How to grow hair faster men

do men grow hair faster than women?

Hello Lovelies!

Lisa K. sent in a question that I’ve heard quite a bit, and perhaps I’d even believed myself at one point, and her question is:

Why does it seem like guys have an easier time growing hair? There are quite a few guys at my school who are going through a long hair phase in which they have decided to grow long hair sort of like all these guys trying to grow long beards now thanks to Duck Dynasty, lol. Well their hair grows so fast! Much faster than any of the girls at my school. Is testosterone making the guys hair grow faster? How come guys can grow hair faster than women?

Thank you so much Lisa for your question! To answer your question, it doesn’t. Men do not grow hair faster than women. Women and men have the same hair growth rate. Gender has no effect on the hair growth rate of humans. Testosterone does make individual male hair strands thicker (thicker hair strands have an easier time retaining length), but the key reason men are able to grow longer hair much easier in comparison to women is actually quite simple. Men and women handle and style their hair in very different ways, and these differences ultimately lead to disparities in the amount of hair men and women are able to retain.

Think about this; most men aren’t blow drying, curling, dyeing, or styling their hair everyday, if at all. When most guys decide to grow their hair long, the most they do is wash and condition it, then leave it alone. Most young ladies and women are applying heat to their hair and manipulating it on a frequent basis, which increases our odds of damaging our hair, getting split ends, and not retaining as much length as we grow.

So, no, Lisa, men do not grow hair faster than women. However, in an effort to grow longer hair we can take a cue from long haired guys and K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sista. I never liked the stupid part of that saying, lol). We need to learn to just let our hair be and treat it like the beautiful crowned jewel that it is. Pamper it, protect it, and give it a rest! We can do this by putting down the heat styling tools, and crafting a hair care regimen that includes the proper hair care practices for our hair type to mitigate the chances of us damaging our beautiful tresses. Then and only then will we realize gains in hair growth and finally achieve our long hair goals.

The facts and rumors of Hair Growth

healthy-hair It would make little sense to explain the chemical composition and the structure of the hair, because it doesn’t really help the person who wants longer hair. Scientists and researchers are already doing studies relating to quicker hair growth on people  and are working on finding the miracle cure. Therefore, we will focus on some facts and rumors that keep coming up on the internet concerning hair growth. More information on what hair is made of in our what is hair made of article.

My Hair was torn out by the roots – will it  still grow back?

Yes, but in this case it takes longer for the hair to grow back, because a new hair root must grow back first. Even if you have severely damaged your hair you will normally still grow it back (that is, when you take care of your hair as you should as explained here: how to treat your damaged hair).

Does Hair grow faster after shaving and cutting?

No. Hair grows from the hair root and grows from the inside to the outside. Therefore, it does not matter how often hair is cut or shaved. Hair below the root is “thicker” and is tapered.  This is why shaving cuts off the hair at the thickest point, which leads to a thicker hair growth appearance, is often mistaken for quicker hair growth. On the question of “how to grow hair faster”, cutting it more frequently is not the solution!

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Is there a hair loss possibility after a pregnancy? Yes, there is. Learn more about this on our hair loss after pregnancy page.

Disease and / or medication – can I regrow my hair?

Yes. If the hair follicle was damaged due to illness (thyroid, pituitary, etc.) or the use of drugs (chemo therapy for example), it  most likely is the primary reason that the “roots” are packed. Then being able to grow new hair is usually no longer an obstacle.. Here, a specialist can help you to grow your hair once again. hair-loss

Hair Growth and Hair Loss – Male and Female Differences

Although there are no real studies on a definite difference between men and women when it comes to hair growth, it is a fact that there is a difference when it comes to hair loss. In most cases when men experience hair loss, it is because of “male pattern baldness”. Hair loss in women can follow a similar pattern but can also be caused by hormones and medicine-intake. On another, but related subject, take a look at our Evolution of Men’s Hair article to learn about the evolution of men’s hair.

Does Dry Hair Have an Impact on Hair Growth?

No. Just having dry hair will not impact the growth of your hair. You may want to treat dry hair and do something about the health of your hair if you have very dry hair though.

Is There a Correlation Between Hair Color and Hair Growth?

