How to get rid of a runny nose

Even though a runny nose can seem such a small and trivial thing to have to experience it can feel like a huge hurdle whenever one comes about.

Just last week I myself had a runny nose and it was horrible.

The fact that you can’t stop sneezing and whenever you do you get a burning sensation around the top of your head. You grab for the tissues but no matter how many you have you just cannot beat the horrible feeling of a constant and irritated runny nose.

I did manage to get through the unpleasantness of my runny nose, however, I decided next time one comes about I want to be prepared. It’s with this in mind that I researched the best ways to get rid of a runny nose so that I could use these methods next time I had one.

In this post, I’ve listed the best ways to stop a runny nose and help you get back on track to healing. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at school or even at work, you should be able to find at least one remedy on this list that you can try!


7. Mustard Oil


The most common oil used to help you in this situation would be mustard oil. Mustard oil is take from the same plant that makes mustard seeds (Duh!). It isn’t very hard to pick up a bottle of mustard oil and you should be able to go down to your local supermarket and pick one up.

Once you have acquired this oil, you must warm it. As this is oil, it may get hot very fast so the best thing to do is place it in a small container and heat it over a small flame for a short amount of time. A thermometer will be appropriate to safely check temperature.

Once it’s warm enough, using a dropper or another similar tool, lay your head back and pour just one drop of the oil into one of your nostrils. Do the same step for the other nostril after the oil has been absorbed. Be advised that the scent may be strong and it may make breathing a little more difficult for you. One drop will away be enough do not use more.

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9. Hot Soup

Good old soup, they say it’s the home remedy that can fix all of your problems, including a runny/stuffy nose! The classic well known soup, the chicken noodle soup can be used to help you out, just by adding some extra ingredients.


Adding ginger or lemon, or even cinnamon can also help. These ingredients which are used in many other remedies because of their nutrients, is the perfect addition to the soup. Sit back, relax and eat the hot soup and let your troubles fade away.



Having a runny nose can be one of the most annoying things in the world. Not only do you need a boatload of tissues but you may also get a red nose or a red area just above your top lip from all the friction of the tissues. To avoid this I always have some Vaseline on hand to rub in this area at least once every hour whilst I battle my cold. This has helped immensely in keeping that area free from becoming sore.

Hopefully your runny nose will pass soon. Just keep warm, by wearing warm clothes or by having a hot soup or shower and you’ll feel much better. Try these tips too to see added benefits!

So have you given these a try? Which one worked for you? Or do you have any methods that you feel we’ve missed? Feel free to comment below and tell us!

What causes a kid’s runny nose?

– Allergies: Here, the runny nose is usually accompanied by sneezing and/or red, itchy eyes.

– Newborn congestion: If your newborn baby has a runny nose with no other symptoms, it’s probably just the mucus in her system that accumulated during gestation leaving her body.

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– Exposure to cold weather: If your toddler or older kid has a runny nose with no other symptoms, it could be just due to exposure to cold weather, or eating spicy food.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/03/nose 1.jpg Your kids runny nose: what you need to know

Tip: stop the spread of germs by getting your child to wash his hands after he blows his nose, and dispose of dirty tissues in the dustbin.

– Common cold: A kid who has a runny nose caused by a cold might also have other symptoms like mild fever, cough, sore throat, watery eyes and sneezing.

– Influenza: Influenza, or flu, is more severe than a common cold, and a runny nose caused by the flu may also be accompanied with symptoms such as chills, muscle ache, sore throat, dizziness and loss of appetite.

– A foreign object stuck in the nose: If your child stuff something up one nostril, then the ensuing runny nose may also be accompanied by discharge, blood and/or pain.

The most common cause for a kid’s runny nose is a cold… and there are plenty of over-the-counter medicines that are supposed to dry up the mucus produced by a runny nose.

However, before you turn to these chemical concoctions, why not try out some effective and gentle home remedies for your kid’s runny nose first?

Find out what these home remedies for a kid’s runny nose are on the next page…

1. Saline spray and nasal aspiration

Especially effective for a younger child who is not old enough to blow his nose, a saline spray will thin thick mucus, which you can then suck out with a nasal aspirator. Saline spray is perfectly safe to use, even on a very young baby.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/03/runnynose 1.jpg Your kids runny nose: what you need to know

Saline spray is a gentle and effective way of thinning mucus in your child’s nose.

How to use: 

–  Hold your child in a position where his head is lower than his feet.

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– Gently squeeze a drop of the solution in each nostril.

– After a minute or 2, use the aspirator to remove the mucus by firmly squeezing on its bulb-end, inserting the long-end gently up one nostril, and gradually releasing your hold on the bulb.

– Repeat with the other nostril.

Blow that snot out!

Simple yet effective… get your older kid to blow his runny nose frequently to clear out the mucus.

Remember to ensure he washes his hands and disposes of the dirty tissue each time he cleans his nose.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/03/nose 2.jpg Your kids runny nose: what you need to know

Get your older child to blow her nose frequently to get rid of the mucus.

4. A warm bath

The steam produced by giving your child a warm bath will help thin and loosen the mucus that is causing his runny nose, making it easier for your child to either blow it out, or for you to use the aspirator.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2013/06/shutterstock 52334734.jpg Your kids runny nose: what you need to know

The steam from a warm bath will help clear your kid’s runny nose

In kids over the age of 2, you could add a drop or 2 of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil to their warm bath water — so much more gentler on that little runny nose than harsh chemicals found in over-the-counter drugs!

6. Elevate your child’s head during while sleeping

This will prevent the mucus from running back up the nasal passage and causing congestion, and instead encourage the mucus to run out of the nose.

Use a rolled up towel or another appropriate prop under the head side of your child’s mattress to elevate his head. If your child is old enough to use a pillow, use one that is firm and high.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2013/01/shutterstock 6900286.jpg Your kids runny nose: what you need to know

Usually there’s no need to take your child to the doctor for a runny nose. But there are a few occasions when it’s best to show her to a doctor.

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