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Free WiFi Paris Champs-ElyséesEvery day, we rely a little bit more on the Internet and our connected devices. It’s even more important when you’re traveling abroad, because of the lack of orientation in an unknown country. The internet can guide you to get around, discover the best sightseeing opportunities or explore the best local coffee shops & restaurant! That’s why if you want to visit Paris in good conditions, you need a fast and reliable connection to the internet.

To answer this need, a lot of people traveling to France use the Free WiFi in Paris. But how do you find the free hotspots in Paris?

Is it a good option for travelers in France? Is there any better option available for savvy travelers?

8-Be A Part Of The Cruise Lines Loyalty Programmes

All cruise lines will have loyalty programmes to reward returning guests and one of the benefits on a lot of the early tiers is free WiFi when you’re on-board…. but most people don’t even realise they’re entitled to it!

If you’re cruising with a company more than once then make sure you sign up and collect your points – it’s not just free WIFI you may be entitled to…

You can find a lot more information on cruise line loyalty programs here…

7-Make Sure You Tell Your Network Provider

One rule to always remember is to never go abroad without telling your phone company. Not only can you end up with massive roaming charges, if they suspect your phones been stolen or cloned they may just lock it as a security measure.

wifi hacks

On the other hand, if you let them know the country (or countries) you’re heading to you may find you’re entitled to all your free minutes etc. that you’d normally get on your tariff; especially if you’re travelling in Europe!

6-Tether Your Phone To Your Laptop

Don’t forget about your personal hotspot on your phone! If you desperately need to use your laptop but don’t want to pay for the ships WiFi (and do have access via your phone) you can connect the two and run your laptop off it. Take control of your own internet!

wifi hacks

5-Just Steal Other Peoples WiFi

If you like to think of yourself as an honest person you want to skip on to the next step.

Still here? OK…..

wifi hacks

We just told you about setting up personal hotspots off your phone. A step a lot of people forget however is then password protecting that hotspot. If you switch the WIFI on your phone on and have a scan around you may find you can ‘borrow’ someone else’s WIFI.

(Obviously we’re not recommending this…we’re just saying we’ve heard of it being done. Desperate times…)

4-Follow The Crew Members

Cruise staff will know all the ins and outs to saving a quid or two when they’re at sea (as they should, spending six to nine months on-board at a time!)

This includes where all the best hot spots are for free WiFi. As you’re disembarking in a port you’ll often notice several of them heading into town with laptop or tablet tucked under their arm and a determined look on their face. If you ask them nicely they’ll be happy to share where all the best hotspots are in these ports.

3-Get A Drink Whilst You Check Facebook

For the simple reason that Facebook is so popular nowadays, many bars in ports will try to attract tourists with offers of free WiFi.

If you’ve not been able to follow a crew member into port then we’d recommend saving all your emails for when you dock and taking a quick scout of the local bars. Nine times out of ten you’ll be able to relax with a beautiful view, a big, over the top cocktail and free WiFi.

2-Get Some Height

If you’re planning on staying on-board in port but still don’t want to pay to access the ships WiFi then a good tip is to head up to the top deck with your laptop.

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Getting that extra height means you might be able to latch on to a lot of the free Wi-Fi signals coming in from the port meaning you can potentially access free Wi-Fi without ever having to leave the ship!

1-Be Choosy On The Websites You Visit

Free Wi-Fi or free access to the internet may sound important but in actual fact, what many of us mean is that we want to be able to get on Facebook for free.

As social media becomes more and more important to travellers, our bet is that more and more cruise lines will start to provide free access to social media sites when you’re on-board their ships. So watch this space…

What are your thoughts on WiFi at sea? Do you have to be connected or do you hate the very idea of it? Which is your favourite hack from our list? Are you going to be relying on your trusty personal hotspot or do you prefer to do things honestly with the cruise lines’ loyalty schemes? Leave us your comments and tips…

Best Places to Find Free WiFi in Japan

Here are some of the best places to find WiFi hotspots in Japan.

