How to get rid of double chin

Double chins go by many names, and some of them sound pretty funny. Whether you call it a turkey neck, wattle or something else, one thing is certain—there’s nothing fun about having one.

So first of all, let’s start with ‘what is a double chin’, really? Primarily, it means that there are fatty deposits in the central area of the neck starting on the underside of the jaw bone going downward. Generally the fat is just in the middle of the neck, but sometimes it goes more widely from side to side. Because the fat pushes the skin outward, it creates a change in the normally sharp angle between the underside of the chin and the neck when looking from the side. Typically, it looks worse when someone is looking down, or bending their neck downward.

In order to address a double chin, it means we need to reduce the fat in this area. Today, there are more options than ever before when it comes to treating and minimizing a double chin. At the Emory Aesthetic Center, our cosmetic surgeons will work closely with you to understand your options, and help you decide if a surgical or non-surgical approach is best for you.

Treatment Options

Understanding what causes your double chin is important in helping your surgeon determine the treatment approach for you. The status of the skin has a huge effect on what treatment will work best. There are surgical and non-surgical approaches that can remove fat from your neck, or when needed, tighten your skin.

Fat Removal

If you have a full neck, your weight is relatively good and your skin is youthful and elastic, we may only need to remove fat (not skin). Once the fat is removed, your skin will redistribute into the angle of the neck and chin, helping tighten your skin even more.

There are several different surgical and non-surgical options to consider since skin does not need to be removed. Those procedures include liposuction, cyrolipolysis (CoolSculpting) and deoxycholic acid injections (Kybella).

The primary surgical option is liposuction, which can be done under local or general anesthesia. Liposuction takes only a single treatment, and most patients recover quickly. There may be mild swelling for 1-2 weeks and possibly some bruising.

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Non-surgical options include CoolSculpting, which freezes fat in the targeted area, and Kybella injections. Both of these can reduce the fat under the chin, but they may take several sessions to get the same result that might be achieved in one treatment with liposuction.

Neck Lift

If excess skin is causing or adding to the appearance of a double chin, then simply removing fat won’t slim your neck. Instead, it will also be necessary to tighten the skin around your neck so that it will look smooth and well contoured.

A neck lift is usually the best treatment option in this case. This procedure will remove fat, but it also treats underlying bands (which may be related to muscles that need to be tightened) and excess skin, therefore creating a smooth, more youthful appearance. The results can be dramatic and can give many years of improvement.

Neck lifts are often combined with a lower facelift, as patients with neck laxity typically have looseness in this area as well that cause sagging jowls.

Emory Aesthetic Center

Emory Aesthetic Center offers a wide range of non-surgical and surgical procedures to address a double chin. Our expert surgeons will assess your specific needs and discuss options that will give you the best result. Contact us today and we can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

About Felmont Eaves III, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Felmont F. Eaves III, M.D., F.A.C.S., leads the Emory Aesthetic Center as Medical Director. He is double board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Eaves’ leadership is apparent in his impressive accumulation of distinctions. He serves as Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the board that certifies plastic surgeons nationally. Previously, he served as President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; he is currently a Trustee.

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2. Remember that whatever you pay attention to grows in your mind.

If you focus on what’s going wrong in your life—especially if you see it as “bad luck” you can do nothing about—it will seem blacker and more malevolent.

In a short time, you’ll become so convinced that everything is against you that you’ll notice more and more instances where this appears to be true. As a result, you will drown yourself in negative energy and almost certainly stop trying, convinced that nothing you can do will improve your prospects.

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Your “fate” really does depend on the choices that you make. When random events happen, as they always will, do you choose to try to turn them to your advantage or just complain about them?

CoolSculpting Double Chin Treatment

CoolSculpting is the latest in fat reduction procedures and has already shown impeccable results. By effectively freezing and permanently killing off fat cells, a CoolSculpting applicator can be applied to nearly any part of the body to remove fat cells for good.

To date, there are no-known side effects for this treatment, and the science backing its effectiveness has shown little reason to believe that this non-invasive, pain-free treatment will ever yield any negative effects for its patients.

Coolsculpting effectively freeze away the excessive fat beneath your chin.

CoolSculpting may be used as a stand alone treatment for double chin or as an initial treatment to help the Kybella procedure be much more effective in getting your chin trim and attractive to create a younger, healthier looking face.

results of double chin removal North Miami FL

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