How to jump higher

Just like any other basketball player, you might want to know how to increase your vertical jump, right?

Learning how to jump higher can help you get more rebounds, sprint faster up the court, and elevate over people for contested jumpshots…

…O, and it can help you dunk as well.

I know this all too well after I increased my 18″ vertical to a whopping 39″ with the Jump Manual, but I talk about that elsewhere…

If you want to improve your vertical, you must be able to apply more force on the surface of the ground in the shortest time possible.

This means more power in less time.

A lot of people think that overall strength will make them jump higher.

But this is only the power aspect, remember? Time off the ground is also a crucial aspect to jumping higher.

However, you will only jump slightly higher after you increase your strength only.

Plyometrics (weightless jumping that is explosive) are critical to improving that time aspect for you.

Below are three basic tips on how to increase your vertical jump for basketball:

1.) Get Muscle Knots Out of Legs

best foam rollers for vertical jump training programs

Keeping muscles loose is crucial…

Muscle knots or trigger points are found all throughout the body.

They restrict the length of the muscle tissue, which make them weaker and shorter.

With the use of foam roller, you will be able to get rid of those spasms, I personally recommend this one as it is excellent for loosening up muscles.

Move the roller slowly, and stop on areas that are tender until you feel the knot is released.

swear jumping is like 60%-70% a mental thing and 30%-40% a muscle thing.

Treating tight muscles and getting ample rest will make you fly…if you have the reactivity and strength aspects down.

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Some of the areas that you need to work on are the calves, quads, and IT band.

Work on the calves by placing the roller under it and rest the other foot on the floor. Roll the device from the ankle to the knee.

When it comes to working on your quads, get on your stomach and put the foam roller under the thigh.

Then just roll on the foam roller from the hips to just above the knee.

To get rid of knots from the IT band, lie on your side with the roller placed near the hip. You should rest the other foot on the floor.

Then move the roller along your thigh.

You can increase the pressure on the roller by placing one leg on top of the other.

If you’re looking for a vertical jump program that teaches these techniques really well then check this out:

==> 18″ to 39″ vertical: My Review Of The Jump Manual’s Explosive Workouts

Anyway, that leads me to my next basic tip…

2.) Learn Depth Jumps

box jumps how to dunk for basketball

Depth jumps are dynamite for jumping higher

If you want to learn how to dunk for basketball, then you need to become familiar with depth jumps since they are dynamite.

A depth jump is done by stepping off a box then jumping as soon as you land on the floor to another jump box.

This will improve your reaction time drastically, and help teach your lower body muscles how to react when you need to jump high.

For beginners I recommend starting with a box that is six to eight inches high.

To do depth jumps you simply step off the box and then jump as soon as you hit the ground with your arms reaching out above.

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Try to land softly, then rest for a second, and get on the box again. Then repeat the exercise.

I wish I had jump boxes like these when I started, but you can find these at your local gym if you don’t want to own a set personally.

I’d jump off of a sh***y plastic chair that broke a lot when I did my depth jumps almost injuring me countless times…ahhhh, good times.

Anyway, for the first weeks exercises like this give you an awesome headstart to getting the vertical you’ve always wanted.

3.) Use Knee to Feet Jumps

Knee to feet jumps allow you to improve your reactivity and flexibility off the ground which is crucial to vertical jump.

To do them, you need to get on your knees and sit on your heels as if you are praying.

Then swing your arms to create momentum as you jump up and try to bring your feet and legs below you, as you land in a squatting position with your arms in front.

Then get back to kneeling position again, one knee at a time and repeat…

…Knee to feet jumps create lower body power and can greatly improve your jump.

By doing these tips, you will be able to dunk a basketball in no time…

…but what if I told you there was a vertical jump program that included did all of these and more?…

The Jump Manual: Learn How To Dunk In Just A Couple Of Months…

the jump manual review best vertical jump training

Did you know that there is already a jump program that can teach you how to dunk a basketball in a just a couple of months?

The Jump Manual has a guarantee that you’ll increase your vertical 10 inches in 12 weeks or your money 100% refunded no questions asked.

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And the best part is that you only need to work out two to three times a week.

swear on my name and my life that this program works.

You can check out my review of the Jump Manual here and see my results video I made for this site…

…I gained 15 inches on my vertical jump in 5 months so, like I said, the Jump Manual works 

It does require work on your part, but everything you need is given to you in the Jump Manual’s online portal:

  • WorkoutsThe Jump Manual vertical jump training
  • Diet Advice
  • Rest Day Exercises
  • Sets and Reps
  • What To Expect Your First Months Training

The Jump Manual is accessed online so you get it instantly (no waiting for a mail delivery like other programs…)

And you can read and learn from anywhere…

…this is really key because I sometimes forgot the workout when I first started and needed a refresher when on the road.

So if you want to learn how to dunk for basketball I can’t recommend the Jump Manual enough.

==> Click here To See My Full Results and Feedback Review On The Jump Manual

At first, I was so reluctant to buy it because I’m cheap as hell, but it’s been one of the best purchases for me in the past 2 years…

It only takes a few weeks to see results and the workout can be applied literally the same day you grab the program.

Anyway, I have to head out, I hope this article was helpful (it is just basic advice to prime you for the insanity you will find in the Jump Manual…)

Good luck my friend, I know that you are on the way to getting the vertical of your dreams…

…you can do this.


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