How to get free stuff on amazon

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AmzreviewsJoin Vipon, where Amazon merchants give away their products for FREE in return for reviews. Sign up as a reviewer and select the products you want to try. So far we’ve received a selfie stick, beauty serum, phone case and much more. You just need an Amazon account to become a reviewer.

To start your free Amazon product testing, click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and ‘reviewers click here’. Create a free account by supplying your details. Finally, confirm your account by clicking the link sent to you by email.

Once logged in, select the products you want to test. The offers change every day. They will be sent to you by post. If you have Amazon Prime, delivery will also be free.


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Free Amazon Product Testing, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1208 ratings GET FREEBIE

What you’ll get from this article

  • Steps to improving your Amazon profile so authors, publishers, product manufactures and distributors can contact you.
  • A better understanding of how new products get reviewed on Amazon.
  • Hopefully get free books and products to try and review!

screenshot of new Amazon profile

This is the latest design for the top of your Amazon profile.

How to optimize your reviews

Suppliers often find you based on reviews you have written before. Example: a camera manufacture will go to Amazon and open up detail pages on cameras that are similar to the one they want reviewed. They will likely sort the reviews by the latest ones and start scanning them for well written reviews. As we mentioned before, this would be a review of good length, the content covers the product features, has some constructive criticism (not too much), and the tone of voice is neutral yet leaning toward supportive.

Pro Tips:

  • Length should be at least a paragraph (about 6-7 sentences), but 2-3 paragraphs would be best.
  • Include bullet points in your reviews as needed. You’ll occasionally see a pros and cons list in Amazon reviews, or features the reviewer wanted to showcase.
  • The tone of the review should not be overly glowing and sickly sweet, as in “OMG! I love love love this, it is the best ever!” Use the same voice you would when trying to get a coworker to buy it.
  • Reference other products you have read/used by that author/company and link to them. Amazon reviews have the ability to link to other products, and they make it easy to do in the review editor.

Write reviews for products you want to review more of

This is easy: don’t review 10 eye liners unless you want to asked to review a new eye liner. If you review only XBox games, then I would expect only XBox games companies to ask you to review their games. Your reviews are a portfolio of your interests, and expect suppliers to treat them that way.

Best practices for reviewing

Writing reviews for products you never owned or never used could come back to haunt you if a company, seller or author ever asks you about it. Also, Amazon customers can leave comments and questions on your reviews asking for more information. Responding to these is also helpful for getting free products to review.

Be constructive with your review: each negative mark should have a recommendation of how to improve it. No one likes a reviewer that just hammers away at a book/product without suggestions to improve it.

Do your best to stay away from writing only a pure positive review: they seem fake since there should be at least one thing they could improve on. It’s hard to think of a book or product that is perfect. Plus, these reviews read more like the book author’s family members or company employees than real reviewers.

Turn down offers for products that are offensive, or not of any interest to you. Just because someone asked, you don’t have accept the offer. Have standards, and stick to them.

Get Free Services & Products

5. FreedomPop

FreedomPop offers free internet hotspots and cell phone service. You might have to buy a device, but if you bring your own device, you only need to buy a sim card and you’re all set. It’s possible to get free internet and phone service because FreedomPop uses local wifi hotspots to complete phone calls and text messages.

It’s also possible to make free phone calls between FreedomPop members. You can also get free 4G LTE data by recruiting friends and completing partner offers too.

If you are almost always connected to a wifi hotspot, FreedomPop can be an easy way to cut your phone bills and have more disposable income each month.

Go to FreedomPop for Free Internet Hotspots:

Go to FreedomPop for Free Phone Service:

6. Free Bill Negotiation

Do you overpay for cable tv or internet? If you’re not sure, or you’re tired of calling every year and threatening to cancel your subscription if they raise rates, Trim will analyze your current subscriptions to see if you’re paying too much:

  • Cell phone
  • Cable
  • Home Internet

Trim will also cancel your unwanted subscriptions for free. It doesn’t matter if it’s your Netflix subscription or a gym membership. You give the command to cancel and Trim listens.

