How to lose arm fat

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Sun’s out, guns out. Shed fat fast and sculpt awesome arms you’ll want to show off in 1-3 weeks.

Summer is here and that means tank tops, off-the-shoulder shirts and skimpy sundresses. Before you bare your biceps or showcase those shoulders, you’ll probably want to firm up the guns and lose arm flab — and fast.

First, the bad news: For most women, a major fat-pocket trifecta is the upper arms. Now, the good news: Those areas where the body likes to deposit fat (also think belly, thighs and face) are also the same spots that quickly lose fat and gain definition. This means you’ll see fit results fast. Check out the simple tips and workouts below that we’ve put together to teach you how lose upper arm fat and get ready to reveal sexy, sculpted shoulders and toned, defined arms.

Muscle Up

lose arm fat

First, brush up on your anatomy. Here are the major muscles to train to strengthen and tone arms in 2 weeks.

Triceps are a single back-of-the arm muscle with three sections—lateral, long and medial—that originate at the shoulder blade and upper arm, ending just below the elbow. They all work together to help straighten the arm and create force anytime you’re pushing against something.

Biceps are only a third of the upper arm’s size (triceps accounts for the other two-thirds) but are often blamed for making arms appear bulky. Sculpting biceps is a little trickier than triceps because there are a few other muscles involved, making them a bit more stubborn to sculpt. Biceps rotate the forearm and also flex the elbow. The two brachii and brachioradialis, located at the top of the forearm near the elbow, flex the elbow and rotate the forearm both outward and inward.

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Extensor carpi radialis longus, next to the brachioradialis, is one of five major muscles that move the wrist in multiple directions. When you clench a fist, this muscle bulges out from the skin.

Deltoid is technically part of the shoulder and controls the majority of the shoulder’s movements, enabling the arm to have increased range of motion.

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