No. Although there are genetic and racial differences when it comes to hair growth, one cannot say there is a definite relation between the color of your hair and how fast it grows. By the way, if you’re a brunette, go here for our hair tips for brunettes.

Does Having Split Ends Mean My Hair Grows Slower?

No. Having split ends has usually nothing to do with the rate of you hair growth. Having split ends is however a sign of unhealthy hair or simply just a bad hair cut. Go to our how to prevent split ends page for more information on this.

Can you get beautiful hair by brushing?

Yes. This helps the  blood flow to the scalp (not only during a full moon). And so if we go back to the question, “How  can I get my hair to grow faster.” Regular brushing does contribute to healthy, long hair.

How Hair Grows Faster – What To Do

Next to learning more about how fast your hair grows naturally, the following tips will help your hair grow faster and will also be healthy for your hair.

  • Healthy eatinggrey-hair-man2
    • A vitamin-rich diet is probably the best way to get a healthy head of hair because it stimulates the speed of hair growth. Fruit, vegetables and iron-containing foods should be on your  shopping list if you want healthy hair.
  • Brushing the hair
    • Brushing the hair (before and after washing it) stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and distributes the nutrients in the hair more evenly. Don’t brush it when you hair is wet though.
  • Massaging the scalp using a oil
    • By massaging the scalp using a combination of the right natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals (found in natural products like Har Vokse) you can clean out the hair shaft, increase the scalp bloodflow and promote hair growth.
  • The Hair’s Moisture Supply
    • There are maintenance agents that can be used in the hair to provide moisture. Oils are the best for this.
  • Avoid stress
    • “It’s tearing your hair out.” – The rumor that one’s hair falls out from stress is true, so stay casual and cool and try to avoid stress!
  • Supplements
    • Use natural hair growth supplements when you can’t cover your nutritional needs in your normal diet.. Vitamin A, C, H, and all the B vitamins, as well as copper, zinc, keratin (protein), silica and iron help in the quest for healthy and longer hair.

What NOT To Do

You now know what promotes hair growth and what keeps the hair healthy and stable. Now we should mention the things which are not healthy for the hair. In addition to a poor diet and a lot of stress, here are some things that should be avoided if you want to grow your “dream hair.”

  • Shampoos with silicone
    • This type of shampoos dry out the hair and causes it to break down faster. Blow dryers and flat irons have a similar effect as the silicone shampoos. The hair is almost attacked and becomes unstable when you use these products.
  • UV Lightcurly brunette in the air
    • UV rays bleach the hair which is very destructive to the future of your hair and your looks. If you go in the sun extremely often you should protect your hair by wearing a hat, a hoodie or a cap sometimes.
  • Salt and chlorine water
    • The hair is softened and then becomes dry again, which causes a steady change that is bad for the hair, especially when combined with the sun!
  • Hair ties and clips
    • If these are  worn in the same locations on the hair every day, it can cause the hairs to  break there!
  • Bleaching, dyeing, hair extensions and perms
    • A further explanation is unnecessary, as it is well known that all chemicals, used in this realm, attack and cause damage to the hair.
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Miracle cures and dietary supplements for full, long hair

There is no “magic bullet” when it comes to growing ones hair out faster. long brow hairWebsites, distributors and online shops that advertise getting gorgeous long hair in one or two months and offer these expensive products are usually not as honest  or serious as they could be and have no real answer to the question “how to grow hair faster.” However, there really are some a few good natural products out there which stimulate the healthy growth of hair and can safely be used safely without worrying about chemicals.

Before  taking supplements, the family doctor should be consulted for help and information about which products can help each individual.

Hair Diet

No matter the amount of time and cash you spend perfecting your hair with various products, the health of your hair starts from within. Hair is a a section of the integument (Latin for coating), this is a body system, equal to the nervous system. The integument contains skin, nails and hair. The 3 body parts are related, only hair is a little different because hair grows from the inside outwards. People use various hair products to achieve the desired effect of having healthy hair.

Unhealthy hair

Aside from (obviously) being unhealthy, unhealthy hair often looks ugly. It is dull, dry, has many split ends and it can look very frizzy. Bad nutrition is usually the main cause of unhealthy bad looking hair. Also, healthy hair is easily recognizable because it is usually thick and not dry. Learn more about getting thicker hair on our how to make your hair thicker page.