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Are you ready for another free feature? Trim will monitor your bank and credit card accounts for fraud and low account balances to help you avoid overdraft fees.

Go to Trim:

7. Free Credit Score

With Credit Sesame, you can access your credit score for free. You can also check your credit report for free so you see the exact information that lenders and your future employer might look at.

Credit Sesame also offer these free features too:

  • ID Theft Protection
  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit Report Card

It’s highly possible that your personal information has been stolen in at least one data breach. Since you don’t know who has your data and if it will be used for ill-gain, the ID theft protection offers $50,000 in theft insurance.

Credit Sesame will update your credit score monthly, but monitors your credit activity monthly. If they detect any unusual changes, you will get a warning email to take further action if necessary. You can also use the credit report card to get free tips to improve your credit score.

Go to Credit Sesame:

8. Free Credit Perks Without EVER Paying Interest

You might not use a credit card because you might carry a balance. Keeping a debit card holds you accountable to not overspend or go into debt. The one downside is that you don’t earn valuable credit card rewards.

Debitize is a free solution to this problem. You can spend with a credit card and Debitize automatically withdraws the money from your checking account each day and pays the balance for you. Now you can earn credit card rewards and still enjoy the benefits of debit cards at the same time.

Go to Debitize:

9. Paribus

Don’t you hate it when you buy something online and the price drops the next day? With Paribus, you can get free price protection notifications when a retailer drops the price on recent purchases. Paribus then submits the claim on your behalf, which means you don’t have to monitor for price changes yourself and then submit it.

Go to Paribus:

Disclaimer: Paribus does compensate MoneyPeach when you sign up for Paribus using the links we have provided in this post. 

10. Invest for Free

There are three free investing apps that you might enjoy. Yes, you need to “spend” money to buy stocks and ETFs to build your net worth, but you won’t pay a trade commission or account management fees with either of these investing apps.

Robinhood lets you buy or sell stocks, ETFs, and options for free. Although Robinhood started as a mobile-only app, it’s now available for web browsers too.

Investors wanting to buy partial shares of stocks and ETFs can join M1 Finance. When you create your portfolio, you build a pie and weight each stock with a percentage instead of a dollar amount. Instead of investing $50 in Stock A, each investment is spread proportionally across your pie to keep your portfolio balanced with your investing targets.

If you’re not a DIY-investor, you might like WiseBanyan. As the world’s first fee-free robo-advisor (think Betterment), your investments are automatically invested in a baskets of ETFs proportional to your age and investing goals.

Free Stuff Directly From the Manufacturer

Sometimes, you want to try products directly from the manufacturer that you can’t get from freebie websites. With these suggestions, you might have to pay shipping costs but can still get a good deal. It’s usually better to spend $5 in shipping before spending $40 on a product you only used once and can’t return.

51. Baby Leggings

Every parent likes to get adorable baby clothing for free. At Baby Leggings, you can get five free pairs of baby leggings by entering Moneypeach1 as the discount code. All you have to pay is the shipping and handling for your order. This suggestion isn’t completely free, but you’re still getting $50 of baby merchandise for free.

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52. National Pen

If you like customized pens, you can sample two different products before you buy them. Maybe you have a business, seminar, or reunion to plan for and need customized pens to broadcast your brand. Trying free samples can help you pick the right design the first time at National Pen.

Go to National Pen:

53. The Honest Company

You can sample various baby and health products from The Honest Company with a free discovery kit. If you like the products, you can sign-up for an online subscription or you can also buy most items at your local grocery store.

Go to The Honest Company:

54. Similac

Parents that feed their babies formula, know how expensive it can be to buy a single can of baby formula. Similac gives you over $400 in free coupons and samples to save money in the baby aisle.

Go to Similac:

55. Real Purity

You may want to wear makeup but might be allergic to the common makeup brands. Real Purity lets you order free samples of their products. You will have to pay shipping costs which are approximately $5 for a single sample.