Convenience Stores

free wifi in japanSource: wiennat / 123RF

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan. You can’t walk more than a few hundred metres in Tokyo without finding one, which makes them the perfect place to host free WiFi. The biggest chains are Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart, all of which have their own WiFi services. Not all locations offer WiFi, but if you find a store that does you can usually use it for free. Each store has their own restrictions and you may only be able to use their connections a few times a day, but speeds will usually be sufficient enough for checking your email in a pinch.

Coffee Shops

free wifi in japanSource: beer5020 / 123RF

If you’re a world traveller, you might be surprised at how few cafés and restaurants offer WiFi to customers in Japan. The reason is simpleJapanese mobile networks are so fast and coverage is so good that there is little need for locals to use free WiFi services.

Despite the recent interest in improving the tourist experience through WiFi coverage, this is still true for many smaller cafés and restaurants. The bigger chains like Starbucks and Tully’s are beginning to offer WiFi, but only in their bigger store locations. Regional chains like Ginza Renoir may also offer WiFi, depending on the location. Coffee shops in more popular tourist areas are more likely to offer WiFi to customers.

Train Stations

free wifi in japanSource: bestforlater91 / 123RF

As part of the Tokyo Olympics push, many of the stations in and around Tokyo have started offering WiFi to customers. Connecting to this network can be a chore, though, as stations will usually only have one or two routers out of sight and difficult to find, making the connection spotty at best. Note that WiFi is not available on the trains themselves, so once you leave the station your connection will be lost and you’ll have to reconnect at your destination station, or at each short stop along the way.

Each of the train networks uses their own unique system, so if you think you might need to rely on station WiFi, be sure to do some research before you leave. Below is a list of free WiFi services in Tokyo area train stations:

JR East:

JR West:

JR Central:

Tokyo Metro:

Toei Subway:


Tokyo Areas

free wifi in japanSource: masterlu / 123RF

The city of Tokyo is also introducing WiFi networks at select tourist destinations. The locations are currently limited, but some of the most popular destinations such as Shibuya and Ginza are covered, with more areas being added regularly. Some of them are not free, but if you’re caught without the internet and absolutely must access it, you may have no choice but to buckle down and pay.

Before you arrive, make sure to download the Japan Connected WiFi app for Android and iOS. This will give you access to most of the WiFi networks mentioned above without the hassle of entering your details every single time.

The Free Hotspot Experience: Drawbacks

free wifi in japanSource: rawpixel / 123RF

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From researching tourist destinations to booking tickets, the internet is essential to keeping your holiday on track. Whether checking into a hotel or booking your next train ticket, you’re going to need a stable and reliable connection, which is where free hotspots may let you down. The slow speed or intermittent connection may limit you from being  able to access the information you need when you need it.

If you find yourself using online services like Google maps you will need definitely need a mobile internet connection. Hopping between hotspots is a nuisance and will likely get in the way of enjoying your holiday.

The biggest problem with free hotspots, however, is the issue of security. Since data security is more important than ever, it is crucial to understand that open WiFi hotspots carry risks. You have no control over who can see your data and other users can potentially see the websites you’re using. When using a free hotspot you should never do anything that requires entering passwords or securesensitive information, such as using your credit card or logging into your email. If you’re conscious about data security, free hotspots become far less useful. If you’re not, your information is potentially at risk.

Your Solution to Spotty Free WiFi Connections

free wifi in japanSource: jrtstock / 123RF

For visitors to Japan looking to use their mobile devices while on the move, the solution is a Mobile WiFi router from Sakura Mobile. These routers are password protected with WPA2 encryption, meaning no one else can access your information. The routers use the NTT DoCoMo network which offers fast LTE speeds across all major cities in Japan, perfect for when you need to book flights, train tickets or a hotel, check reservations safely, or do any number of time critical tasks.

