How to get followers on tumblr

Are you searching for instant ways to get more followers on Tumblr? Do you have a Tumblr blog and struggling to get more Tumblr followers? If yes, this detailed guide (over 2,000 words) is just for you.

Tumblr tips to get more followers instantly. Recently people started asking me this question, and I’ve spent good amount of time on writing this detailed posts just for you.

I have compiled the best tips on increasing your Tumblr followers without sweating much. So read it thoroughly and make sure to follow some of the tips to get more traffic and followers on Tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform (just like Twitter) and founded by David Karp, Tumblr is owned by Yahoo! Inc. Tumblr allows you to post multimedia (video, audio, infographics etc) to a short-form blog.

In simple words, Tumblr is an image blogging site where people post interesting or selfie images to get more followers, likes or comments.

Why use Tumblr?

With over 50 million visitors going to Tumblr each and every single month, you would be silly not to leverage Tumblr traffic. But the question is, how do you get more traffic from Tumblr?

There’s a simple way to get more Tumblr traffic and that is to get more followers on Tumblr. Sounds simple, right? No, it’s not. Getting more Tumblr followers quickly is not an easy task especially if you are new to Tumblr.

Here are few things you should know before getting into the details.

  • The posting limit on Tumblr blogs. You can post or reblog no more than 250 posts a day. And only 75 of them can be photos. You can post the remaining as textual format contents.
  • You can only friend between 250-300 people on Tumblr in a day, you can’t exceed this limit. So make sure NOT to go aggressive in following others in order to get more followers on Tumblr.

So now that you know a few things, now let’s jump into the details on getting more Tumblr followers without much ado.

How to get more followers on Tumblr even if you are a newbie?

Get More followers On Tumblr

Most people say “it’s all about the quality, not quantity” in getting more followers be it in on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking platform.

But you need to get more followers at least on one network to boost your online reach, without having more social followers, you can’t make your posts go viral or create a thriving network online. So here are few tips to get more Tumblr followers.

Follow as many people as you can

This is the first and foremost thing to keep in your mind if you want to increase your followers on Tumblr. Follow more people.

Here’s a best strategy to grow your followers on Tumblr.

  • Follow the top people in your industry (on Tumblr)
  • Follow back whoever follows you
  • Follow whoever comments on your Tumblr posts
  • Follow whoever reblogs your stuff
  • Follow interesting people (though they don’t have much followers)
  • Follow “follow back” people (there are a lot of people who follows you if you follow them)

Always remember one thing that no one follows you unless you are popular or pretty. So it’s your responsibility to get more online visibility on Tumblr by following as many people as you can to grow your Tumblr follower count.

Frequently update with interesting pictures

tumblr pictures

Tumblr is an image based website that is mainly used by its users to post their pictures and GIF files. So if you want to get more followers on Tumblr without sweating much, post interesting, funny, wicked pictures that immediately caught others attention.

  • Create humorous posts
  • Include witty images
  • Create GIF files
  • Make your own memes (memes generally gets reblogged a lot)
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Make sure to think in creative ways to make your own pictures. After all, originality and creativity makes a lot of difference in getting more Tumblr followers quickly. Also remember to reblog images or GIF files whenever you browse through interesting stuff on other Tumblr blogs. You need to create a one stop website for everyone to browse your Tumblr site images and information.

Timing is the key, post at best times

Did you know that, posting your Tumblr posts at right times gives you more shares, likes, comments and also help you get more Tumblr followers?

Yes, it’s true that, TIMING is the key to get most out of Tumblr. According to Union Metrics, the best times to post on Tumblr is between 5 pm to 1 am where most of the Tumblr users are active (EST time standard).

get more followers on Tumblr

Whenever you are posting something new and interesting stuff on your Tumblr blogs, make sure to post it at perfect times to reach more audience.

Remember this formula.

Posting at right time = More online reach = More Tumblr followers

Spend quality time on Tumblr promotion

Are you ready to get some more followers on Tumblr? Then start promoting your Tumblr posts.

Promotion is the key to get more Tumblr followers, without promoting and getting more online reach, you are not going anywhere. Most new Tumblr users don’t focus much on promoting their Tumblr posts, they simply post some pictures and forget. If you want more followers, then do these following things.

  • Reblog posts: Reblogging is one of the factors that make Tumblr interesting and easy to use. Whenever you post something on your Tumblr blog, if someone likes it they can reblog to their audience. This way you will be getting more traffic, views, and followers on Tumblr.
  • Like posts: Whenever you find interesting pictures, like them. This way you are not only helping the Tumblr community to grow and evolve, but you are also creating great engagement with the other Tumblr blog owners. So start liking others posts and pictures.
  • Comment: Commenting is the best way to get noticed. Leave funny comments on every picture or GIF file you come across on Tumblr. Make sure to leave at least 20 to 30 comments on other Tumblr blogs each and every day.
  • Tag your posts: Whenever you post something on Tumblr, make sure to use proper tags. For example, if you are posting a picture related to gardening, you can use relevant tags like “gardening”, “parks” etc. to get more people to see your posts. You don’t have to use a dozen of tags on your posts or images, simply using 2 to 3 tags per post are enough to get more followers and other users’ attention.

How to get more Tumblr followers without being fishy? Increase your Tumblr engagement. The more you engage with the people who share, comment and reblog on your Tumblr posts, the more viral your posts go viral and you will quickly get more followers on Tumblr every day.

Observe your Tumblr follower behavior

If there is one thing that leads to increasing your Tumblr followers it is this: analyze who follows you on Tumblr.

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Ask yourself this question. When is someone following me on Tumblr?

