How to kill someone

A Texas woman who killed her husband was caught after police reportedly discovered that she ran an online search for “how to kill someone and not get caught.”

Sandra Louis Garner, 55, was arrested 35 miles outside of Dallas on Wednesday. She’s been charged with murder and could possibly face the death penalty.


Woman Arrested For Husband’s Murder After ‘How To Kill Someone’ Search

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According to The Dallas News, authorities found 42-year-old Jon Garner dead early Jan. 2 at the couple’s home. He had been shot with a 38-caliber bullet, Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton said, and another bullet was found in a pillowcase near his body.

Garner called 911 that night, saying she woke up after hearing two gunshots and saw a masked gunman carrying a flashlight, Norton said. She said the man promised not to hurt her, but had been holding a grudge against her husband over “work-related matters.” Garner also told police that she had to give him $18,000 from a safe, then go into a bathroom and count to 100 while he left.


42-year-old Jon Garner found dead early Jan. 2

After the first police search, a second investigation was carried out and a pistol matching the caliber of the bullet used in the murder was found in a car at the residence. The vehicle had been searched in that first investigation and the pistol was not there, making it clear that it had been moved after the fact.

Although police were able to obtained that evidence, it was the seizure of Garner’s electronic devices that was the biggest piece of evidence against her. A search of the devices found Garner had used the internet to find results for “how to kill someone and not get caught.”

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Between that and the gun found in the car, police arrested Garner on Wednesday and charged her with the murder of her husband.

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Source: Dallas News

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