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How to become a wedding officiant: online churches to get ordained Big Lebowski print from Boxing Bear

Are you looking to have a familiar face as your wedding officiant? A friend or family member instead of a stranger? It's an appealing thought in a lot of cases, especially if you're living the secular life. This post is meant to be shared with your chosen pal so they can find out how to become a wedding officiant, and and where to get ordained.

Online churches to get ordained

Here is a list of sites (both secular and theistic) that will get you started on your way to being able to legally marry your friends! You know what I mean. And most of these sites make it dead easy to do…

Costs and timeframes to get approved vary by each site.

How to become a wedding officiant: online churches to get ordained And your officiant can actually DRESS like The Dude with this Big Lebowski Sweater from Camp Kitschy Knits

Make your first stop the state's official website of where you want to get married (or where you plan to marry the couple, depending on who's reading this!), and then move on to the way more fun topics like planning the ceremony and what you'll wear!

Have YOU ever gotten ordained online?

They ♥ OBB; we ♥ themThis post features Offbeat Vendors! Check out their vendor listing to see how they cater to Offbeat Brides:

  • American Marriage Ministries

* Required information.

Why Become an Officiant?

Want to perform legal marriages for your friends and family? Getting ordained in the United Church of Bacon is the first step. Then you must apply to your local city or state through a clerk’s office. (Just to reiterate, getting our certificate is not enough by itself to perform weddings. You must take your certificate to your local clerk’s office and make a further application based on local and state laws.)

p_friar2A friar always keeps Bacon at hand.

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As a “friar” of the United Church of Bacon, you help others through their biggest life transitions. You speak words of comfort at a funeral. You channel their hopes and dreams for a newborn child’s ceremony. You celebrate the best day of their lives when they get married.

You will play a central role in a day that they and their guests will never forget. And you can help them do it in a way that is meaningful to them, free from mainstream religions and God.

It’s a wonderfully fulfilling way to make a difference in the world.

The Rules

Officiants must follow four rules:

  1. Accept no gifts. As an officiant, you may not accept money or gifts for your work. Our church accepts no donations either. Instead, direct those you serve to give to the charities we recommend.
  2. Keep it personal. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you only perform services for people you know and love. As much as we wish it were otherwise, many people hate Atheists and non-believers and would love to make an “example” of one. In the current day and age, there is no way to guarantee the intentions of people who may request clergy on the internet, and we care deeply about your safety. We hope you will use your new title to officiate as many events as possible, but DO NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS FROM STRANGERS!
  3. Be professional. We have a lot of fun with our bacon name, but we work hard to be good at our jobs. Make your ceremonies great. Adapt to the wishes of those you serve. Make us proud. Contact us for ceremonial ideas, or make up your own.
  4. Be Secular. When asked, “What is the United Church of Bacon?” you should be familiar with our beliefs, our mission, and our services. Form a secular, skeptic philosophy of the world that’s specific enough that you can articulate it clearly to others.
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