How to know if he’s the one

is he the one

Many women have a long, detailed list full of the qualities they desire in a man, and sometimes this can backfire because there is no such thing as a “perfect” man.

There is however, a man who is perfect for you. The one God has selected for you.

When you look at your list of desired qualities, a few of them should jump out at you as non-negotiables. These are the things that you shouldn’t bend or compromise on.

Whatever your must haves are, if he’s the one, you won’t have to compromise your non-negotiables or ever feel like you’re settling.

Whatever it is that you desire, pray about it, and let God send you the one He has for you.

Single ladies, If you’re at a crossroad in your relationship and you’re not sure if he’s God sent, here are a few

5. The relationship glorifies God

If he’s the one, being with him doesn’t compromise your relationship with God, but rather builds it up.

He has a similar desire for God and encourages you to pursue Christ. He has the same morals and values, that include a godly lifestyle in which he puts God first. Because God won’t send you someone that corrupts your character or leads you astray.

You will know that your relationship glorifies God if your conversations and activities honor God with your body, mind, and soul.

50 Questions to identify the one

10. He respects you

Too often we think respecting someone only refers to the way we speak to them. However, in a relationship respect is part of the foundation you build on and can make or break it.

It’s the daily habits that you have to look out for in the beginning.

Does he respect your time and gives you his uninterrupted attention when you are together or is he preoccupied with work and other things?

If your first reflex is to protect him by giving a poor excuse as to why he answers his text messages while he is with you, then this is a good indication that something is wrong.

Yes, we are all busy nowadays, but spending quality time with each other is important and a choice you have to make. So ask yourself is he choosing to be present?

Another way to see if he respects you is in conversations. Is he repeatedly cutting you off when you are discussing something? Or does he value your opinion and appreciate your point of view?

No two people will see eye to eye on everything and that’s good because it means you are challenging each other as people. But if you find yourself consistently being reprimanded, cut off or joked about, then that’s a sign that he doesn’t respect you and doesn’t see you as a grown woman that can hold her own.

Last but not least, is he loyal? Now this one is an important one!

Remember, that being in a relationship means the two of you are merging two completely different families, backgrounds, and experiences.

That means you will run into situations where one of you is wrongly perceived. And only if the two of you can stick up for each other, your relationship can survive. Being loyal is a form of respect that shows you that he has your back even if it means he has to oppose people he cherishes.  

10 godly signs he is the one

It can be hard to determine if he is the one God has for you, but this list should help you. However, if you are looking for a more practical way to discern whether or not he is the one, then download these 50 Questions to identify ‘The One’ and answer them honestly. 

Do you agree with these 10 godly signs that he is the one? Share your experiences BELOW!

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