Add healthy foods to your diethealthy foods for hair growth diet

Avoid a poor diet, such as eating too much salt, sugar and animal fats that is a bad influence to your hair. That kind of diet will also cause stress to the body. It will have a need for more food. You lose vitamin B if you do not eat the right foods. Vitamin B has several different functions in the human body. Among other things, they can help to reduce hair loss and strengthen nails. It isn’t difficult to eat foods that contain vitamin C and B, such as eggs and bread. For more information on which vitamins or supplements to use go here.

Multivitamin pills

Multivitamin pills can be healthy for the hair, but it’s important that we get the proper nutrients and ingredients out of the food we eat. A lot of people take multivitamin tablets without understanding what they actually consume or what they need. Vitamin A should be in the multivitamin product you take because it does wonders for your skin, and it gives you a healthy scalp. Vitamin A can be found, for instance, in apricots. If you really want to consume all the necessary vitamins and minerals for faster hair growth you should always aim to buy natural hair growth supplements. Try not to eat healthy foods for hair growthunhealthy foods or to drink unhealthy beverages that deplete the body of nutrients. Try not to eat chocolate, as it is a delicious, but often unhealthy food.

Water and Omega-3 fats

How many glasses of water are essential for healthy hair? To be precise: 8 glasses of water a day minimum would be the perfect amount of water to get healthy looking hair. To clean your body’s system, you drink water. Drink water every day as it is easy to do and cheap. Hair consists for 98 percent out of protein. Tresses are dead proteins. Once the hair from the head grows out, it is dead. So realizing this, it’s easy to conclude that protein should be part of your daily diet. A couple of good sources of healthy proteins are seeds, nuts and fish.

Hair Fooding

As you could read above on this page, there is a link between your taste buds and the beauty of your hair! Hair fooding is a new way of eating that is elevated to an art of living that combines good health, fun and flavor.

What makes these recipes so healthy? Vitamins!

  • Vitamin A is responsible for the growth of the hair and gives it shine and flexibility.
  • Vitamin B2 is beneficial for the overall health of your hair.
  • Vitamin B5 and B7 help prevent dehydration, reduce hair loss and give body and suppleness to your hair.
  • Vitamin B6 regulates the production of sebum.
  • Vitamin C gives your hair energy.
  • Vitamin E stimulates the circulation of the scalp, which works wonders for  hair growth.

Some good examples of hair growth recipes you can make:

  • Carrot Soup à l’orange (contains vitamin A and E)
  • Aperitif Glass with avocado, salmon and feta (includes vitamin A, B6 and B7)
  • Coupe with avocado and banana (contains vitamin B5 and B7)
  • Cocktail Jardin fruit (containing vitamins A, B2 and C)

Eat a right food to promote growth

  • Take food with healthy nutrition with healthy habits which results in reducing your hair loss.
  • Add Meat to your Food:
  • Take food with meat which helps in growth of Hormone, hormonal imbalance is the main culprit for the loss of hair.
  • Plus Herb Saw Palmetto:
  • Take a herb Palmetto which helps to improve hair growth, take 400 mg of a standardized extract of saw palmetto and 100 mg of beta-sitosterol (from saw palmetto) daily.
  • Give Essential Fatty Acids:
  • In order to get a healthy hair, essential fatty acids play a key role; take walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and avocado which are rich in fatty acids.
  • Add B-complex vitamins:
  • 100 mg daily of a B-complex supplement that includes biotin and vitamin B6 can reduce hair thinning by increasing scalp circulation.
  • Rich food with vitamins:
  • Take food with full of vitamins like Vitamin C and E, Zinc etc.
  • Vitamin C helps to boost Collagen which basically reduces as we age, Foods high in vitamin C include: citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers etc.
  • Vitamin E helps in protecting the hair from damage and from breakage.
  • Blackstrap molasses, green leafy vegetables, leeks, cashews, dried fruits, figs, and berries contain zinc which helps in hair growth.
  • Fruits and vegetable role:
  • Maintain your diet with full of fruits and vegetables, like Apples Spinach, Broccoli (and All dark green vegetables), Nuts, Plum, Peaches, Beans, Carrots etc.