  • When you share new stuff?
  • When you reblog great stuff by others?
  • When you leave more comments?
  • When someone mentions your posts or shares your stuff?
  • When you properly use tags?

When? When do you get more followers on Tumblr? By analyzing this simple practice, you are helping yourself to get instant followers on Tumblr. By knowing when someone follows you, you can spend more time on particular tasks to grow your Tumblr followers. It’s as simple as that.

In a nutshell: Getting more followers on Tumblr is not a rocket science, but it’s some kind of art that you need to be good at. All you need to do is to analyze who follows you and you also need to practice few skills like following others, commenting and posting interesting pictures and GIF files to grow your Tumblr followers.

Make sure to post your pictures or random stuff on your Tumblr blogs at specific times to get more reach and followers. If you post at wrong times, there’s no use even if you have posting epic stuff on your blog, timing is the key. Post your pictures between 5 pm to 1 am to get more followers notice your stuff on Tumblr.

“Follow for follow” is one of the easiest ways to increase your Tumblr followers, but don’t be just fishy and never follow anonymous people on Tumblr just for the sake of increasing your followers count. It won’t give you any good results in the long run, follow people who have the same interests.

Spread your name out there by reblogging, whenever you like something witty, reblog it or comment on it. Don’t just waste your time by solely focusing on your stuff, go out there and reach other blogs to increase your online reach on Tumblr.

If you are new to Tumblr and thinking to increase your Tumblr followers, by following any of the above few tips will work. If you still have any questions, please discuss them in the comments and I’d be glad to reply.

Over to you: Do you have any more Tumblr tips to get more followers? Please share them in the comments below.

Be unique and be uber niche

From my experience the average tumblr consists of about 70% of the following (in no particular order):

  1. A picture of Kim Kardashian in a considerably tight pair of trousers
  2. A sepia tone Lamborghini or similar
  3. Picture of brightly coloured pair of Nike high top trainers
  4. Big bang Theory gif
  5. A close-up picture of a big bud of skunk

This may be more of a reflection of the tumblr demographic, but your not going to get followers by reblogging the same old guff as everyone else. People have seen it all before and will see no reason to follow you.

You’ve got to be different and post content people will reblog because they think it’s cool enough to put on their own blog. Some of my favourite tumblrs are:

  • Bygone America
  • Life Magazine
  • Suburban Soul

I think these tumblrs bring out the inner photographer and historian in me – it’s like stepping back in time as you scroll through the tumblr feeds of Life magazine and Bygone America. I especially like the retro design aspect showcased on Suburban Soul – as an 80s kid it opens a whole new world of fonts and compositions that I’ve simply not seen before.

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2. Find blogging buddies while growing

You can build relationships on any social media platform, but most notably Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

My best advice for Twitter is to join Twitter Chats. These weekly travel chats are run by hosts who pose several questions with a related hashtag for interested Tweeters to reply to. I’d suggest using Tweetdeck to help manage the chats. Comment on other people’s / blogger’s tweets and follow them if you so wish. Many will follow back. This is one strategy I used to meet other bloggers while increasing my Twitter following.

Read more: Get more followers on Twitter for free (and fast!) by using these easy tips to how I reached 10K followers on Twitter – Twitter for Bloggers.

For Facebook, ask to join Facebook groups. These pages are a community of bloggers where members can either ask for advice or join social media shares. I can’t stress enough how useful Facebook groups are. Each has their own rules, and instructions on how to join. Some of the successes I’ve had through networking in Facebook groups are

  • Resolving technical website issues
  • Pitching companies which fellow Facebook group members have shared
  • Being asked to admin Facebook groups – I’m now on the other side! 

I really believe that the growth of Two Scots Abroad is down to my contribution to these groups.

Think outside of your niche too; is there a blogging group for your nearest city or country? For travel bloggers, can you answer questions on local tourist boards or national flight company Facebook pages? Etc.

To recap: networking through Twitter, joining Facebook groups, and Instagram pods, will not only help bloggers gain more social media followers but also create the opportunity to build relationships with fellow bloggers

6. Pictures – quality over quantity

I quickly realised that there is very little point in publishing poor quality photos on any social media platform, especially Instagram. I saw a significant increase in Instagram engagement when I began editing photos (using Lightroom) and only sharing my best images. I plan my grid on Planoly. The app lets me upload images and move them around until I get the perfect composition. If I have an image that is ‘off’ my normal tone (or the majority tone of the images I’ve been posting) I post in threes. For example, if I have a sunset image, I try to organise my grid so there are three sunset pictures side by side with the past showing a hint of the future image colour.

The key to IG is like, comment, comment, comment, like, like, and hashtag strategically! Get the picture? Instagram is hard work! See above and below for more details on my Instagram strategy.

The same goes for Pinterest. Post vertical pins. Use Canva for creating pins. It’s free and online.

Act now! How to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest

Keep up to date with the best sizes for photos on each platform, for example

  • Pins with the highest engagement tend to be 600×900 (or square 600×600 – yet to see this kick-off)
  • Facebook image size has changed to 1200 x 630 (I just use my horizontal article images)
  • Instagram is still square at 1080 x 1080 square (you can go landscape but looks messy)
  • Twitter prefers horizontal photos
  • Learn your website theme’s photo specifications (I use Lightroom: 1024 / 800 Long Edge, 72 resolution, 60+ quality)
  • Reduce the size of your website images (using Ewww plugin, or JPEG compressor online, Lightroom, etc), large images can slow your website loading speed so followers might not stick around to read your entertaining articles
  • Take horizontal photos for your blog and vertical for Pinterest

Pinterest for Bloggers - How to Increase Your Traffic with Pinterest Holiday Content Can Increase Your Traffic

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