How to get rid of raccoons

  • Grubs/Insects. Your lawn or garden carry plenty of large insects which raccoons love. Their main attraction is the Grubs, high in protein and juicy.

  • Loose Garbage/Yard Clutter. Secure your garbage, using a bungee over the lid. Raccoons love hoarders and yard clutter. This may take some time on your part, especially if you have a lot of junk to clean up.

  • Pet food/Birdfeeder. Stop feeding your pets outside or bring your pets food dish in at night.

  • Rats/Rodents. Get rid of the smaller rodents like Rats, Mice, and Squirrels. Trapping and removal of smaller critter should reduce your raccoon problem.

  • The Sound of Running Water/Water source. Raccoons have great hearing, so set your waterfalls or fountains on timers. Set them to turn off at night. If the raccoons are getting into your pool, get a pool cover. If none of that works. Set a trap and remove the raccoons that way.

Scare Tactic

Scare TacticUse automated sensors depending on the resources you have. Flood Lights or sprinkler systems will work great. Set these sensors in open areas or problematic areas. Use the correct settings to be more efficient. Place the sensors to trigger at night. Monitor the raccoon activity to adjust the sensors and location. This method is often used to deter most wildlife in the yard. Most often gets them wet or frighten them when activated. It's also quite funny to watch. In some cases, you might forget the sensors are on, and you or a family member might get soaked. Just sit back and enjoy the show.


Getting Rid of Raccoons with AmmoniaFind some rags and soak them in ammonia. Locate all entry ways and place the rags there. Also, place rags in the cavities where the raccoons will be able to smell it. You can also spray ammonia in areas, like the attic or crawlspace. The raccoon will leave after they have detected the ammonia in the area. If raccoons don't leave, apply more! You can find a significant amount of ammonia in urine, which raccoons find offensive. Raccoons do not like to nest where they smell ammonia. Getting rid of raccoons with ammonia may work for you, especially if you have raccoons in your attic or crawlspace. Ammonia, another hit or miss method.

Predator Urine

Getting Rid of Raccoons with Predator UrineA scent of a larger predatory animal will deter the animal from the area. You can put this in areas most affected by the raccoons. This will fool them into thinking there is a larger animal in the area. Larger animals that hunt and eat these animals. Therefore, these smaller animals fear the smell or scent of a predator. You can buy these scents from a sporting good store for hunting purposes or Amazon. Maintain consistency by using different types of urine to ensure you have the best results. Although this form of deterrent may be used to keep raccoons away, there is also the risk of attracting other unwanted larger canines.

Cayenne Pepper

Getting Rid of Raccoons with Cayenne PepperApply it where the raccoons are most active on your property. This could be in your backyard or attic. That area is where you would apply cayenne pepper. I can imagine you out there right now, shaking cayenne pepper all over your yard or attic to deter raccoons. Looking like Gordon Ramsay LOL!… This is probably one of the first methods people try when getting rid of raccoons. It's cheap and they probably already have cayenne pepper in their kitchen. But like any other raccoon deterrents, it's a hit or miss method.


Getting Rid of Raccoons with GunsNo, I'm not saying go out there and start shooting raccoons with high caliber rifle or pistol. But a two pump from a Daisy BB Gun should do the trick and deter the raccoons. In some States, you are allowed to shoot the animal you have trapped with a high caliber gun. Do research on the laws and regulations for your state. Proceed with caution and be sure that if you are doing so, know all safety regulations. If it is legal to shoot and kill a wild animal, please ensure yours and the safety of others become the number one priority. I would recommend doing all your research first before you get fined by the department of fish and game. Make sure you understand all safety guides and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Raccoon eviction liquid

Getting Rid of Raccoons with Eviction LiquidRaccoon eviction liquid can help you get rid of nesting female raccoons with baby raccoons. Raccoon Eviction Liquid is a natural byproduct of male raccoons, a predator to female raccoons during the birthing period. When placed in a den area, the female senses that a danger to her young is nearby. Raccoon eviction liquid works best between February-August. When eviction techniques are used, do not expect the raccoon to leave until well after dark. Apply the male raccoon scented pheromone in the space where raccoons are nesting.This is the best humane raccoon methods and techniques for eviction of female removal. Note: Raccoons may relocate themselves to nearby homes.

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How To Prevent Raccoons From Entering Your Home

Repellents Usually Don’t Help

Raccoons are difficult to get rid of.

Raccoons are famous for their resourcefulness: if there is a way in, they will surely find it.

The classic repellent ingredients such as naphthalene, ammonia, or predator urine yield no satisfactory results. Raccoons do not fear dogs, not even humans, so it is really difficult to scare them away from your property. Spraying certain repelling smells (cayenne pepper and chili boiled in water, for example) may temporarily do the trick but do not expect miracles.

Blocking Access Points Is Just A Temporary Solution

Raccoons are very skillful and can rip open various materials to get inside your home. Wood or paper screens, broken vents and duct work, open chimneys, windows left ajar, pet doors, and any holes at least 3 inches in diameter will allow access to your property. If you manage to secure them all, you may succeed in getting rid of raccoons. A cap over the opening of your chimney, a tight lid on your garbage can, a strong fence, and a solid roof will certainly discourage the animals from entering your home. Keep pet food inside, lock the doggy doors, place spikes around the pool, and bring the bird cages inside. Then raccoons will probably lose interest in your residence.

