How to get rid of muffin top

how to get rid of muffin top

Back in the fall, I had a speaking gig at a big financial corporation in St. Paul. Once we dug into the Q&A – my favorite part – the audience members began plying me with fabulous questions. And one I’ve gotten time and again came up: “How do I get rid of muffin top?”

In my opinion, there are two answers to that question: Buy larger pants, or buy differently shaped pants.

In the majority of cases, muffin top is not an inevitability that should be worked around and disguised. It is a sizing or fit issue. For most people, midsection spilling over the waistband is a sign that pants are either too small or in a style/cut that doesn’t suit your frame.

Banish Those Unsightly Stretch Marks Forever

Do you suffer from stretch marks? Do you have the unsightly red or white lines and puckering of stretch marks on your stomach or hips or thighs?  Maybe even on your butt!

Well, you are not alone.  Between 75 and 90% of women will suffer from stretch marks during their lifetime, especially during times of growth such as pregnancy. Anything that causes rapid weight gain or excessive weight loss can cause stretch marks to appear, making sufferers unwilling to wear shorts or a bikini due to the appearance of these embarrassing marks.

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So what can you do?  Is there any hope of your skin or will you have to cover up with layers of clothing for the rest of your life? The best workout for muffin top can help you lose the muffin top but the skin damage can remain.

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Stretch marks appear when the deeper levels of your skin get thin and tear.  This is usually down to hormones within your body called glucocorticoids being produced, which prevent your lower layers of skin from protecting themselves.

This mostly happens at times of high hormone production such as during pregnancy or in puberty.  To start with, stretch marks are purple or red; as the skin underneath heals, the marks turn white but are still visible as they are literally layers of scar tissue. If you are looking for a product that makes it possible to get rid of stretch marks? Have a look at this link.

best workout for muffin top

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