How to lose weight in your face

Our relationship with food is intimately connected with how emotionally safe, loved and nourished we feel. An increase in appetite may result from emotional pain, the need to fill that painful, empty place with something. The something you are really looking for is love but in a perceived absence of love you make do with food. A lack of appetite can indicate  a desire to retreat from life, nurturing the hurt inside us again indicating a need for love. Not feeling safe can lead you to put on weight and keep it on!

Love heart apples

Our relationship with food can be complex. Powerful emotions of enjoyment and guilt get in to the mix. “Expert” advice about what is and is not healthy seems to change daily resulting in confusion and mixed emotions.

Change your thinking, change the way you feel about food, bring peace into the relationship you have with food. Not only will you feel better but your body will respond.

With every breath I take, I am sending, love and gratitude to every single cell in my body. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Every part of me is getting the optimum benefit from this exercise!

With every breath I take, I am sending, love, gratitude and healing to my relationship with food!

1. Cut down on salty foods

make cheeks smaller

Basically, the foods which are high in salt content will retain water in various parts of the body including cheeks.

This retention of water makes the cheeks look puffy like puff fish.

However, you need not completely cut down on salty foods because sodium is also an essential nutrient in the body. You just need to consume such foods in moderation.

If you consume more than the required quantity, it leads to certain adverse health issues. Also, the excess salt will add more fat and weight in your face.

So, go with less salt content foods instead of foods which make you bloated.

2. Hydrate yourself

make cheeks slimmer

It may seem counterintuitive but water can remove water. Hydration is an essential step to take off excess water from the body parts.

Drinking more water can remove toxins from the body that may be a source for extra water storage. If you are dehydrated your body retains water and stores it in eyes or cheeks thereby making them puffy or bloated.

When you drink more water sodium levels get diluted in the bloodstream.  So as your body doesn’t need to store water further.

Drink at least 7 to 8 litres of water per day to remove excess water from the body causing retention and to slim the cheeks.

3. No alcohol consumption

lose weight in cheeks

Alcohol is your biggest enemy to dry out your skin completely. Alcohol consumption can dehydrate your body and cause water retention and puffiness.

It makes you gain weight all over the body including the cheeks.

Replace these alcoholic beverages with natural drinks or smoothies for health benefits as well as weight loss.

So, either cut the consumption of alcoholic beverages completely or limit yourself to a drink per day in order to get rid of chubby cheeks.

4. Excess caffeine

slim down cheeks naturally

Like alcoholic beverages, excess intake of caffeine can also dry out your skin.

Of course, we coffee lovers are so much tempted to drink several cups of coffee in a day. But that leads to dehydration which can cause water retention and bloat.

Limit the number of cups you drink per day to reduce cheeks.

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5. Perfect diet plan

slimmer cheeks naturally

High intake of processed foods, carbs, condiments and fatty foods can put on more weight to your body including cheeks.

Follow a balanced diet that constitutes nutrients, good fats, vitamins, good carbs, fibres, minerals and proteins in equal proportions.

A balanced diet pumps energy and also cuts down the fat throughout the body.

So, to get rid of cheekbones and also live a healthy life healthy eating is essential.

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6. Contour & Blush

reduce cheeks fatImage courtesy of Max pixel

Time to ace the art of makeup. We definitely cannot go wrong with this.

Contour with a matte powder that’s one shade darker than your skin and then highlight your face with a blush. Viola! What do we need more than this great cheek slimming hack?

Lightly shade the jawbone and sides of the nose. Finally, apply a hint of blush on your cheeks.

Don’t apply much of the product. Keep it light and natural looking.

7. Big exaggerated smile

lose weight in cheeksImage courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Smiling is a great facial exercise. The wider and wider you smile, the more muscles get stretched.

Close your lips tightly and smile widely for about 10 mins. Finally, free your lips.

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Doing so repeatedly can help you to slim down the cheeks and uplift the face muscles because stretching can lose the fats of cheeks.

8.Detox Herbal Teas

lose cheeks fat

Herbal teas can have excellent antimicrobial properties that can heal most of the health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and help with weight loss.

There are many detox teas such as Ginger tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea and white tea that contain antioxidants called “flavonoids”. These antioxidants are responsible to flush away the toxins and help with weight loss.

Also, tea contains less caffeine. So these can be the best weight loss supplements to reduce cheeks.

You can drink up to 2 cups of tea a day.

9. Blow a balloon

how to make cheeks thinnerImage courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Besides to a wide smile, blowing balloons is also a perfect way to slim down cheeks as they get expand as you blow.

Blow as many balloons as you can by filling in the air into a balloon and releasing it.  Repeat this exercise as much as you can because when you blow a balloon your face muscles get expanded. Consequently, after few weeks your cheeks will get reduced greatly.

