How to grow long hair

Girls love guys with long hair and long hair will continue to be a hot trend among guys in 2018, so you’re trying to figure out how to make your hair grow faster, right? Fortunately, we can teach you how to grow your hair out. Unfortunately, the rate of hair growth is programmed into your genetics and the average rate is about half an inch per month, causing most experts to say that you can’t make your hair grow faster.

Nevertheless, what these experts fail to explain is that hair damage, such as split ends and breakage, coupled with an unhealthy diet, stress, and lack of exercise and sleep can prevent your hair from growing longer naturally. Below, we discuss the best tips on how to grow long hair for men.

Long Hair For Men

Tips for How to Grow Long Hair For Your Wedding Day

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1. Get your hair trimmed frequently. You’ve probably heard this one before, but let us remind you that while it seems counter-productive, trimming your hair more frequently will lead to healthier strands and quicker growth. If you keep the ends of your hair freshly trimmed, it helps reduce breakage and split-ends (which totally slow down the growing process!)

2. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Washing your hair with shampoo each day can reduce the natural oils, making your hair dryer and more susceptible to breakages.  The key to growing longer hair is reducing breakage because they take time to heal, which can seriously slow down your growth.

3. Brush your hair less frequently. Or more gently! If you’re constantly ripping through tangles, you’re going to hurt your hair, making it less likely to grow longer in a healthy way. So if your drugstore brush or using isn’t cutting it, now is the time for an upgrade for a gentle brush!

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4. Moisturize. Keep that hair moisturized to maintain healthy and strong locks. If you skip the shampoo in the shower, still reach for the conditioner and make sure to deep condition at least once a week.  The key to growing long hair is keeping it moisturized!

*Note: Throw out any of your hair products that contain silicone, sulfates, parabens, or alcohol (Eww!) Those are super bad and damaging for your hair! If you want to grow longer hair fast, stick to clean hair products!

Hacks for Growing Longer Hair In Time for Your Wedding Day, how to grow long hair

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5. Cool down your shower. If you want to grow longer hair, don’t wash your hair is scalding hot water (hot water is very drying.)  Right before getting out of the shower, switch the temperature from warm to cold and dunk your head for a couple of seconds. The cool water will help lock in moisture and prevent damage to hair.

6. Skip the straightener. The intense heat and damaging motions of a straightener can make your locks brittle and dry. (Again, you gotta keep those locks moisturized if you want to grow longer hair!) So stick to a low heat blow dryer, and opt for an ionic model.

7. Take vitamins. What you eat directly affects how fast your hair can grow long.  Increasing your vitamin intake can not only help your health, but in turn helps you grow healthier hair as you may be missing some key vitamins in your diet. We recommend a supplement specifically made for hair and nails, usually high in Vitamin C, D, E, A and biotin.

8. Use a coconut oil mask. Looking for some intense moister to grow that hair faster? Applying coconut oil to your hair once or twice a week will help lock in moisture and keep those strands strong.  I mean are we surprised? Coconut oil is amazing!!!

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9. Eat the right types of food. Again, healthier hair comes from a healthier you. Don’t just depend on vitamins to help grow long hair.  We recommend eating foods high in iron, protein, and biotin, like salmon, eggs, avocados, and nuts.

Tips To Grow Long Hair For Men

Let’s start with some basics to growing beautiful, healthy long hair for men. This includes:

  • Regular shampoo and conditioner 2 to 3 times a week
  • Do not brush wet hair
  • Do not brush hair roughly or for too long
  • Do not blow dry or heat
  • No coloring
  • No bleaching
  • No tight ponytails or hats

Growing a long hairstyle is more than just letting your hair grow out in every direction. After all, you still need to look good during the in-between period when you are still growing your hair out and have short or medium length hair. For example, proper hair maintenance requires that you:

  • Shave or trim your side burns.
  • Style your hair based on its current length.
  • Avoid a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you.
  • Avoid forcing a man bun or top knot until you have the length required.

How To Grow Out Your Hair

Healthy Diet

The hair shaft forms in the follicle as new cells are created and old dead cells are pushed out through the scalp. In order to create new cells, the body requires protein and amino acids. A low fat, high protein diet stimulates cell reproduction that is essential for faster hair growth. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one way to make your hair grow faster.

Foods rich in essential Vitamins A, B, C, and E, such as vegetables (spinach, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and green peppers), fruits (apricots, strawberries, kiwis, cantaloupe, peaches, and pineapples), and proteins (eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, raisins, lentils, and dairy) will certainly help your hair grow faster naturally.

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Some dietary supplements can help, but they can’t replace the basic building materials the body needs to create new cells and grow hair.

Long Hairstyles For Men - Flowing Hair with Beard

Get Enough Sleep

The third crucial component of good health and fast hair growth is sleep. During the early part of the sleep cycle, the body increases secretions of growth hormones that boost cell reproduction. Circulation to the skin, and therefore the hair follicles, is also increased when you are asleep. Sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a night is literally how to make your hair grow faster overnight.

Cool Long Hair For Men

How To Brush or Comb Your Hair

The best hair brushes are made from boar bristles because they don’t tear or stretch hair strands during regular brushing. If hair is already long, begin brushing at the tips while holding the rest of the hair in your other hand to avoid pulling at the scalp and hair roots. Tangles should be worked out with the fingers to avoid stretching and damaging hair strands, causing breakage and split ends which will prevent your hair from growing at all.

Brushing hair thoroughly before washing will limit tangles. Hair is more subject to damage when it is wet, so it is important to be careful not to pull or stretch wet hair. After brushing, men should also avoid tight ponytails or braids, which can put tension and strain on your hair and result in breakage.

Men's Long Hairstyles - Long Hair with Beard

Avoid Styling Tools and Hair Treatments

Styling tools, especially those that use heat, can be very damaging to hair and thus prevent it from growing longer. Blow dryers can scorch hair, making it weak and brittle. If using a blow dryer, keep the temperature low and dry hair only until it is slightly damp.

Long Wavy Hairstyles For Men

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