Let’s see few more natural remedies:

Tips To Grow Long Hair For Men

Let’s start with some basics to growing beautiful, healthy long hair for men. This includes:

  • Regular shampoo and conditioner 2 to 3 times a week
  • Do not brush wet hair
  • Do not brush hair roughly or for too long
  • Do not blow dry or heat
  • No coloring
  • No bleaching
  • No tight ponytails or hats

Growing a long hairstyle is more than just letting your hair grow out in every direction. After all, you still need to look good during the in-between period when you are still growing your hair out and have short or medium length hair. For example, proper hair maintenance requires that you:

  • Shave or trim your side burns.
  • Style your hair based on its current length.
  • Avoid a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you.
  • Avoid forcing a man bun or top knot until you have the length required.

How To Grow Out Your Hair

Healthy Diet

The hair shaft forms in the follicle as new cells are created and old dead cells are pushed out through the scalp. In order to create new cells, the body requires protein and amino acids. A low fat, high protein diet stimulates cell reproduction that is essential for faster hair growth. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one way to make your hair grow faster.

Foods rich in essential Vitamins A, B, C, and E, such as vegetables (spinach, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and green peppers), fruits (apricots, strawberries, kiwis, cantaloupe, peaches, and pineapples), and proteins (eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, raisins, lentils, and dairy) will certainly help your hair grow faster naturally.

Some dietary supplements can help, but they can’t replace the basic building materials the body needs to create new cells and grow hair.

Long Hairstyles For Men - Flowing Hair with Beard

Get Enough Sleep

The third crucial component of good health and fast hair growth is sleep. During the early part of the sleep cycle, the body increases secretions of growth hormones that boost cell reproduction. Circulation to the skin, and therefore the hair follicles, is also increased when you are asleep. Sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a night is literally how to make your hair grow faster overnight.

Cool Long Hair For Men

How To Brush or Comb Your Hair

The best hair brushes are made from boar bristles because they don’t tear or stretch hair strands during regular brushing. If hair is already long, begin brushing at the tips while holding the rest of the hair in your other hand to avoid pulling at the scalp and hair roots. Tangles should be worked out with the fingers to avoid stretching and damaging hair strands, causing breakage and split ends which will prevent your hair from growing at all.

Brushing hair thoroughly before washing will limit tangles. Hair is more subject to damage when it is wet, so it is important to be careful not to pull or stretch wet hair. After brushing, men should also avoid tight ponytails or braids, which can put tension and strain on your hair and result in breakage.

Men's Long Hairstyles - Long Hair with Beard

Avoid Styling Tools and Hair Treatments

Styling tools, especially those that use heat, can be very damaging to hair and thus prevent it from growing longer. Blow dryers can scorch hair, making it weak and brittle. If using a blow dryer, keep the temperature low and dry hair only until it is slightly damp.

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Long Wavy Hairstyles For Men

The Hair Growth Process

hair growth cycleHair growth is about time, but not only about time. There are numerous factors that determine the rate of hair growth, but the one that is most important is time. There simply is no substitute for just letting your hair grow.

There are things that can be done to encourage and enhance the growing process, but nothing is more of a factor than the passage of time. Hair growth is a process; and for your hair to be healthy and look its best, that process must be carried out in full and that process requires time.

The average person’s hair grows about 1/2 inch a month or approximately six inches per year. Some ethnic groups have a tendency to be above or below the mean; but since the world has become such a melting pot and considering the theory of miscegenation, I typically don’t dive into norms related to various ethnic groups since the norms are so difficult to apply. Frankly, these differences are not enormous and can sometimes be completely erased by genetic factors.

Some people just naturally have hair that grows faster or slower than others. The good news is that regardless of your natural rate of hair growth, your hair is always in the process of growing on a 24-hour basis. Hair growth tends to follow a pattern.

Most of the time when growing out your natural hair you will notice an increase in your hair’s thickness before you notice much increase in length.