Sakura Mobile offers flexible plans that are perfect for visitors. You do not have to worry about being disconnected if you accidentally go over your data limit, and if you need help or have any questions, all support and instructions are readily available in English.

Pickup is also quick and easy. You can choose to have your router delivered to Narita or Haneda airport, straight to your hotel, or even a local post office. The Sakura Mobile stores are open until the last flight of the day at Narita, while Haneda offers a 24-hour counter service so you can get connected the second you land, whenever you land. You can return your router just as easily with the included prepaid envelopejust drop it into any post box anywhere in Japan.

Free WiFi Paris: Internet Made Accessible To Everybody

Free WiFi in Paris has a lot of benefits. It is very easy to find a place that offers Free WiFi in Paris. Cafés, restaurants, hotels, stores, shopping malls, airports, you name it. It’s really easy to get connected. In general, you will be redirected to a form to fill with your name, your e-mail address and a password. Once it’s done, you’re good to go and browse the internet.

One thing you should be aware of if you’re looking for Free WiFi in Paris: If your device finds a network called “FreeWifi”, it won’t be free. Actually, it belongs to a French mobile provider named “Free” and it is accessible only to its subscribers. A lot of providers in France operate this kind of service. But because of Free’s name, it can be really misleading for non-French people. Nevertheless, if you’re in an emergency, you can buy credit to access the service even though you’re not a subscriber.

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The city of Paris also owns a good network of public WiFi hotspots in parks, libraries and other public places. The local government is working on the extension of the public WiFi network in Paris, but it is a complex and lengthy process. Indeed, in order to build a reliable public WiFi network in a city like Paris, you have to work with several actors, build the infrastructure necessary to this kind of project.

You can check this coverage map to get an idea of all the public places covered by Paris WiFi network. It’s a nice way to get an access to the Internet, especially on an improvised trip. But as tempting as the Free WiFi Paris can sound, it has some serious drawbacks.

Free WiFi Paris isn’t a perfect solution though

Free WiFi hotspot Paris The first problem that you can encounter with so-called Free WiFi in Paris, even before connecting to it, is that you’ll need to pay for it. That’s right, a lot of businesses that offer “Free” WiFi in Paris actually limits it to their clients.

So you’ll have to order something to get the login info. While a connection to the Internet is a nice extra when you’re looking for somewhere to eat, having to pay a coffee or something just in order to get the password can be annoying.

Once you’re connected, the real problems begin. The connection isn’t stable, you keep getting logged off for no apparent reason. When it’s working, you can get a connection so slow you’ll be able to remember the noise of the dial-up modem.

Finally, you got the security issues. Indeed, a lot of Free WiFi hotspots in Paris aren’t on secured networks, and they are a target of choice for hackers. Every day, some unwary tourists get their personal information hijacked by hackers, mostly in airports and train stations.

Another issue with the Free WiFi Paris is that it is organized around hotspots. While it is useful when you stay in one place, chances are you’ll want to move around in the French capital. Problem is, once you’ll get out of the range of the hotspot, your devices won’t be able to reach the signal anymore. For all these reasons, we recommend the Free WiFi Paris for short-term usages, which makes it unsuited for people staying in France for tourism or business.

A solution best suited for travelers in Paris: the Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi ParisThe Pocket WiFi for France is the traveler’s best friend in Paris. It’s a router small enough to fit in your pocket and it broadcasts a private WiFi signal. You can connect up to 10 different devices simultaneously on this network. Also, the Pocket WiFi gives you an unlimited access to a high-speed connection on the go. With its 8-hour battery life, it can follow you all day long in your sightseeing tours or business meetings.

With the comfort provided by this device, stop hunting for Free WiFi and start feeling at home everywhere. Make your next trip to Paris easier thanks to My Webspot’s pocket WiFi and enjoy the scenic sights of the French capital freely.

Find also in our articles all the reliable means to get wifi in Paris.

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