How to get rid of razor bumps

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Although some men choose to wear facial hair, most men (and their significant other) prefer a closely shaven face. So, several times a week, if not daily, men look themselves in the bathroom mirror and shave. While shaving is an activity that men have been doing since adolescence, they still may sometimes encounter the dreaded conditions of razor burn and razor bumps.

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What is Razor Burn?

Shaving is the most common way for men to remove unwanted hair, and just about any man that has shaved has experienced razor burn. When a man has razor burn, the area on his face may be red and sting a bit. It is uncomfortable, but not a serious condition.

Razor burn is simply an irritation of the skin that has been shaved, and it shows up immediately after shaving – typically within a few minutes. It shows up as a mild rash, and usually resolves anywhere between a few hours and a couple of days.

What are Razor Bumps?

Occasionally, men can also experience razor bumps, small abscesses that appear on areas that have been shaved. People who have curly hair tend to be more susceptible to razor bumps, as they occur when hair that has been shaved grows back under the skin.

How to Prevent Razor Burn and Razor Bumps

Typically, razor burn and razor bumps are avoidable conditions, and are most often caused by a mistake made by the person who is shaving. One common mistake is not preparing the skin enough before shaving. There are a variety of products on the market that should be used to pre-treat the skin before shaving such as pre shave oil. These products lubricate your face and moisten the skin, which helps you avoid razor burn.

Another mistake is using a razor that is not sharp enough or using poor shaving techniques. Many men choose to use a shaving brush to really get a good lather, which helps with skin moisturizing. Keep in mind that you should not try to shave too closely, nor should you apply a good deal of pressure when you shave. Trying to get an extra close shave using these techniques can cause razor burn, so prevent it by shaving in a careful way, in the direction that the hair grows. Also, Try upgrading to a good single blade razor rather than using disposables.

Exfoliating your skin before and after you shave can also help prevent razor burn. Typically, you would use a mitt or a loofah to remove dead skin cells. This smooths your skin, and allows the razor to glide easier, and not grab, which can cause razor burn.

How to Treat Razor Burn and Razor Bumps Fast

There are many quick and easy home remedies that you can employ if you experience razor burn. As soon as you feel the discomfort and stinging, you might wrap some ice cubes in a thin towel and apply the cold compress to the affected area which will help reduce razor bumps fast. Another quick remedy might be to also dab some apple cider vinegar on the area, using a cotton ball. Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties, so that lessens the inflammation caused by the razor burn.

One of the best products to use to treat razor burn is Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer. This product, when used after you shave, tones your skin, conditions it, and provides moisture. You can even use it on days that you don’t shave, as a daily moisturizer and anti ageing solution.

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Most ingredients in Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer are natural and have been shown to have healing properties that help you maintain a youthful appearance. Moisturizing ingredients include aloe vera, palm oil, safflower oil, and shea butter. Vitamin B5 is essential for improving skin tone and texture. Also included in this product is green tea, which has antioxidants; antioxidants decrease inflammation and wrinkling.

The ingredients in Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer have made the Whole Foods Premium Standard list. This means that this product is natural, and meets the highest standards for body care products on the market. The Premium Standards seal means that this product gives good results, is safe and includes natural ingredients, and has minimal negative impact on the environment.

Razor burn and razor bumps are very common issues for men who like a clean-shaven look. However, these conditions can often be avoided if you pre-treat your skin and use good shaving techniques. Learn more in our guide on how to shave. If you do have razor burn, one of the best products that you can use to treat it is all-natural Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer. The soothing and healing properties in this product help treat your razor burn immediately and condition your skin so that you are less likely to have razor burn problems in the future.

Why Do Razor Bumps Appear?

Razor bumps, a symptom of razor burn, are a common condition that many suffer from. The cause of this itchy and painful rash is associated with a range of reasons and factors when shaving. After all, shaving removes the top layer of skin from an area. With the bikini area being so sensitive, it’s easy for afflictions such as razor bumps to take hold.

Even if you don’t frequently fall victim to razor bumps on other areas you shave, remember that your bikini line is far more delicate than the skin on your legs or underarms. Thus, this area requires more in depth measures as far as razor bump prevention and treatment are concerned.

Several factors add to the commonality of razor bumps in the bikini area. First, shaving without any kind of lubricant–such as soap, water, or shaving cream.

Furthermore, using an old razor can cause this condition, and it’s also unsanitary to do so, so this should be avoided. Discard your razor if it’s clogged with hair, soap, or residual shaving cream. Shaving too quickly or using shaving products that don’t agree with your skin can also be the culprit behind this problem.

Using the wrong razor may also play a part in this issue. As mentioned above, we’re talking about a much more delicate area than those that your regular razor tackles, so it may be necessary to invest in one designated solely to your bikini line’s upkeep. The unique and tight shape of this area also demands the need for a specialized razor or shaving tool.

What Causes Razor Bumps?

Razor Bumps Causesv

Now that you know what razor bumps are, let’s take a quick look at the possible causes.

Obviously, the leading cause is connected to the tools and technique you employ during shaving. Once you cut your hair it will grow in a non-uniform way, and it may start to curl back into your skin.

Most cartridge razors have two or more blades which are designed to first lift up your hair follicle before cutting the hair. That’s how you get a really close shave.

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Once you get that smooth feel, the hair will sometimes start to grow in a curved manner instead of straight.

