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Increase height quickly

Height is one of the most important parts of our identity. It’s one of the first thing we notice in other people and it’s one of the most popular causes of complexes and insecurities, especially if we experience lack in this area.

People who are tall, taller than us, are usually viewed as more confident, more trustworthy and more professional. For some reason we simply see them as better than us, and therefore we feel inferior. Women dream of a tall handsome men and men would rather have a long legged beauty as their wife. That’s why, if we are not especially tall, we very often want to influence our height, become taller.

“When will I actually get taller?”, FAQ, & Final Words of Encouragement

get taller 2017

“2017 is your year. It only makes sense.”

One day in March 2016, I randomly started stretching in the morning because I was noticeably shorter than I was 3 years prior and I wanted to get taller.

Those stretches became a daily habit and eventually they developed into program for others to follow.

I started in March and I never stopped or took any breaks.

I did a ton of travelling in 2016 but I always found time to do this natural height growth routine.

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • the beach at Hermosa Beach, CA
  • my hotel rooms in Fruita, CO; Topeka, KS; London, OH and many more
  • by the Montauk Lighthouse and on the shores of Fire Island
  • my current home in North Carolina

I never made excuses. From March 2016 to September 2016, all I did was show up everyday and execute the game plan you just witnessed.

Question: “How long will it take for me to get taller?”

Answer: It takes as long as it takes. Everyone is different. Some people (mostly older people) will do this program and not see any results because it is impossible for them to get taller because gravity has already won.

Younger guys in their teens and twenties are most likely to see a measurable growth in height because their growth plates have not fully closed yet.

Most people will see improvement in their posture, leading to measurable height growth, after a few months of consistence execution of the advice above.

Question: “You never mentioned anything about tracking height progress. Why is this?”

Answer: After nearly 3 years as a paid self-improvement consultant, I have amassed a ton of experience helping others and feel like I know a lot more about the human psyche during the journey toward accomplishment or improvement than your Average Joe.

The fact of the matter is that we live in an instant gratification society where everyone wants it now and when they don’t get it now, they get discouraged. Many times they give up right away.

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We are too smart informed for our own good. The beginning of any journey sucks because it’s filled with failures and not knowing what the hell you are doing.

It’s better to be ignorant or just plain stupid because you have no idea where you stand. You have no idea whether you are heading towards failure or success.

You just keep moving forward because that’s the only thing that really matters.

That’s how winning is done.

Tracking progress makes people lose their minds. They become obsessive over measuring their height, weight, etc.

This causes them to break down mentally and lose hope when they don’t see measurable improvement every single time. Then they give up.

I never measured my height because I just kept my head down and executed.

Slowly, I began to feel taller and more “upright.” Then my friends started telling me “Wow you got taller!”

I simply waited until my next doctor’s appointment to measure myself.

Question: What are the additional benefits of this routine?

Answer: Great question. This is a movement based stretching routine. If you are like me (most people are) you simply do not incorporate enough physical movement into your daily routine.

You’re as stiff as a board. Lifting weights does not count because all you are doing is training your muscles.

I’m talking about fluid, functional movements.

In addition to helping you grow naturally, this program will also help eliminate that stiffness and make your body fluid again via movement.

No matter what your level of fitness is, you will become far more comfortable and confident in your body’s movements.

Final Words of Encouragement

Don’t give up and don’t drive yourself crazy measuring your height every single day.

Visualize yourself getting taller, execute the game plan, and you will get there.

See you when I see you.

Tips to Grow Quickly

First of all, let’s point out that our height changes throughout the day. It is highest in the morning, after we have given our spine some rest in horizontal position, thus removed compression for a significant amount of time. This allows the discs to regain their thickness, which decreased throughout the previous day as our weight has been compressing it. Additionally, if you work on a computer you probably have been slouching, so your arms and neck are somewhat bent forward and downwards.

That’s why it’s important to have rest in a horizontal position, preferably on your back. It’s is equally important to keep the appropriate level of hydration in your body. The discs need water to stay flexible and thick, so be sure to drink at least 2 liters of clean water, not only the day before, but let it be your health habit.