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Go to Real Purity:

56. Design a Tea

Tea drinkers should try Design a Tea for five free samples. You will pay $5 in shipping costs, but get a $2 credit on your next purchase. It’s possible to make your own custom blends which makes this a fun option or gift idea.

Go to Design a Tea:

57. Proctor & Gamble

Receive free Proctor & Gamble samples by testing products and sharing your feedback. After sharing your family background and which products you usually use, you can begin expecting free sample to arrive at your front door. You might also have the opportunity to try soon-to-be-released items too.

Go to Proctor & Gamble:

58. McCormick

If you live near a McCormick test lab, you can apply to become a tester online. You can test up to four times a year and will be paid for your time. This can be a fun opportunity if you enjoy free food.

Go to McCormick:

59. Redbox Movies

There are several ways to find free Redbox codes online. Many people use Redbox to catch the latest new releases instead of waiting for the title to come to Netflix. Maybe you can find some free popcorn to go with your free movie!

Get the 12 Secret Redbox Free Movie Codes:

60. Target

Target offers free samples too. The selection changes each month and you can request a male or female beauty box. You will need to pay for some of these samples, so it’s a not entirely free but can be a good option if you can’t find similar free items using the other websites mentioned here.

Go to Target’s Free Samples Page:

61. Walmart

Periodically, Walmart offers free samples for multiple shopping categories. One of the most common free samples is their Baby Box. You will need to pay $5 for shipping, but all the products are free. They have three different Baby Box options:

  • Prenatal box
  • Newborn/infant box
  • Toddler box

Go to Walmart Coupons Page:


You might have a few questions about getting free stuff online so you can spot the good offers the first time.

How Do You Find Free Stuff Online?

You will need to visit one of the freebie sites listed above. Unless you visit a manufacturer’s website, most free sample websites link you to the sample provider.

To quickly find the best freebies for you, browse the different categories to quickly look for items that interest you. For example, you don’t want to look through three pages of beauty products when you only want to find a free book.

Are Free Samples Really Free?

It depends on the sample. Some companies will send you free samples, products, and apps for free and never follow-up. Other companies might require you to complete a survey, join a mailing list, or pay shipping costs.

Other free samples require you to join a subscription club and you need to opt-out before the free trial period ends. To cancel the trial, you will have to either call the customer service number or opt-out online before your credit card is charged.

Are you familiar with the saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” It still rings true today.

Are All Online Freebies Trial-Size Products?

Not every free product is trial-size, but you usually need to pay shipping or share feedback if you receive full-size products.

For digital freebies, it’s easier to get full-fledged free apps and services because the sample provider doesn’t have to pay delivery costs. Depending on the app, they might have a premium version you can pay for if you can benefit from the additional features.

Are Online Freebies Better Than Physical Freebies?

Free digital products and services can be better than physical freebies because they are cheaper to produce and deliver. There are many free online services mentioned above that help you get free products when you shop online or in-person.

But, the answer depends on two factors:

  • Why do you want free stuff?
  • What do you need to use it for?

Because there are so many digital products you can get for free, combing through these sites can save you lots of money.

When it comes to requesting physical samples online, mail samples are also an excellent way to try products before you buy in the store. These free samples sometimes come with coupons to save money if you decide to buy the product when the sample ends.

Are There Free Stuff Online Scams?

You have to perform due diligence on anything you request in-person or online. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Most free samples are legit, but you should still read all the details to make sure you don’t accidentally sign up for a subscription service with a monthly fee.

Other websites might sign you up for several mailing lists. They pay for the free sample by providing your email address to other companies that you may or may not want to interact with.

Most free samples don’t require a credit card. If you need to enter your credit card information it should be to pay for shipping charges only. Make sure there won’t be recurring charges.

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Are We Missing Anything?

Leave us a comment below and let us know what we need to add or if you have any experience with any of these – both good or bad.

Thanks so much!

