How to learn french

French dictionary

I often look at the massive Harper Collins Robert Fifth Edition unabridged French-English/English-French Dictionary that sits on my bookshelves.Not just in it, but at it. The dictionary represents …

Do you want to learn French while you are on the move, working out or washing dishes? Then podcasts are the best learning tool for you.Whether you are just getting started learning French or would …

you will learn grammar naturally if you spend lots of time listening and reading in French.

People always talk about what you need to do to speak French.You need to learn the most common French words and phrases, you need to understand French grammar, and have a good …

learn French youtube

 According to a study by PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger from Victoria University, listening to a language is one of the most efficient ways to learn it.To do that, you could listen to a …

French books

It’s all well and good to read all those everyday conversations from your French course – Marie et Jeanne sont au café; Où est la gare ? – but the more time you spend learning French, the more you’ll …

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French translation

French translation apps and translators are practical. They help you quickly understand what you read and communicate more easily.Can you trust their translations though?That's what I wanted …

Your Ultimate Guide

Here at Love France, Learn French, I really wanted to get into finding the best sites out there to learn French online for free. There are a lot of sites out there, but many of them are redundant, despite good rankings. After an exhaustive study, here are the top 100.

Please note that even though I have made reference to large multi-language sites like Duolinguo or About and the BBC, I really wanted to focus on those sites that specialise in the French learning exclusively.

I also wanted each one to be current for 2017, so any old sites have not been included.

There are 3 main categories of the sites chosen to help teach yourself French online:

  • “Resource pages” refers to a page that refers to learning resources on other websites (preferably those where you can learn French for free)
  • “Blogs” refers to a chronologically and regularly updated site where the posts help you learn for free. The posts themselves can be how-to articles, tips, videos, exercises, etc. Some blogs refer to paid resources on their site.
  • “Free online courses and resources” refers to a site where there are free resources to learn to speak French. These could be games, quizzes, exercises, French lessons online, podcasts etc.
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The sites here do NOT refer to online French classes nor lessons with a French online tutor. It is very much “do-it-yourself”. That all said, on we go, and well done to everyone in this list! You can use the buttons below to find those sites that apply the best for what you are looking for.

One last thing, please note that they are not in any particular order!

Resource Pages Blogs Free Online Courses and Resources

Resource Pages

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