10. Chew a gum

how to make cheeks thinner

Chewing a gum is also the best exercise to tone and slim down cheeks. While you chew a gum, all the muscles get activated and will cut the calories from cheeks.

Chewing something for a long time can cut down fat muscles and hence you can acquire your desired sculpted look.

18. Ice cube hack

lose cheeks fat

Apparently, ice cubes can greatly burn lots of calories from the body. Eventually, ice cubes drain out an excess of water in cheeks caused by water retention.

You just need to rub a pack of ice cubes on cheeks until they melt away.

19. Hot towel therapy

reduce chubby cheeks

Steaming up face can produce sweat on your face that reduces facial fat. It will wet your cheeks and prevent water retention.

Boil some water in a pan. Let it cool down for a while and then dip a towel into hot water. Squeeze out water from the towel and rub around the chubby cheeks. Repeat this 5-10 times.

20. Egg whites

slim down cheeks and get thinner cheeks

Egg whites contain vitamin A. Its helps to reduce redness and chubby cheeks.

Whisk egg whites and blend with honey and lemon juice. Apply to your face and leave it on for 15-20 mins.

Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.

21. Lemon juice

lose face fat faster

Lemons contain vitamin C that has antioxidant properties. It tightens the skin and stops the accumulation of water in cheeks.

Squeeze a lemon into a bowl. Dip a cotton pad and rub on the fatty areas. Rinse off your face in 5-10 mins.

Also, you can take foods rich in vitamin c which can flush out toxins from your body.

22. Cucumber mask

reduce chubby cheeks

The cooling effect of cucumbers can reduce any swelling or face fat.

Cut slices of cucumber and refrigerate them for 30 minutes. Later, rub over the bloated areas.

Cucumbers also give a natural and refreshed look. You can apply this facemask daily.

Releasing the Negative Emotions

I release any guilt I have about my relationship with food!

I release any blame I feel about my relationship with food!

I release any anger I feel in my relationship with food!

I release any fear I have in my relationship with food!

I release any conflict I have in my relationship with food!

I release any cravings I have in my relationship with food!

I release any grief I have in my relationship with food!

I release any shame I feel in my relationship with food!

I release any feelings of powerlessness I feel in my relationship with food!

I release any anxiety I have in my relationship with food!

I release any longings I have in my relationship with food!

I release the belief that some foods are sinful!

I release the belief that there are right foods and wrong foods!

I release ALL the fear based beliefs I hold about food!

I release the belief that I am a victim of my metabolism!

 I release the belief that I am a victim of my genes!

I release the belief that I am at the mercy of my fat cells!

I release the belief that I wouldn’t feel safe being slim!

I release the belief that I am weak willed!

I release any feelings of rejection I have in my relationship with food!

I release any fear about harmful ingredients that may be in my food!

I clear any and all ways that I hate my body!

I clear all the conflicting emotions I have about food!

I release and completely let go of all the fear based messages about food and health that I am inundated with every day!

I release the habit of using food as a substitute for affection!

I release the way I try to stuff my feelings and fill that painful place with food!

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I clear all the ways I mistake food for love!

I release the belief that my excess weight keeps me safe!

I release the love/hate aspects of my relationship with food!

I release the guilt I feel when I eat something experts tell me is bad for me!

I release all self loathing I feel!

I clear all the ways I worry about my health and weight!

I release all the ways I dislike my body!

I clear all the ways I don’t believe I chose my body!

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I clear all the ways I do not believe my body is perfect exactly as it is!

I clear all the ways I believe, I can’t help it!

I release and completely let go, of the belief, that I am a victim of my body!

I release and completely let go, of the belief, that I don’t have the power to create the perfect body!

I release the belief that I am a victim of the fast food outlets!

I release the belief that I don’t have time to eat healthily!

I release the belief that I don’t have time to sit down and savour a delicious meal and focus on the benefits and nourishment the food is giving me!

I release and completely let go of the belief that I have a bad relationship with food. I now realise that I am not a victim, I was doing the best I could whilst holding on to those erroneous, old beliefs!

Afformations To Prepare Your Subconscious Mind to

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Why do I feel so forgiving now?

Why do I feel so reassured?

Why do I feel so appreciative now?

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Why do I feel safe now?

Why do I feel supported and secure?

 Why am I accepting?

Why am I worthy?

Why is it easy for me to focus on love and gratitude for my food?

Why is it so easy for me to digest nourishment with ease?

Why is it easy to savour food now?

Why do I feel re-charged and re-energised by the gift of food?

Why do I feel my body getting the maximum possible nutritional and heath benefits from my food?