Beware of comparing the characteristics of your own hair growth to others, as what is normal for one person may not be normal for you. It is also worth mentioning that you are not always the best judge of how fast and how well your hair is growing, because of your over familiarity with it.

You look at your hair and study it every day, which can make it difficult to appreciate subtle changes that others who see you less frequently will notice immediately. Chances are your hair is actually growing faster than you realize.

I have written extensively on hair growth cycles previously, so I will only briefly cover growth cycles within this article. In my previous article, I discussed the three common hair growth cycles – anagen (growth), catagen (regression) and telogen (rest). For years, the shedding function of the growth cycle has been thought to be a part of the telogen phase.

While reporting it this way is considered accurate (see the graphic above), according to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, exogen (sheddingis the “official” name for the shedding phase of the growth cycle. To be completely accurate, shedding occurs throughout the hair growth cycle.

Biotin Vitamin b7How to Grow Your Hair Past Its Terminal Length

A common concern of those wondering how to grow natural hair is the concept of “terminal length”, which is the notion that some people’s hair can only grow so long and no further. This has less to do with genetics than it does with taking proper care of your hair.

As your hair gets longer it can have a tendency to break, unless you make an effort to practice protective styling, control your hair’s exposure to extreme heat, and make sure that your hair has the protein and moisture it needs.

It’s likely fair to characterize “terminal length” in the following manner: inappropriate hair care is likely more of a factor for any limited growth that you’re experiencing than a natural limitation on your ability to grow long hair.

Yet, no matter what you do, there is no way to prevent the hair growth cycle from placing some limitations on growth. Every individual hair on your head has a growing period after which it will fall out and be replaced by a new strand of hair.

Fortunately, the rate at which this process takes place is different for each hair, so the numerous hair strands on your head are never simultaneously in the process of falling out and being replaced all at the same time.

Obviously, that would be terrible if all your hair shed at once. You would be confronted throughout your life with recurring periods of complete baldness (not that there is anything wrong with that).

A typical hair has a “life” of between two and six years. Therefore one of the barriers of growing hair fast is where your old or damaged hairs are in the growth cycle.

It may be necessary in order to reach your hair growth goals for your damaged hair to reach its telogen phase and fall out. As healthy new hair grows in and you begin to take care of it properly, you should be able to achieve greater length retention.

Obviously, this process takes time (there is that word again), but it is necessary if you are to achieve your hair length goals. There is simply no substitute for good hair care over an extended period of time if you plan to grow long hair.

Despite genetically determined growth and resting phases for the hair, most people can successfully get their hair to middle back length. It would be uncommon to have a maximum hair growing length of less than a foot.

These measures are based on the same natural restrictions on hair growth that prevent our eyelashes or the hair follicles on your arms from growing too long. Many people point to dreadlocks as evidence of unlimited hair growth but that is misleading since dreadlocks are formed by matting hair that would otherwise have split or fallen out.

If we assume that everything is optimal for growing your hair in terms of genetics and quality hair care, here is a guide on how long it should take to reach specific hair length goals:

Armed with the information that the average growth rate is 1/2 inch per month, if you’re retaining significantly less than an average of 1/2 inch, there might be an opportunity to dig into your hair regimen and make sure that you’re meeting the needs of your hair.

Starting a natural hair journal can help you quickly learn more about the wants and needs of your hair.

Regardless of what your hair goals are (armpit length, bra strap length, or some other length) the key to reaching these lengths in the fastest way possible is to practice excellent hair care. Here are the best ways for you to maximize your growth rate:

Does a Healthy Diet Help Hair Growth?

hair foodJust like the rest of your body, your hair and the way it looks and grows is dependent on your overall health. Having the right nutrients in your body will determine how fast and how well your hair grows.

Hair is heavily dependent on protein so make sure you get enough of it through the foods you eat – examples include steak, fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, legumes and beans.

Fruits and vegetables also contain nutrients that encourage hair growth so eat plenty of those as well.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin and biotin are vitamins that many people believe will lead to healthier hair and increase your hair growth potential.

So, taking a multivitamin supplement that contains these vitamins is the best approach (if you decide to take an oral supplement). Again, be sure to check with your medical doctor before taking oral supplements.