As a result, the hair could grow back into the skin and ultimately lead to the development of razor bumps.

Those of you who use safety razors that don’t rely on lift-and-cut technology are free to make multiple passes with the grain, across the grain, and against the grain. You are at less risk of developing razor bumps than those who use cartridge razors.

People who rely on foil or rotary electric shavers are a whole other story. These shavers can’t really give you that close of a shave as an old-fashioned blade.

This is why you’re at a much greater risk of getting razor bumps after shaving.

Techniques and Methods

Now we’re getting to the very essence of how to remove razor bumps on the neck. We’re gonna discuss a few tried-and-true methods and techniques which should be of great help.

Prevention is always better than the cure, so let’s get going:

Take a warm shower before shaving

This is very important because it helps to soften the pores in your skin. Don’t be lazy and make up excuses. If this matters to you, you’ll find the time.

Warm water will wash away all the dust that piles up in your skin pores and open them up. Don’t rush this as it’s very important to spend some time under warm water before it can do its job properly.

If you really don’t have enough time to shower before shaving, you can try an alternative solution for softening your skin. A hot wet washcloth applied to your neck for five minutes will work wonders at preparing your skin for a shave.

Exfoliate regularly

man exfoliating

It isn’t that popular among men to take care of their skin, but if you often suffer from razor bumps maybe it’s time to start thinking differently.

First of all, you should try exfoliating the skin on your neck on a regular basis. You can even do this while you’re showering to save you some time. You can also try using a rough towel after you’re done showering.

Once you’re through with that, make sure you apply a cream which suits your skin type. You’ll have a healthier skin and you’ll greatly reduce the risk of razor bumps.

Change the Blades

What’s the last time you’ve changed the razor or purchased a new shaver? You really shouldn’t save money on these. We’re not talking about crazy amounts of cash here, and also don’t make excuses about how you’ve forgotten to change the blade.

A dull blade simply can’t reach as close to the skin as a sharp one. It also can’t cut your hair properly without irritating the skin area below.

dull razor blades

A dull blade will not have the same shaving performance as a sharp one, so you’ll end up giving areas of your skin multiple passes, which could ultimately lead to skin irritation and razor bumps.

If you use a cartridge razor, always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the time interval between cartridge replacements.

Lubricate Properly

Those of you who are at a higher risk of razor bumps should always lubricate your skin before you shave.

You can use a lubricating shaving gel, or, if prefer natural products, a coconut oil moisturizer.

Disinfect your Blade

Since your skin is so easily irritated, you need to keep rinsing your blade, even during the process of shaving. It has to be perfectly clean in order to avoid skin irritations.

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Don’t Go Against the Grain

Some men do it unintentionally, while some others do it because they want that smoothest feeling ever once they’re done the shaving. But going against the grain will not actually give you a closer shave and a smoother feeling.

It will only irritate your skin and lead to an increased risk of razor bumps.

Don’t Torture the Same Skin Area

Going multiple times over the same area of skin will most likely lead to irritation and razor bumps. If this is something you’ve gotten used to over time, it’s a bad habit that needs to die right away.

However, if you do this because the blade doesn’t cut the hairs properly, it’s simply time to change it.

Don’t Push Too Hard

shaving irritation on neck

If you think pushing your blade harder against your skin will get it to the closest shave, you’re terribly wrong. This will only lead to cuts and even more razor bumps around your neck.

A good blade doesn’t need to be pushed hard.

Wash Your Skin with Cold Water

Once you’re done shaving, there is one important thing that needs to be done. Always wash your face with cold water after shaving.

Cold water closes down your pores very effectively, reducing the risk of skin irritations, razor bumps, and skin infections. If it isn’t cold, it won’t do the trick, so keep that in mind!

Scratching Won’t Help

No matter how itchy your skin gets after shaving, you simply must not scratch it. No matter what.

Apply some skin lotion to soothe the skin and don’t scratch it, because the bacteria living under your fingernails may lead to irritation and infections.

Razor Bumps on Neck Home Remedies

In case your problem remains despite these prevention tips, there are still a few home remedies which may be of help in alleviating the problem.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera after shaving

This is probably the best and most commonly used natural remedy for the treatment of razor bumps. You can use it in its natural form or in the form of a juice, but either way, it will work wonders with its unbelievable skin-soothing properties.

It’s also great at providing physical relief when you feel itchy.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is widely known for its strong antiseptic properties, so it can be used for the treatment of razor bumps. Just remember, like all essential oils, tea tree oil is very abrasive, so it needs to be mixed with a carrier oil before you apply it.

Witch Hazel

This one may be rather helpful, but don’t forget that it has strong astringent properties. This means that it can close up your pores. It will alleviate all inflammatory conditions of your skin, though.

White Tea

You might be surprised, but ordinary white tea bags can really help sooth your skin and alleviate the symptoms associated with razor burns. Just wet the bag and press it against the affected area of your skin for instant relief.

Lemon Juice

using lemon juice for razor bumps

Lemon has strong acidic properties, which means that it can prevent bacteria from colonizing your ingrown hair. Keep in mind that due to those same properties, it may not be the most pleasant experiences when you apply it to your skin.

Baby Powder

Are you feeling sore because of your razor bumps? Apply some baby powder and massage it gently into the affected areas. It will reduce inflammation and bring you some much-needed relief.

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