How to install a ceiling fan


A ceiling fan is not only a functional, stylish accessory for your home, which can increase home value and improve aesthetics, it is a cost-reducing decision as well. Although ceiling fans are normally associated with warmer weather, providing a cool breeze on hot days, a little known truth is that you can save roughly 15% on your heating bill in the winter by installing a ceiling fan. As we know, heat rises. So redistributing the warmer air in your home means you can turn down the thermostat, saving you money.

Although some people think ceiling fan installation can be a Do It Yourself project, the truth of the matter is that many rooms cannot be accessed by the attic or from above the ceiling, meaning this is not an easy job. Even if the room can be accessed from the ceiling, installing a support brace and a fan mounting bracket, while connecting the fan wiring and installing a wall switch, can be a daunting, if not dangerous task. Whether you want to install a ceiling fan for design, function, to save money, or all three, our expert Raleigh electricians can install your ceiling fan at a reasonable cost and in nominal time.

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Ceiling Fan Services

Did you know that installing a ceiling fan could help you save up to 10% on your winter heating costs? Ceiling fans can also reduce cooling costs during the summer by as much as 40%. They constantly circulate air to keep the temperature more even, resulting in less need for your heating or cooling system to cycle on and off. If your home isn’t as well-lit as you would like, a lighted ceiling fan is also a great way to brighten up a space while providing energy saving benefits.

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At Larry & Sons, we offer a full range of ceiling fan services, including:

  • Ceiling fan installation, replacement and repair
  • Ceiling fan switches and remote controls for variable speeds
  • Reversible ceiling fans for winter and summer
  • Lighted ceilings
  • Outdoor ceiling fans for patios, porches, etc.
  • Ceiling fans for rooms with low ceilings

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