I have touched on this briefly, but here is another quick note about biotin. Scientific data doesn’t support the claim that biotin improves hair growth. Regardless of this fact, biotin deficiencies are extremely rare.

The chance that your body doesn’t have the proper amount of biotin already is very slim since intestinal bacteria produces biotin in excess of the body’s daily needs. For more specifics about why we don’t recommend taking biotin supplements, check out this article: Does Taking Biotin For Hair Growth Really Work?

Also, you must avoid activities or practices that negate the beneficial effects of eating a healthy diet, such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and other unhealthy practices.

So, establish a healthy, balanced eating plan. It’s generally considered best practice if you plan your meals for maybe a week at a time. This will allow you to make sure that you have the proper ingredients that you need to make the meals.

Check with your doctor first and if necessary, you can incorporate an over the counter multivitamin into your daily routine. I don’t recommend taking biotin unless it’s specifically suggested by a medical professional. Otherwise, you’re likely just wasting money.

Here are 8 food types that I recommend incorporating into your diet:

No. 1: Want to reduce the price of “gas” and add protein to your diet? Then, eat your beans. Maybe the gas comment was unnecessary, but you get the point. Beans are a great source of protein and other nutrients.

No. 2: Asparagus and spinach, anyone? What about broccoli? Surely you can find a few vitamin-packed dark green veggies to incorporate into your diet.

No. 3: Nuts aren’t just for squirrels and psychiatrists. Get it? Nevermind. Some nuts are thought to benefit the scalp, like brazil nuts, while others are great sources of zinc and other nutrients. According to many experts, for example, Columbia University Health Services, proper zinc intake can mitigate excessive hair shedding. Zinc can be obtained through many other foods besides nuts, like meats and cheese as well.

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No. 4: What’s your favorite egg dish? I really like a good frittata or quiche, while my six year-old daughter prefers her eggs lightly scrambled (no cheese). Regardless of how you prefer your eggs, they provide a great source of protein for your diet and are always a staple in my meal plan.

No. 5: Vitamin A promotes a healthy scalp, so look for foods packed with this vitamin. How about raw carrots? Sounds good.

No. 6: Yogurt, milk and even cottage cheese are great options to incorporate into your diet. They provide good sources of calcium, protein, and other nutrients. Wait! Is it too late to remove cottage cheese? I can’t stand the way that stuff looks.

No. 7: Whole grains can add a nice dose of zinc, iron, and B vitamins to your diet. I would recommend adding a few whole grain foods to your diet – like whole grain bread, cereal, and rice.

No. 8: Finally, chicken, turkey, lean beef, and salmon provide high-quality sources of protein – in addition to other nutrients.

Bonus Tip: While it’s true that drinking water doesn’t directly lead to increased hair growth, being properly hydrated is an important factor in your ability to retain length.

Several different areas of the body are made up of mostly water. When your body is dehydrated, the critical areas of your body that need water for your survival will receive water first. As you might have imagined, your hair isn’t at the top of the list. So, your hair needs water – inside and outside.

The Secret Combing Method That Can Help You Retain Length

finger combing

There are some hairstyles that you could wear that don’t require much manipulation/combing, but many hairstyles require you to comb your hair more often.

Just keep in mind that combing improperly can cause significant damage to your hair. Don’t comb or brush your hair more than you have to and always make sure your combs are clean. Dirt, chemicals, and oils that accumulate on dirty combs can also damage your hair.

Use wide-toothed combs that do not yank on your hair or pull out strands of hair when combing. Be gentle with your hair when you comb it.

Oh yeah, the secret method of combing that can help you retain length is finger combing. Finger combing isn’t really a “secret” combing method, but it works well for many women with natural hair.

Boosting Growth of Black/African American Hair.

In the first section we have discussed a lot of ways you can keep your hair growing through proper maintenance routines. Now we will talk about how to speed up black hair growth.

1. Coconut Oil Supplements

Coconut oil supplements promote healthier, thicker, and more beautiful hair. This fully organic and certified supplement is one of the best ways to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Click here for a full review of the supplement.

If you are interested you can purchase Coconut Oil supplements directly from the official website.

