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Free music download apps for iphone

We all love to listen to music and surely want to enjoy all our favorite songs on iPhone, iPad or iPod! But we need to have a great collection of songs on our device to start listening. Wondering how to get free music on your iPhone? To help you out we gather a list of the best applications to download all songs in mp3 format directly on your iOS devices.

Check out the top free mp3 downloader apps for iPhone or any other iOS device to download free music and Mp3 songs for FREE. These apps are a good selection of the best iPhone apps to download music!

Top 5 Free iPhone Apps (best mp3 downloader for iPhone) to Search free music downloads for iPhone 7 iPad.

NOTE: Since Apple decided to remove all music downloader apps from appstore it has become a tough task to get free tracks directly on the device. However there are still some free music apps for iOS those allows to download and save music offline on the go.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming app, but it can also pull the tracks for offline playback. To download songs simply add tracks, artists or albums to your playlist. Open the songs, playlist or an album. If the tracks are available to download, you will see a toggle “Available Offline.” Turn it on to the green. Wait for the songs to be downloaded. Once completed you can enable Offline Mode from settings –> Playback.

The default android music player “Google Play music” app is also available for iOS users to download for free. However, the free version of the app only allows streaming music online. To be able to download tracks users need to buy a monthly subscription that cost $1.99 for a month. Once subscribed, run the app open songs or album and there will be a download icon or use the three dots menu button to download action. The price of the subscription is the most attractive option out there.

Amazon Prime Music is the music streaming service offered by Amazon that lets you download tracks for offline playback. The service offers a free trial for 30 days. We suggest you get the free trial then if you feel satisfied, you can move on to a yearly subscription option.

Similar to Amazon Prime Music, Groove also offers a 30-day trial and decide whether you like their service. Groove allows to download and save the tracks and albums you like to your iPhone for offline listening. For a monthly fee of $$9.99 users can enjoy millions of high-quality tracks without any ads.

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Free Music Download for iPad

Free Music Download is one of the iPhone apps to download free music that allows you to download thousands of legal, free songs. With this app, you can create playlists and easily search your music. The app instantly plays songs with its built-in player.

Part 1: iMusic- Excellent Music Downloader for iPhone X / 8

The iMusic program is comprehensive Music Downloader for iPhone 8 or iPhone X & your music entertainment needs. It is the best managing and transferring tool accessible to Mac OS X and Windows users. This remarkable service makes available plenty of options for you to download songs from using varied sources. You can choose to get your songs from more than three thousand video or audio streaming websites in the best possible quality. When its downloading is completed, the program mechanically adds the name of the artist, genre, and the album art cover, album name, and track name of the desired track.

The best Music Downloader for iPhone X / 8 – iMusic also presents the biggest library for downloading your tracks, along with the particular track, genre, or artist searches. Also, a number of latest playlists are available for hearing use in the software, choosing from the most popular tracks around the world. After you have downloaded the songs to your PC, iMusic permits you to move your downloaded files to the iPad, iPod, and the iPhone devices for your convenience.

Download iMusic for Windows Download iMusic for Mac

Part 2: How to Download Music to iPhone X / 8 (Plus) using the iMusic

Step 1: Start by launching the best Music Downloader for iPhone 8, iPhone X – iMusic program on your PC. This will transport the screen to ‘Discover Music‘ menu on where you can search for your most wanted songs through the program’s inbuilt library.

Step 2: You can open your desired songs or playlists, and tap on the ‘Download‘ button located on your main screen. This will initiate the music track downloading on the software. You can now tap on the ‘Download‘ button at the bottom to check on the particular track’s downloading progress. When the download is completed, your particular track will be shifted to the PC’s music library for your easy access.

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Part 3: How to Download Music to iPhone X / 8 from Spotify, YouTube, and Dailymotion, along with three thousand more music sites

Step 1: Start by opening the search engine on your PC and playing the video of your desired song on YouTube. In general, a notification would be shown to you on your PC display screen referring to the video download. In case the notification is not seen by you, copy the YouTube URL link. Initiate the music downloader for iPhone 8 – iMusic and tap on the ‘Download‘ button in the ‘Get music‘ menu.

Step 2: On the URL tab, proceed to right click so that the link is manually placed there. Tap on the ‘Download‘ icon to initiate the Mp3 track download on your PC. The progress of download can be viewed by tapping on the ‘Download‘ button located on the main interface of the program.

Download Music

Part 5: Choosing the Apt Music Downloader for iPhone X / 8 (Plus)


Ratings: 4/5

The Spotify software is a brand in itself, which needs no introduction. The program is without a doubt, a most popularly used and biggest song streaming software used by downloaders around the world.

The Spotify mobile app is user-friendly and is very simple. You can download any track on the device through a subscription of 9.99 dollars per month along with listening to any number of tracks devoid of any ad.

What is more, the app also makes available for users, a plethora of radio stations to choose from depending on your moods. You may also distribute track lists with your followers on Twitter or your friends and family on Facebook.

2.Apple Music

Ratings: 3.5/5

The Apple Music software was released in the year 2015. You can now initiate the trial period in the first three months at no cost. When your trial duration is completed, you may choose to make payments of 9.99 dollars each month to keep on using their remarkable services.

Through the use of the Apple Music services, you can look through all kinds of music on the iTunes Store with no cost at all. The Apple music program makes use of the in-built music app on the iOS devices. Your entire songs are then kept in the cloud. You can download these on any Apple devices using your original password and user-name.

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Ratings: 3.7/5

The Pandora program is an exclusive song streaming app, which can be quite useful for those in search of the latest, exclusive songs. In contrast to Apple Music or Spotify, you are not allowed to play out a single track on Pandora. Instead, analogous tracks can be played on this app, where you can skip only six tracks within an hour.

The app offers no provision to download songs on the Pandora program. For this reason, a steady internet connection is required to tune in to songs on the app. All things considered, the Pandora program is the most professional radio service for PC, Android, or iOS users. The software edition devoid of ads can cost you around 4.99 dollars per month.

4.Amazon Music

Ratings: 3/5

In case Amazon Prime service is already available to you, the Amazon Music is an apt program to be installed on the desired iPhone device. This Amazon Music application comes free of cost to its prime members along with offering above 14 million music files at no payment. You may also choose to download or stream the track files for your listening pleasure in offline mode on the Amazon Music interface.

5. Google Play Music

Ratings: 3.2/5

The final pick in our top five music downloader for iPhone 8 is Google Play Music. This application lets you surf through a huge library containing music tracks along with letting you download over fifty thousand music files on your PC.

When the desired music file is put up on your Google Play Music account, you can start to access it easily on any Android, iOS, or some further devices through the Google Play Music support. What is more, its professional edition can also be bought for exclusive services at 9.99 dollars each month. This is accompanied with a complimentary YouTube Red account, which can be used to avail any video on the YouTube app devoid of any ad.

The five tips mentioned above are the most widely used for any music downloader for iPhone X / 8 searches. Through these pointers, you can select the apt downloader according to your music needs.

These tips and tricks will guide you in learning how to download music to iPhone X / 8 (Plus) in easy and comprehensive steps.

Download iMusic for Windows Download iMusic for Mac

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