How to jailbreak a phone

Interested in jailbreaking Apple products?  If you stumbled across this page then you are probably wondering a few things, such as:

  • What is jailbreaking?
  • How do i jailbreak?
  • What is the benefits of having your iPhone jailbroken?

Jailbreaking adds different apps such as Cydia, Installous and other apps to modify your iPhone and other devices such as the iTouch and the iPad.  Jailbreaking your device also means that you can customize your home screen and even add themes to your device.  Who wouldn’t want to have a Call of Duty theme on their phone?  You also can get games that you would normally get for $1.00 or $2.00 for FREE.

Get Your Child’s Passwords

The easiest way of accessing your child’s information is going directly into their account—and that means getting the following passwords:

  • Unlock Code (the 4-digit numeric code that locks your teen’s phone)
  • iCloud ID (this account tells you what they’re downloading)
  • Social Media passwords (so you can view their activity and make sure they’re using the right privacy settings.)

Of course, many teens are highly reluctant to share their passwords. If possible, you should make a deal with your teen before you even buy the smartphone for them, and your discussion should touch on the following points:

  • You are the one paying for the smartphone and giving them some type of data plan. Emphasize how expensive the smartphone is, and point out that you are not going to spend that money unless they are mature enough to demonstrate that they deserve your trust.
  • Once your teen has verbally acknowledged this (make them say it—don’t settle for a nod and a grunt), explain that having their passwords is one of the conditions you’re setting. If they won’t give you the passwords, they won’t get the phone.
  • Now that you’ve whacked them with the stick, it’s time to offer the carrot. Explain that you’ll allow them to change the passwords on their accounts, probably one at a time, once you feel they deserve to have full control again. They can demonstrate their responsibility by following all of your rules for using the phone, avoiding content they shouldn’t be looking at, and so on.
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