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If you are one of the thousands of people that would LOVE to post from Desktop to Instagram, listen up. 

There are ways to do it easily (one of them might shock you!), while keeping Instagram happy. 

Nobody wants to get in Hot Water with Instagram!  Use these tools and you’ll be sorted!  

How to Post from Desktop to Instagram and Stay out of Hot Water

Firstly, one of the tools I have to share with you below might just Blow Your Mind.  It’s the secret way you can post from Desktop to Instagram…. without any 3rd party tool!

Not. Even. Joking.

Secondly, there are reasons why you need to be choosy about the tools you use to post to Instagram, and here’s why:

Step 5:

Send it to your phone, go back to Instagram, and post it as a new Story. To do that, just go to your home feed and swipe left. When you’ve chosen the photo you want to use as your icon, be sure to pinch the screen to zoom out as much as you can. This will ensure that parts of your icon aren’t cropped off when you use it as your cover.

custom Instagram Highlights covers

Step 6:

You’ll need to add this image to the Highlight so it becomes eligible as a custom Highlight cover. To do that, from your profile, just tap and hold on the Highlight you want to customize and choose “Edit.” You’ll land on a screen like this:

custom Instagram Highlights covers

You’ll see the option to choose which Stories are in or out. If you swipe right, you’ll see your Story Archive. Slide over and select your icon if it’s not selected already. You’ll want your custom Instagram Highlights cover story at the end so people don’t miss the actual Highlight.

Don’t Do This on Instagram (Seriously, Don’t!).

Instagram has strict terms of service about how you post to the app.

This means that Instagram’s API is highly prohibitive to certain actions including auto-posting and posting directly from desktop computers or laptops.

Any tool that gets around the API puts you (and your employer or client or business) at risk of being shut down.

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You can read more about why tools can’t post directly to Instagram here.

If a tool claims that it can

  • post automatically by emulating a mobile phone without pressing any buttons OR
  • post directly to Instagram from a desktop (by emulating Instagram in some way)

then it’s possible you are contravening Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

Don’t do that. Your account may be shut down.

There are only two methods that I recommend if you want to post from Desktop to Instagram:

  1. Posting legitimately from your computer – laptop or desktop.   Until now has not been possible. But now it is!  You just need to have the right device, which I will show you below.
  2. Setting up your post using a 3rd party tool on your laptop or desktop and then receiving a reminder to post the final image and description from your phone.

Below are the tools I use to post to Instagram from a Desktop.  I’ll also share how I follow up to engage with comments.

2   Schedule Your Posts with Later

I love to use the native Instagram app to post images spontaneously (and I’m excited now that I can use it on my Surface Pro laptop).

But when it comes to productivity, it’s great to schedule ahead and batch my images.  That’s where Later comes in.

Later is the tool I use for scheduling my images and videos ahead of time.

Once scheduled, Later sends me a reminder on my phone to post to Instagram. You can get started with a free account.

Here’s an overview how it works from the Later team:

As you can see Later has some cool features, and more being added all the time.  Here’s just a few of the things that I love about Later:

  • Plan, Schedule and Publish – You can schedule and post to multiple Instagram accounts (with a reminder to post the final image from your phone).  It’s calendar-based with a grid preview tool to plan out your posts and you can schedule videos in the paid version. Later also posts directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Store and Organize your Media – You can organise your images in a media library with bulk image upload and the ability to organise your images with groups and labels.
  • “Link in Bio” –  I use this feature to send people to a special landing page where followers can click on any image and go to whatever link you allocate.  No more invalid links.  This makes Instagram clickable and shoppable.
  • Analytics and Team Members – You can add team members,  and Later’s Analytics help you to understand the success of your images or campaigns.
  • Bulk post features –  this gives you drag and drop functionality so you can add images to pre-determined time-slots that you know will attract engagement.
  • Saved Hashtag Groups – save your best hashtags to use easily for any post – in a single click you have all the hashtags you need!  This is a time saver and one of my favourite parts of Later.
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All in all, Later is one of the best tools for Instagram scheduling that allows you to (essentially) post from desktop to Instagram.

Even though you need to press a couple of buttons on your phone to post the final image, Later allows you to do most of your work on a desktop or laptop.

And in Part 3, I’ll explain why I actually LIKE using my phone for the final posting process….

3  Don’t Forget to Engage

There’s a big reason why I like posting “live” or using Later to post my scheduled images (with a quick click of a button or two).

Most of your comments and likes will come up in the minutes immediately after you post. If you are using a tool that auto-schedules, you still have to remember to be there to respond.  When you use Later, you’re ready and waiting for comments just after you post the image.

Again, I do NOT recommend that you use any tool that contravenes Instagram’s terms.  Any tool that does the whole process including posting – puts your account at risk. 

To engage with my community on posts, I will either respond live or use the tool Agorapulse after the fact.  Agorapulse is my go-to tool for social media management and responding to comments.

Use Agorapulse to Engage on InstagramNever miss an Instagram comment again with Agorapulse!

The advantage of Agorapulse is that it allows you to view more than the minimum 50 comments you see on Instagram.

So, if your comments move fast or you have a big account and usually get hundreds of comments, Agorapulse can be a lifesaver.

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Be sure to check out Agorapulse as a way to manage your Instagram feed in your own time – and never miss a comment again!

Access Your Photos

Other than these tools, you really are left with the following labour-intensive options:

  • email photos to yourself on your phone then post to Instagram. This can become cumbersome if they are high res photos!
  • send photos to a Dropbox account – Dropbox is a great way to access your files from any device via the cloud.
  •  use your shared photos program in the cloud, to share between computers and your phone.

Or… if you are lucky to have a Surface Device, use Instagram just as you would on a phone, but on your laptop!

Crisp Video


Instagram is growing larger every day, and the ability to upload videos will only grow its audience. But adding video to Instagram can be confusing, especially when it’s not recorded directly from your phone. You need to upload videos in the right format.

Here are the steps you need to take to add your videos correctly:

  1. Render out your videos in a square, 1:1 aspect ratio
  2. Second, they need to be fifteen seconds or less*
  3. Finally, they have to be encoded in h.264

You can find many applications online that will convert your video files into h.264. Check the description of this video for an example program that will work for you.

*Instagram recently released an update that extended the maximum length of their videos. You can now upload videos up to 60 seconds in length to the platform.

Are you ready to see what video marketing can do for you?

Bring your business to life with video!

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