If you discover a hole, you can successfully close it off using metal meshing and adequate foam. However, the little rascals will probably find a way to make another opening.

Cleaning Up Could Solve Your Raccoon Problem

Pet food or bird seed left unattended in your yard or porch present a very tasty invitation for the furry pests to visit your place. So, discourage the intruders by keeping any food inside.

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Be sure to clean up your property really well:

  • Remove any paper and rotting fruits from your yard;
  • Trim trees, shrubs and weeds;
  • Raccoons are really curious.

    What a rare sight! A raccoon washing its paws before breakfast.

  • Carry away any wood piles and trash piles;
  • Close your trash cans tight and empty them regularly;
  • Wash garbage cans with a hose from time to time – they will not smell of food and will not attract raccoons;
  • Make sure there are no crumbs or anything edible left outside your house before the night falls.

Bright lights around your clean and tidy house, together with the scent of ammonia or bleach may actually drive raccoons away.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons

Cute and talented as they are, you cannot have pet raccoons because their temper does not allow training or devotion to humans. Despite your love for animals or respect for wildlife, if raccoons are nesting in your home, there is no room for doubt – they can cause great damage, so you need to remove them as soon as possible.

Raccoon Trapping

Wildlife does not belong in cages.

Trust raccoon removal experts to get rid of the furry intruders in a humane way.

Trapping the wild animal is the best way to get rid of it, but doing it yourself is very risky and difficult. First of all, you need the right type of trap – large and sturdy enough to hold a strong and canny raccoon. If the device is not good enough, the little beast will manage to destroy it and escape.

Also, there is a good chance that you catch somebody’s pet, a stray cat, an opossum, or some other creature you never intended to. Be careful not to allow an animal to suffer or die in your trap.

Select very thoughtfully the location of your trap: set it near a cable or a wire and the raccoon will manage to reach through the cage and rip it up; set it near a screen and the latter will be soon shredded by sharp claws; set it near a pool and you will probably find the trap in the water and the raccoon drowned. Trying to set the trap on the roof is not a good idea because it is not safe. However well you plan your trapping strategy, the fact is that a raccoon will often prove to be resourceful enough to avoid it.

You should also have it in mind that trapping wildlife is illegal in the majority of the states. A proper license is required for removing critters, so calling professional help is definitely the safer and much more effective method.

Raccoon Removal

A mother raccoon will do anything for her babies.

Baby raccoons need their mothers too!

Even when you manage to catch the intruder, you may have quite a problem relocating the animal. If you leave the trapped raccoon for a long time in the scorching summer sun or the freezing winter cold, it will suffer and die. Raccoons will bite you badly and scratch you deeply if given the opportunity while you are moving the trap. Besides, if released in the woods, they are clever enough to find their way back regardless of the distance. Worst of all – they will have learned the harsh lesson and will not fall into a similar trap again. Just killing the trapped animal is, of course, inhumane and out of the question.

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Raccoon control specialists are experienced and properly equipped for safely trapping and removing the pests without using poison and other dangerous or inhumane methods. Wildlife removal professionals also offer repair and clean up services for the damaged areas, as well as the much needed deodorization. They will usually provide exclusion methods to prevent raccoons from causing problems again in the future. So, think well and choose the option that suits your situation the best.

However, if you have a raccoon in the attic, make sure to avoid dealing with it by yourself. This will most likely be a mother with a nest of young ones.

Raccoons are no threat outside our properties.

Dear raccoons, steer clear of our homes.

The babies will be hidden well and if you trap and remove the adult raccoon, you will probably never find them. The little ones will suffer and die, causing horrible stench and a bio-hazardous threat. Or, if they are old enough to leave the nest, the damage caused by the scared inexperienced youngsters will far surpass the typical trashing of your property. So, remember that getting rid of raccoons in the attic without professional help is definitely not recommended. Act with consideration for the wild animals and for your own well-being as well!

Wildlife belongs to the wilderness, not to our domestic environment.

SWAT Can Help You Get Rid of Raccoons

More importantly, though, raccoons can be a threat to your family’s health. These critters are known to carry rabies and can be a source of fear and anxiety for homeowners. But don’t put your safety or health at risk; these are not animals that homeowners should try to capture or trap.

Damaging Your Yard?

Have you discovered any telltale signs of raccoons in your yard? Call SWAT Services to investigate. We’ve spent years perfecting our raccoon removal service. When you call to enlist our help, we work hard to locate the source of the problem and make sure we get rid of raccoons once and for all.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services

  • Locate and seal raccoon burrows
  • Disperse animal repellent around your home
  • Trap and safely remove raccoons and other wildlife

We know that removing raccoons from your property can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Our raccoon removal and prevention methods are designed to eliminate unwanted invaders in the most effective, humane way possible.  

Let Us Help

Take advantage of our wildlife special this month! Call SWAT Services to eliminate raccoons and wildlife now. We are trained in all the ways to get rid of raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels and other critters that can damage your home and yard.

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SWAT Services is your raccoon, chipmunk, squirrel and wildlife control company for Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell and metro Atlanta. Call us today to get rid of your wildlife pests.

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