How to kill roaches

Killing roachesIt’s difficult not to start every blog entry with “bugs are awful,” but it’s true. We talk about some pretty nasty critters here – from bedbugs to roaches, bugs and spiders can quite literally take over your home and make you and your pets fairly uncomfortable.

Roaches are some of the worst pests out there.

  1. They’re scary.
  2. They cause diseases (German cockroaches, the most common infestation culprits, carry salmonella and other infections on their legs after running around in the garbage and other nasty places.)
  3. They’re hard to kill. Even nuclear war won’t kill them.
  4. Even large roaches can squeeze their bodies through a dime-sized opening.
  5. They often come out in the dark – meaning, you turn the lights on in the middle of the night, you get a surprise.
  6. There’s usually more than one hanging out at a time.
  7. They can survive on very minute amounts of food for an extended period of time.
  8. They’re good at hiding – you’ll often find roaches crowded around a coffee pot or microwave motor, or inside electronics (eek!)

Yeah. They’re bad.

Don’t Put Up With Roaches

If you’re looking to kill roaches, use Indoor Pest Control in cracks and crevices, around doors and windows, under sinks, in cabinets, and in your food pantry. Indoor Pest Control will kill roaches on contact too, so if you see one running across the floor, spray it! Using Wondercide on a routine basis will stop those pesky creatures from ever coming back into your home. They hate the smell of cedar and will avoid it even if food is present!

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Check out Indoor Pest Control Now!

Remove Roaches Naturally

You should also remove areas where roaches hide. Cardboard boxes, excess trash, and dirty dishes will attract roaches. If you live in an apartment complex where your neighbors are getting roaches, you’ll need to keep your kitchen cleaner than usual and keep Wondercide on hand! You can use a natural based product to kill roaches just like you would use RAID or any other home pesticide spray for ants and roaches.

When you cut off one food or vitality source for the roaches, it weakens a colony. Cutting off multiple sources will help fight them over time. It can be a slow, grueling process, but you can cut it short with products like Indoor Pest Control, and by eliminating clutter from your home that attracts roaches.

2. Remember that whatever you pay attention to grows in your mind.

If you focus on what’s going wrong in your life—especially if you see it as “bad luck” you can do nothing about—it will seem blacker and more malevolent.

In a short time, you’ll become so convinced that everything is against you that you’ll notice more and more instances where this appears to be true. As a result, you will drown yourself in negative energy and almost certainly stop trying, convinced that nothing you can do will improve your prospects.

Not long ago, a reader (I’ll call her Kelly) has shared with me about how frustrated she felt and how unlucky she was. Kelly’s an aspiring entrepreneur. She had been trying to find investors to invest in her project. It hadn’t been going well as she was always rejected by the potential investors. And at her most stressful time, her boyfriend broke up with her. And the day after her breakup, she missed an important opportunity to meet an interested investor. She was about to give up because she felt that she’d not be lucky enough to build her business successfully.

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It definitely wasn’t an easy time for her. She was stressful and tired. But it wasn’t bad luck that was playing the role.

Fatalism feeds on itself until people become passive “victims” of life’s blows. The “losers” in life are those who are convinced they will fail before they start anything; sure that their “bad luck” will ruin any prospects of success.

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They rarely notice that the true reasons for their failure are ignorance, laziness, lack of skill, lack of forethought, or just plain foolishness—all of which they could do something to correct, if only they would stop blaming other people or “bad luck” for their personal deficiencies.

Your attention is under your control. Send it where you want it to go. Starve the negative thoughts until they die.

I explained to Kelly that to improve her fortune and have “good luck”, first decide that what happens is nearly always down to her; then try to focus on what works and what turns out well, not the bad stuff.

Then Kelly tried to review her current situation objectively. She realized that she only needed a short break for herself — from work and her just broken-up relationship. She really needed some time to clear up her mind before moving on with her work and life. When she got her emotions settled down from her heartbreak, she started to work on improving her business’ selling points and looked for new investors that are more suitable.

A few months later, she told me that she finally found two investors who were really interested in her project and would like to work with her to grow the business. I was really glad that she could take back control of her destiny and achieved what she wanted.

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Your “fate” really does depend on the choices that you make. When random events happen, as they always will, do you choose to try to turn them to your advantage or just complain about them?

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