Coconut Oil Supplement

2. Protein Treatments.

Protein treatments help in speeding up hair growth by nourishing it and making it stronger. Various types of protein treatments are made for different hair types. Protein packs are for regular use with people showing slight hair damage.

Light treatments are ideal for hair with a bit more damage. They often come in form of a deep conditioner. Deep penetrating treatments are best for fairly damaged hair. Reconstructors are used to encourage quick growth in severely damaged hair.

Our Recommended Protein Treatment.

3. Vitamin supplements.

Vitamin supplements supply hair with multiple nutrients to keep it healthy, strong, and growing. Hair products do a good job keeping your hair looking good but the body is the source and creator of your hair. If you supply your body with that it needs it will start to grow strong healthy hair.

Recommended Vitamin Supplements.

  • Folexin – The #1 hair growth supplement.
  • Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins promotes hair growth and is without a doubt the best vitamin supplement avaliable . Each of the 60 pills contains minerals, nutrients, biotin and bioactive vitamins which are key for the body to grow long healthy hair. This is something I highly recommend.
  • Biotin Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins. Another great vitamin, this not only helps your hair grow but also benefits your skin and nails.

4. Fish Oil Supplements.

Fish oil supplements, which are often in form of capsules, contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial to hair growth. These supplements are especially good at tackling hair dryness and dullness. Your hair will become shinier, softer, and stronger. They can also help in preventing dandruff.

Recommended Fish Oil.

5. A Healthy Diet.

One of the best ways to keep your hair in good form and to encourage growth is by eating well. If your diet is not so healthy you should take a multivitamin. Multivitamins give your body the fuel it needs to do everyday task and increases your overall health.

All of the below vitamins will: Boost your energy, balance your hormones, and lower stress. Help your hair, skin, and nails grow healthier, faster, and stronger.

What To Avoid To Grow Black Hair Faster.

Below are the things you should avoid doing to maximize your hair growth.

1. Heat treatments.

Any treatment that uses heat to style hair is bad for you. Things like blow dryers and flat irons literally cook your hair, making it extremely weak and easy to break. You hair can still look good without having to use heat on it.

2. Harsh chemicals.

Make sure the hair products you buy are not full of harsh chemicals. These days you can get natural and organic hair products that, though may be a bit more expensive, provide a much better alternative to chemical-ridden products. These chemical products may make your hair look and feel good but over time it destroys your hair.

Be especially careful about hair dyes, chemical relaxers, sulfates-containing products and alcohol-containing products. The extra investment you make on natural products with organic oils is well worth it.

3. Extensions and tight styles.

Styles that rely on tightly wrapping your hair is not good, especially for your hair ends. When stretched or wrapped too tight, hair tends to get weak and can break easily. Also it prevents hair from continuing with its normal growth.

On the other hand, braids and other protective styles actually encourage hair to grow faster by protecting your ends from splitting which means less hair has to be trimmed.

4. Too much stress.

Too much stress has been scientifically proven to be behind hair loss problems such as Telogen effluvium where hair essentially stops growing and begins to fall out and Alopecia areata where hair follicles are attacked by the body’s immune system.

Other Information.

Determine your hair type.

To achieve the best results it is important to know your hair type. This will help you in choosing the right products and giving the best care to your hair. There are three general types of African American hair.

  • Kinky hair – this is the hardest hair type to maintain. The reason for this is that it is weak due to fewer cuticle layers available to protect the hair. Being very fragile, it requires careful handling to prevent breakage or any other kind of damage. Kinky hair tends to have very tight curls and exhibits a lot of shrinkage after a wash.
  • Curly hair – the curls are looser than in kinky hair and tend to be springy. It is soft and fine making it one of the easiest hair types to style.
  • Wavy hair – has large curls in waveforms. It tends to be a bit heavy, staying close to the head unlike kinky and curly hair. It falls between kinky and curly hair when it comes to difficulty in styling. Generally easy to maintain.

Note that this is a general classification. Under each type there are several sub types indicating the wide variations that occur in African American hair.

If you read everything laid out in this guide you’ll have learned how to grow black hair faster and how to grow African American hair faster. You’ll surely see a boost in your African american hair growth and black hair growth but you must be dedicated and consistently stay on top of your hair care to have the best hair possible.

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