Why do I no longer carry those old, corrosive beliefs and attitudes about food?

Why am I completely free to change my outlook and my body?

I am not at the mercy of my genes or metabolism!

Why am I so peaceful, joyful and centred?

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I open myself to be at peace with my body!

I savour every delicious mouthful!

I chose my body. My body is my spirit physically expressing itself in this now moment!

I create and re-create my body with my thoughts and emotions. So I choose positive, conscious creation!

I no longer try to swallow down indigestible emotions!

It was easy and safe to stop holding on and to let go of everything that no longer serves me!

I lovingly allow, love, joy and good health to flow through my mind and body!

My body is restored to its natural state, perfect health!

Food is fun!

My relationship with food is positive and healthy!

I enjoy and celebrate my food!

I chose and enjoy those foods that resonate with me!

My body benefits from the food that resonates with me!

I love and appreciate my body!

Meal times are sacred time when I honour and nourish my body!

I am loved and loving!

Affection and love flow easily in to my life!

I love and appreciate my body!

I love and appreciate my food!

I am patient and loving with my body as it learns new habits!

I give thanks with reverence and honour for my food!

I take my time and savour my food!

My body gets the maximum possible benefits from the food I eat!

I am grateful!

I appreciate!

The energy of my relationship with food is healthy, loving and flowing.

I am healthy, loving and grateful!

It is safe to embrace change!

I relax and let go of the pressure!

I am peaceful, joyful and centred!

I allow the energy of my soul to flow through my body!

All good things, all my wildest dreams, flow to me, easily and effortlessly!

I have a good body! Actually, I have a great body and a great relationship with food. Thank you, body and food, for everything you do for me!

I am Peace.

I am Love.

All is Well.

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Can You Get Rid of a Double Chin?What Is a Double Chin?

So why do some people have it and others don’t? First off, a double chin is technically called submental fat and it’s basically a compartment that’s filled with fat.

But what causes a double chin in the first place? A variety of factors can contribute to the appearance of a double chin, among them: weight gain, aging (your muscles in the area can weaken, fat accumulates, and skin loosens as you get older), and genetics.

“For most people, a ‘double chin’ is a combination of fat deposition, excess loose skin, or both,” says Lara Devgan, M.D., M.P.H., a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City. “The single most common reason for someone to have a double chin is a genetic predisposition to storing fat in the submentum, or the area under the chin. This means that a person’s age, weight, and physique matter less than his or her genetic tendencies.”

For this reason, people are more prone to ask plastic surgeons for help, says Devgan. “I receive many inquiries from men and women concerned about excess submental fullness or double chin.”

Devgan’s strategy involves one of three options: injecting deoxycholic acid into the fat to melt it (requires multiple treatments), performing micro liposculpture to suck out excess fat, or a surgical necklift.

Change your Diet

Removing certain things from your diet like salt and sugar can help reduce water retention, which can lead to swelling in the face.

How To Lose Weight in Your Face packaged foodExcess sugar also causes inflammation and this can lead to other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Both of these conditions can cause swelling of the arms, legs, and face.

Avoid eating too many packaged foods. Instead, opt for whole foods like fresh veggies and whole grains which are low in both salt and sugar.

Also, read the labels on any packaged foods you buy. Many of these foods have added sugars and excess sodium.

Water helps the body detox and flush waste products that can cause inflammation and swelling everywhere, including the face. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. You’ll need to drink more on days you exercise or do any vigorous activity, especially if it’s hot.

Try Facial Exercises

Giving the facial muscles a work out can help tone the face, making it look slim and toned.

facial exercisesFacial Yoga has become quite popular.

But there are also facial exercises taught by Facial Magic’s Rowland.

The facial workout consists of 18 exercises that use isometric contraction and resistance and take about 35 seconds each.

What Causes A Puffy Face?

Although studies have shown that more fat in the face would help you age more gracefully than those with a slimmer and sculpted face, a big face lowers your confidence in front of the camera. And sometimes, it makes you look fatter than you are.

Facial weight, whose manifestation is in the big cheeks, the double chin, and the overly round face, has always been a dread for ladies who adore the oval face.

Excessive facial weight could be blamed on the way fat is stored in your body, and most of the times our genetics determine how much fat goes to your face.

However, it could be caused by alcohol consumption – many people wake up with a puffy face after a night of drinking.

Dehydration could also be a factor; when your body is experiencing thirst, it instinctively stores more water in anticipation of a long period without water, causing more liquid to go to parts of your face.

Sometimes, it could be the symptom of an underlying and serious medical condition such as Hypothyroidism. This is when the thyroid gland located in your neck is releasing too little of the thyroid hormone and making a face look puffed up.

8 Best Facial Exercises To Lose Weight In Your Face

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