How to get nail polish out of carpet

Spilling a dark red or pink nail polish on your bright colored carpet it could be very frustrating. But there is no need to worry, because there are some very easy ways to remove it from your carpet or rug.

Here are a few magical ways how to remove nail polish of the carpet. The stain will be gone away forever.


Acetone or Non-Acetone Polish Remover

This is very true: If acetone removes polish off of your fingers, then definitely must remove nail polish from your carpet.

Dab the stain with a plain towel and then pour a small amount of acetone remover and continue to dub the carpet until the stains fade away. Be aware, acetone is a strong chemical and could damage your carpet if you are dabbing it stronger. After cleaning with acetone, rinse with water and soap thoroughly, as much as possible.

Rubbing Alcohol and Hairspray

First, before spray the hairspray on the spot, wet the stain with cold water.  Also, you can add a few splashes of rubbing alcohol.

With a scrub brush or toothbrush, scrub the stain gently for about 1-2 minutes. When scrubbing, pour constantly cold water on the stain. Keep doing this and the stain will definitely disappear.

Carpet Stain Remover

Using a piece of absorbent material such as a towel or paper towel, soak up the stain as much as it possible. Then spray the area with an intense carpet stain remover and leave it on for a while. Sometimes pet stain removers can also do the magic.

Rub and scrub the stain until it disappears. Doing this will keep the stain wet rather than thicken for easy removal.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour some little amount of hydrogen peroxide on the carpet and rub it until the stain disappeared. Remember, hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching effect and it should be used only for white or light colored capretIf the carpet is white or light in color. If you have poured out a nail polish on a dark colored carpet, it should be tested first on some other similar material.

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Window Cleaner

Window cleaner can actually get nail polish stains out of the carpet very easy, just like magic.

First, smudge the stain and pour window cleaner on it. Then, start scrubbing in a circular motion. Rinse the stain with soap and water, thoroughly.

Scrape, Cut or Scratch

If the stain is dried, before using  any of these methods to get nail polish out of carpet, it is best to scrape, cut or scratch the dried stains out as much as possible.

Before trying any of these ways to get nail polish out of carpet, remember:
  • If you have pets, keep them away from the stained area for about an hour or more. Almost every method used for removing nails polish is toxic, and dangerous for your pets.
  • Be careful when using some of the substances, because they can cause lasting damage to your carpet.
  • Test any of the above solutions for removing colors on your carpet before proceeding. You can test first in a hidden area of the carpet (under the couch or closet).

How to get nail polish out of couch?

Sometimes you forget to close the lid of the nail polish and it spills on your couch. Ouch! That does break your heart but it can be fixed. Why do you have to worry? Yes, it is an expensive couch but it does not need an expensive treatment.

In order to remove nail polish out of couch, you have to act quickly. Do make sure that the nail polish remover does not damage the fabric of your couch. You can use hydrogen peroxide to fix the issue.

If you are using a nail polish remover, do spot testing before dabbing it on the whole area. Sometimes the nail polish remover may react to the fabric of couch gets dissolved. You must do spot testing before using the nail polish remover.

If you are using hydrogen peroxide, dab it gently on the area. Use a sponge to dab the surface with water. You would need to dry it with a dry towel. This generally works in the cases of couch stain removal.

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Accidents happen and you may be sitting comfortably on the couch and applying nail paint. It was an accident and the next time you need to be more careful! Try the above methods to remove the nail polish stain.

how to get nail polish out of fabric

How to get nail polish out of carpet?

Carpets are expensive and majority of the people spend a fortune to buy a carpet. Now the key is to be quick. Like we said, the quicker you act, the easier would be to remove nail polish stain from the carpet.

What if it is a quick drying nail polish? You have to speed up! You should make sure that you do not spread the polish by rubbing it. Rubbing the polish is only going to make it worse and difficult to remove the stain. Take an old credit card and lift off the blob of polish.

If you have a light coloured carpet, invest in a non-acetone nail polish remover. This would be the safest bet for your carpet. Do not use an acetone remover because that would destroy the fabric of the carpet. Place the non-acetone remover on the carpet. You need a small amount for this! Gently blob on the stain and use a sponge or cloth to do so.

If you have a brightly coloured or dark carpet, you must stick to alcohol or hairspray. Rubbing non acetone or acetone will remove the dye from your bright and beautiful carpet.

Hydrogen peroxide is also a good option for removing the tough nail polish stain on your bright coloured carpet. The key is not discolouring the carpet by using harmful chemicals. The alcohol and hairspray is a good option!

You can dab hydrogen peroxide with a sponge to remove the stain. Be gentle and never rub the stain as that would make the colour spread. You wouldn’t want that, right? Be gentle with your approach and choose a method according to the colour of the carpet and never use acetone on it.

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how to get nail polish out of couch

Hairspray Fixes More Than Just Hair

nail polish]First make sure you blot away any excess polish from the carpet and pour water over the stained area to keep the polish wet and fresh. Then grab your can of hairspray and give the stain around 15-20 sprays until it is completely covered. If you have rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in the house, a small splash on top of the hair spray will help speed up the stain removal process. Once you have applied your products use a small scrubbing brush or a damp cloth to dab (NOT wipe) at the stain. Keep pouring cold water over it throughout and persevere – it might take longer than you think to get the nail varnish out. Keep scrubbing until the stain is no longer visible and then flush with cold water to remove any excess hair spray.

Nail Varnish Removernail polish 2

This one seems like a bit of a no brainer, but nail varnish remover is one of the easiest ways to get nail varnish out of your carpet. Again make sure you blot away any excess and keep the stain wet as soon as it appears, and only use an acetone free nail polish remover. This is because an acetone based remover will not only remove the polish but also the colour from your carpet, leaving you with a bleached spot. It can also damage the backing and fibres of the carpet. If you’re not sure, test a small amount of the nail polish remover on a less visible area of carpet. If the carpet discolours or the colour transfers from the carpet to the cloth, don’t use it. If it doesn’t change the carpet or the cloth, it’s probably ok. Soak the area and dab at the stain repeatedly. Don’t wipe the stain, this will only spread the stain. Keep dabbing until the stain disappears.

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