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1. Go To Amazon & Create A Profile

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon | Review Units For YouTube 2018

Go To Amazon & Create A Professional Profile & Give YouTube Channel Details With Social Media Links. Channel Details & Social Links Are Important For First Impression. Give Your Business Email Address On Amazon For Seller Emails. Create New Email Address To Business Emails & Free Samples. Your Profile Should Be Professional To Get Emails From Various Sellers.

2. Describe Yourself

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon | Review Units For YouTube 2018

Here You Have Describe Youself With Full Details Of Your YouTube Channel Details. Give Your YouTube Channel Link On Amazon To Make A Professional Profile. Describe Your Channel Category To Get Free Samples According To Your Channel Requirements. Here You Get Reviewer Ranking Depend Upon How Much Helpful Reviews You Submit On Amazon.

3. Give A Honest Review

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon | Review Units For YouTube 2018

You Have To Buy Products For Personal Use To Give Reviews On Amazon. Give Honest Review On Amazon To Get Helpful Review Votes From Other People Who Want To Buy It. The Reviews Ranking Depend Upon How Much Helpful Review Votes You Get. You Have Describe “What You Like” & “What You Don’t Like” In Review Section To Help Other People.

4. Get A Email From Sellers

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon | Review Units For YouTube 2018

After Making This Profile, Submit Product Reviews Consistently & You Will Receive Emails Like This. You Have To Response Them To Get Free Samples. You Will Receive Lots Of Emails Like This For Free Samples From Various Sellers. In Starting, You Can Get Shampoos, Oils, etc Free Of Cost. Helpful Review & Ranking Will Help You Get More Product You Want To Review On YouTube Channel.

5. Response Sellers

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon | Review Units For YouTube 2018

You Will Get Links With Emails Of Products Which You Have To Check & Confirm To Receive Free Samples. They Will Tell You The Full Process & You Have Deal Carefully To Get Free Products & Freebies. You Can Get Free Samples According To Your Ranking To Review On YouTube With Amazon Affiliate Program. Make Money Online By Reviewing Products On YouTube With Affiliate Links For Commission. Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2018.

Final Words :-

Get Free Products Online From Amazon

This Is The Right Way To Get Free Stuff On Amazon To Review On YouTube Channel. Amazon Profile Helps To Get Free Products Without Any Hassle. New YouTubers Can Get Review Units For YouTube Easily With This Method. Various Types Of Products Can Be Send By Sellers To Test & Review On Amazon. You Will Become Amazon Influencer To Help People With Honest Reviews.

The Easiest Way To Get Free Stuff On Amazon By Giving Honest Reviews On Products You Buy. You Need To Buy Some Products Like, Headphones, Cables, Mouse, Keyboard, etc Anything You Want To Review On Amazon. You Can Buy Cheapest Products In Starting To Review On Amazon & Then, Start Getting Free Products From Largest Shopping Site Amazon.

Checkout Get Free Jio Recharge Visit Here

So, Make A Profile On Amazon & Start Getting Free Stuff On Amazon. Get Free Products For YouTube 2018.

What’s in the box?

Free products such as (this is what one person received, contents change each month)

  • Pampers sample clutch
  • Seventh generation diapers
  • Swaddle Designs Muslin blanket
  • Philips Avent bottle
  • Huggies sensitive wipes 56 wipes pack
  • Baby dove body wash
  • Aveeno baby lotion
  • Seventh generation baby lotion
  • La Roche Posay healing balm
  • Sample tube of bliss energizing mask
  • Two munchkin latch nursing pads
  • Two packs of two Philips avent breast pads

In addition to the gift box, the baby registry has other great features: 

  •  Get a 10% completion discount or 15% completion discount for Amazon Family members (see below for details)
  • FREE 90-day returns on Baby Store purchases.
  • It’s universal – add items to an Amazon Baby Registry from any site.

Amazon Family

You can get a free 30 day trial of Amazon Family here.

Benefits include:

  • Save 20% on diapers subscriptions (TIP: Sign up for Swagbucks and earn Amazon gift cards for completing surveys. Combine the gift cards, Ebates and the Amazon Family discount and get all your diapers for free!). 
  • Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family
  • Exclusive Baby Registry benefits
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits

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