Exercise to increase height

Next, there are some stretching exercises you could do the evening before to decompress the spine before going to bed. You could hang from a bar if you have access to one. It should be high enough for you not to touch the ground with your feet when you hang by your hands. Just grab the bar and try hanging as long as you can. Repeat this exercise few times. You could also mix it with one of the following stretches.

One of them is a superman on the ground. Lie down on your stomach and stretch your hands forward and lift them slightly off the ground. At the same time stretch your legs backwards, also lifting them off the ground. Keep this position for 30 seconds. Then do the same but lying on your back.

Next there’s cobra stretch. The picture speaks for itself. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, we don’t want you to get hurt.Stretch to Increase Height

Finally there’s Cat’s Back. Ever seen a cat raise its back? Get on all fours and try pushing your back upwards as far as possible. Hiding your head between your arms may help here.

So these are the stretching exercises you can try doing in the evening to help stretch your back.

Psychological tricks

There are also some “psychological” tricks you can use to increase your confidence on your big day.

First of all, you have to remember to keep a straight posture. If you tend to slouch or just don’t pay attention to that aspect, keeping your arms back and head straight will instantly add an inch or two to your height.

Looking people straight in the eyes with confident grimace will make you appear much more confident. Don’t be scared of them, don’t look away, they are just people like you, with their own insecurities. If you approach them openly and confidently, they will catch up on the vibe.

For added confidence, if there’s an important meeting ahead of you and you have to present some knowledge, you know it’s a good idea to be prepared. But following that, take example of top athletes and performers. Try to visualize yourself delivering a perfect speech or giving a perfect interview. Imagine yourself entering a cinema and seeing a movie of yourself performing in a perfect way. How do you look like, what do you say, how the people you’re with respond to you.

Many times lack of confidence stems from the fact that we enter an unknown situation. Visualizing that important meeting ahead of time will give you the feeling of familiarity and boost confidence. Plus, you’ll know you have rehearsed the material!


That’s all when it comes to overnight height increase. As we already pointed out – it’s very difficult to achieve big results overnight, and even more difficult to make them stick. For long term success and growth increase you may want to consider a training program that will give you lasting results. Such as this one:Grow Taller 4 Idiots

Other people have increased their height by 3-4 inches, who knows – it may be possible for you too! Read our review of one of the best height increase program there is on the market to find out if that’s something for you.

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How to Grow Taller with the Help of Sleep

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/04/dreamstime xs 37025625.jpg How to Grow Taller: What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Reach Their Full Height Potential

How to grow taller: Lots of sleep go a long way!

Sleep is really important to the physical and mental development of a child. If you are wondering how to grow taller with sleep, it is because growth hormones are developed during this activity. Therefore, without adequate rest, children may not be giving their bodies enough time to develop and recharge.

Kids aged 3 to 5 years old require 11 to 13 hours of sleep each night. Children from 5 to 10 years old need to sleep for at least 10 to 11 hours. Pre-teens and teenagers from aged 10 until they are the age of 17, on the other hand, require 8 and a half to 9 and a half hours of sleep each night.

How to Grow Taller with the Help of Nutrition

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/04/dreamstime xs 23560234.jpg How to Grow Taller: What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Reach Their Full Height Potential

Make sure your little one is eating well…

A proper diet does not only help children remain strong and healthy. It also helps their bodies maximize their ability to grow. Including a sufficient amount of protein in your child’s diet, otherwise known as “grow foods” can make a difference. At the same time, you should also make sure that your child gets enough vitamins and minerals daily through the intake of fruits and vegetables.

How to Grow Taller with the Help of Exercise

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/04/shutterstock 90780362 1.jpg How to Grow Taller: What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Reach Their Full Height Potential

Are your kids getting enough exercise?

Exercise helps the body to grow stronger, fight obesity and encourage muscle development. At the same time, physical activities boost growth hormone development and may result in not just stronger but even longer bones. Stretching also helps to elongate the spine and improve posture, making kids stand straighter and taller.

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Parents play a big role in child development. How to grow taller may be something that you wonder about. By helping your kids grow to their full potential with the help of these simple tips, you should be able to see them standing tall as they grow.

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