How to get pen ink out of clothes

Whether one is an office going executive, college going youngster or a school going kid – a thing that is experienced by all of us at some point of time or other are unpleasant stains of ink on the clothing. The fiber of the garment absorbs the dye of the ink, and thus a stain is caused.  These stains are known to last for quite a long time and in many situations, they seem to never come out entirely. Removing ballpoint pen ink stains from fabric may be difficult, but if you have lots of determination and patience, you can easily remove it. Supplies that are found in all households are all that is required to successfully remove the ballpoint pen ink stains.

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1) First of all, you need to ensure that ink stain does not dry up. Using a cotton ball and water, sponge the affected area to remove as much stain as possible. At least some of the ink is assured to come out through this method. Allow the stained area to dry.

2) Place paper towels or a clean cloth below the stained fabric and spray the back side of the stain with hairspray. Assure that the hairspray you use does not contain any oils or conditioners but one that has high alcohol content. You may also use nail polish remover or alcohol. Blot the hairspray so that the paper towels absorb the stain.

3) As an additional step or other alternative in case the ink stains are not absorbed by the alcohol products, you can try rubbing the stain with a mixture of white vinegar or water or a paste of water and baking soda. Allow the fabric to absorb the mixture and then rub with a toothbrush. Rinse after five minutes.

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4) If the stain does not go away with alcohol based products and other pastes then try rubbing the area with shaving cream.

5) Apart from these home supplies, you may even use ink solvents or dissolvers available in the market. However, assure that you follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer, and it is always better to firstly try these products on old fabrics before you use them on the stained fabric as most of these products are strong, concentrated and harsh.

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    Fountain Pen Ink Stain Removal – The Test

    In order to answer the question I repeatedly get, which is some form of “how do I get fountain pen ink out of my dress shirt, pants, couch and/or off my skin,” I figured I’d at least test how to get it out of clothes for you!

    This is not a scientific test, but just a quick test I ran using household supplies and my clothes washer to check the stain removing properties of three common stain remedies.

    I started with a shirt that was in my donation pile. It had a small stain already on the backside, not in the area of this ink test. The shirt is 100% cotton.

    I chose three different ink colors and brands from my collection so we could see if the color has any impact on the stain removing properties of each of our test subjects.

    I dropped 4-5 drops of each ink on the shirt in rows so each color would be treated by each home remedy to see which worked the best and which didn’t work.

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    Test Subjects – Hairspray, Rubbing Alcohol and Nail Polish Remover

    Home Remedies for Fountain Pen Ink Stains

    IHair spray, alcohol and nail polish remover ink stains have to admit, I was a little scared to pour nail polish remover on the shirt.

    I don’t know why but it seems more harsh than the rest and I would be afraid it’d pull dye out of clothes along with the ink.

    As I write this, the washer is still spinning, so I’ll soon find out if the gray dye in the fabric is at all impacted by the nail polish remover.

    I should note that I let the ink soak into the shirt for about 10 minutes while I went through my cupboards and found each of the items to test for stain removal.

    I then wet each ink stain with hairspray, alcohol and nail polish remover in the rows shown in the photos.

    Once wet, I then blotted each stain with clean paper towels to pick up as much ink as possible back out of the fabric.

    Interestingly, the nail polish remover seemed to break up the edges of the ink the most at this point and the hairspray the least, despite hair spray being rumored to be the best fountain pen ink stain remover in my previous search engine queries.

    out of the washing machine

    Surprising Truth About Home Remedies for Ink Stains

    I was extremely surprised that NONE of the home remedies worked on black or green ink!

    You can read all over the internet about how hairspray and rubbing alcohol get out fountain pen ink, but when I tested it, the stain didn’t fade much at all on black ink and green ink still left a hideous stain ring behind.

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    After doing this test, I’m glad my favorite ink is blue since it came out the easiest so I fell like I’ll get lucky if I ever splash a bit on a shirt as long as I can get hairspray or rubbing alcohol onto it and into a washing machine within the hour.

    There you have it… if you spill black ink, good luck, not much good news. Same for green. But if you spill some blue you have a fighting chance!

    Wonder what my favorite inks are? This article has reader favorite inks and my own.


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