How to get rid of chiggers

How to Get Rid of Chiggers on Skin - First Aid After Chigger BiteIf you ever noticed some suspicious-looking bites all over your body after you spent a relaxing day in the forest or at a lakeside, you may have been wondering where those bites came from. Chances are that you got chiggers bite, which can be much more annoying, widespread and itchy than mosquito bites. Learn how to tell the difference between chigger bites and other insects bites in order to know how to react in case it happens again and how to prevent chigger bites so that they don’t spoil your weekend in the nature.

First Aid For Chigger Bites

The treatment of chigger bites is focused on relieving the itching sensation, preventing skin infections and speeding up the skin healing process. The chiggers, unlike ticks, don’t attach themselves strongly to the skin and they are easy to remove from the skin surface, contrary to the popular belief that chiggers burrow into the skin and remain in its deeper layers. Here’s a list of quick methods that will bring you a relief when you have chigger bites.

Hot Shower or Bath

Hot Shower or BathThe first thing you should do when you discover a chigger bite on your skin is to take a hot shower. Take a bath sponge or glove, apply some shower gel or exfoliator on it and rub the entire body in order to remove any chiggers you might have on your skin. Remember to wash the whole body well rather than just the areas with the bites. Remember that chiggers migrate and it takes time before you notice their presence and the bites, so you might have the chiggers not only where you already have the itching sensation, but also in some other vulnerable zones. Give special attention to the ankles, wrists, forearms, the back of the knees, the crotch and the armpits. You can finish the shower off with cold water, which will bring instant relief from itching.

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Where do you commonly suffer a chigger attack?

The insect is a larval/nymph stage of a mite and seems to be happy living in tall grasses, shaded soil, such as overgrown gardens, and moist areas. Many people commonly suffer from a chigger attack while berry picking in the spring. Where do you come in contact with chiggers? Did you know that chiggers are not common at all in some states? They are common in the southern states, the southeast, and the Midwest. The western and north western states, along with the upper New England states have very low incidence.   More information on a chigger attack can be found here.

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