How to get rid of gas

Passing gas in a public place can leave you embarrassed. Situations like these are so common that anyone may face them at some point in time. Don’t worry as we have you covered with home remedies to get rid of gas and stomach bloating. People who regularly suffer from the condition always want to learn how to get rid of intestinal gas which affects their quality of life. But before knowing what is good for gas, let’s take a quick look at the causes.

What are the Factors Responsible for Gas?

Unknowingly, you would be doing certain things that negatively impact your health. The needs of every human body are different, and you should always take a note of it. The more you are aware of your needs, the better care you can take of yourself.

The reason behind your suffering from bloating can be the consumption of foods rich in fat. Since fat is known for delaying the process of emptying the stomach, it is of high importance that you reduce the intake of such food items which constituent a lot of fat (70). As a genuine advice, you should avoid the consumption of the junk food.

On the basis of the points mentioned so far, here are some facts which you can take into consideration –

      • Much excess gas is swallowed while chewing gum. So, avoid buying gums.
      • The food which is rich in fiber, like broccoli, asparagus, onions, muffins, etc. can cause gas. Thus, make sure that what you are eating can be digested easily. That being said, food high in protein may give you a hard time. Eat food with less fiber and protein contents, such as a low FODMAP diet.
      • While eating food, the one mistake you may be making is chewing it too fast. Take enough time and chew your food slowly.
      • If you are currently using dentures, make sure that it fits properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of swallowing air in excess while you are eating or drinking something. Avoid drinking using a straw in order to prevent your body from swallowing excess air.
      • If you have been drinking beverages along with eating food, then you should stop doing so. The internal body temperature gets affected in such a case, which directly creates problems with the digestion process. The enzymes that are responsible for digestion don’t work well in a diluted environment.
      • While consuming yogurt, you should sprinkle some amount of salt too.
      • Add ginger to your diet, as it is said to be very effective in preventing gas related troubles. (71)
      • When you are buying a dairy product, make sure that you check the label correctly for ensuring that it doesn’t contain lactose in rich amount.
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The doctors will suggest you to work on your eating habits. The treatment for gas may vary from one individual to another. On the context of making changes in the diet, a study has shown that the patients with bloating who avoided the consumption of food rich in lactose, fructose, and fiber, improved their condition significantly (72).


In a nutshell, the digestion process of the food you consume takes time. For people who lack adequate enzymes, the digestion is not easy due to which undigested food is further broken down by the bacteria in the large intestine, resulting in gas. It is not even comfortable for the digestive system to release this gas, as it gets hard to pass it through the gastrointestinal tract. This gas often has the bad odor and may release in the small amount after sometime creating a moment of embarrassment for you, if you are in public. It is still possible to get rid of gas naturally if you don’t want shell out money on a doctor at a stage when you can treat the problem on your own with the understanding of the condition.

If you are experiencing bloating for more than two days despite trying home remedies to get relief from gas pain, you should visit a doctor. The purpose of coming up with home remedies is to save your time that you might have to spend with the doctor for issues as small as those that can be treated on your own. These remedies have been the talk of the town for a much extended period. It is only due to effectiveness and safety that people still look forward to natural remedies for gas and bloating.

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The points above clearly suggest that you must make some changes in your lifestyle, consume healthy or counter products and take a note of your eating habits so that this awkward condition doesn’t repeat itself. It might be hard to avoid spicy and mouth-watering food items at times, but you can certainly reduce the consumption if your body is prone towards developing excess gas. The knowledge that you have obtained from this article should be enough for you to start the implementation of these home remedies and educate others about the same too.

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