you mystery shop over the phone.

Here are six mystery shopping companies that all have an A or higher rating from the BBB.

So Many Ways, So Little Time…

There are so many ways to go about earning an extra $100 per week that the hardest part might be figuring out what you want to do!

What are some of the first things you tried to earn an extra $100 per week?

Looking for ways to earn an extra $100 per week? I've got more than fifty of them that will help you make more money in no time.

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