How to lose 5 pounds in a week

Woman Staring at Clock in BedSo you went to bed and woke up 5 pounds heavier than the day before. How is that even possible? Is this a cruel joke your scale is playing on you for cursing at it naked every day as part of your morning ritual?

Random and mysterious weight gain is a major cause of uncertainty when it comes to getting fit. It can make you question whether or not the program you’re following is reliable. Or that maybe YOUR body is just NEVER going to cooperate!

Only those who have struggled with weight loss will understand how frustrating an uncooperative scale can be. Even though we know losing weight in a healthy way takes time and patience, we often forget that results aren’t always going be steady or consistent.

The Real Reason Weight Can Fluctuate Daily

You DID NOT get fatter in one day or even 3 days of scale fluctuations, even if you went crazy with food. The number on your scale will increase or decrease every day and throughout the day from water/fluid retention.

Have you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than at night? That’s because you’re dehydrated after sleeping for 8 hours. As soon as you drink enough fluids, however, you gain that pound or two right back again.

Professional fighters and wrestlers who are preparing for competition sometimes cut 10-15 pounds in a day by completely dehydrating themselves. After they “make weight,” they re-hydrate and the weight returns quickly.

And there are many biological processes that can cause you to retain water.

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For instance, when insulin levels are high from a diet rich in refined carbohydrates and/or sugar, muscles, fat cells, and other body tissues hold water – ESPECIALLY if you’re restricting calories. To make matters worse, high insulin levels cause you to retain sodium, and high sodium causes water retention.


  • Stress can cause water retention.
  • A high sodium diet can cause water retention.
  • One night of poor sleep can cause water retention.
  • Not drinking enough water will cause water retention.
  • Cutting carbs and sugar and not eating enough minerals can cause water retention.

Even if you’ve been eating clean and you break for a high carb or sugar “cheat meal,” water retention can result.

Any one of these issues or any combination of them can cause a 1-5 pound shift in scale weight due to water retention depending on the person, so don’t throw your weight loss goals out the window just yet.

How to Lose Water Weight Quickly

Most of the weight lost in conventional dieting programs (like the ones on TV), as well as the shake mixes and products from multi-level companies that replace meals (using processed proteins, sugars, vitamins, stimulants, and synthetic additives) and depend on a calorie deficit for results, will set you up for metabolic problems in the future – and most of the weight lost will NOT be fat.

Even if fat loss does occur over time, it won’t be worth the damage to your metabolism.

So stop weighing yourself every day and follow these rules:

  1. Stay calm and don’t be concerned about daily 1-5 pound fluctuations in weight.
  2. Drink water until the thought of drinking water makes you hate drinking water. Then drink more water.
  3. Stick with your diet and exercise program. If you’re not being serious about it, get serious.
  4. Eat real food and avoid food from wrappers, bags, and boxes.
  5. Get a good night’s rest and take steps to release stress.
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Losing weight doesn’t have to involve discomfort or deprivation. It does, however, require the right information. If you’re frustrated with weight loss and not seeing the results you want, take a look at our other informative articles for effective steps for effortless weight loss and boundless health without the damage to your metabolism.

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