How to lose weight fast for women

2. Set Attainable Goals

For your goals to be achievable, they have to be realistic. “People sometimes think of things in terms of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ where they see this extreme weight loss and think, ‘Oh I can do that.’ But in reality, that’s not the healthiest way to lose weight,” Joel says.

Sure, losing five dress sizes in two weeks would be nice — but it’s not realistic to achieve in a healthy way. Four pounds over the next two weeks, though, is realistic, adds Joel. Aim for a healthy and realistic goal of shedding one to two pounds a week.

Joel & Jericho's 13 Tips for Losing Weight Quickly

4. Ease Into Your Plan

“The number one thing I see people do is try to overdo it by taking on too much, too fast,” Joel says. “They go from what they’re currently doing — which might be not working out at all and eating unhealthy food — and then they go to the opposite end of that, overworking their bodies and saying that all they’ll eat is kale.”

If you don’t gradually incorporate healthier eating habits into your diet, you risk falling off the wagon. If you don’t ease into a workout program, you risk overtraining and even injury. That’s one reason why Beachbody programs feature modifications for beginners, says Joel.

Joel & Jericho's 13 Tips for Losing Weight Quickly

8. Eat Super Clean

“When it comes to fast weight loss, definitely first and most important, in my opinion, is cleaning up your nutrition as much as possible,” Jericho says.

Get back to the basics: She recommends focusing on lean protein and vegetables and drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.

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In addition to protein and veggies, Schmitt advises focusing on other whole foods like fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds as well.

“Keep in mind that proteins, fats, and fiber helps you feel fuller longer, so when you focus on whole foods like hemp seeds, broccoli, salmon, eggs, berries, and almonds, you’re getting at least one of those hunger-busting nutrient benefits,” she adds.

Joel & Jericho's 13 Tips for Losing Weight Quickly

The Bottom Line

So, yes, you can lose weight quickly — but skip the sketchy quick fixes and do it the healthy way so you can keep the weight off and finally break the “I gotta lose weight fast!” cycle.

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