How to get rid of frizzy hair

How to Control Frizzy Hair (Guide)

Here I am going to talk about some ways in which we can control Frizziness in hairs. These are some easy tips by which you can avoid your hair getting frizzy.

  1. Never brush hairs when they are dry – This is the most important point to be kept in mind if you need to control Frizziness in your hair. Also don’t comb your hairs when they are dry. You can brush your hair immediately after drying it with towel. You can also comb your hair with wet fingers. But avoiding brushing or combing when hairs are completely dry.
  2. Have a good hair cut – If you have a curly hair, then make sure you have haircut from a good stylist. Curly hair should be properly detangled and styled to avoid the risk of Frizziness.
  3. Control the usage of shampoo – It’s well known that too much shampooing can lead to frizzy hairs. Also shampoo with high pH level can also lead to Frizziness. So look for shampoos with ‘pH Balanced’ tag on them. Also don’t avoid shampooing completely. Shampooing can be done 3 times a week with the right shampoo. 

Recommended Shampoo: Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Use the right conditioner for your hair – The purpose of your conditioner should be to hydrate your hair. The best suggestion would be a conditioner with keratin, protein and preferably also with natural oils. Proteins in the conditioner make your hair smooth and shiny and would protect it from Frizziness.
  2. Keep your showers short and cold – It’s advised not to have long showers or with too much hot water. This is because both of these could lead to the loss of natural oils in your hair. Also if your hairs are highly curly, limit your head bath to 2-3 times a week. Your hairs might lose its natural oils due to too much washing making it prone to Frizziness.
  3. Say no to experiments with hair – Don’t opt for beauty techniques like straightening your hair. This could make your hair brittle and thereby increasing the risk of Frizziness.
  4. Say no to cotton pillow covers – If you are having frizzy hair, then you should replace your cotton pillow covers with that of satin or silk. This would help your hair to slide smoothly and would help hair to retain moisture.
  5. Healthier your diet, stronger will be your hair – A diet comprising of healthy oils, nuts and vitamins would make your stronger. Stronger the hair lesser the breakage. This means no more frizzes in your hair. Also drink lots and lots of water every day.
  6. Stay away from extreme weather conditions – Be careful about the weather outside. Both humid as well as dry weather can contribute to frizz in different ways. In summer, you can apply nourishing serums to the end of hairs. This could prevent your hair from getting dry.
  7. Avoid drying your hair using towels – Allowing hair to dry naturally is one way to control frizzy hair. But this may not be suitable for all. In that case micro fiber towel can be used for drying your hair. Also if you are using a hair dryer to dry your hair, make sure you use it with a diffuser. In this way you can protect your hairs from direct heat.
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