How to get bigger breasts


Be happy with yourself and your beauty… Sounds great, right? But women aren’t always fully satisfied with what they see in the mirror. Women have a tendency to spend tons of money on “miracle” creams and treatments that promise them to banish cellulite overnight, make their breasts bigger, or get rid of wrinkles.

Even worse, they opt for surgery that helps them become more beautiful (as they think) but has plenty of downsides. What’s the point? Isn’t it easier to fall in love with yourself and stop wasting your time and money on useless miracle stuff?

Breasts Grow Faster

One of the biggest problems many women are trying to fix is the size of the breasts. Although breast size doesn’t matter, if you desperately want to make them grow, here’s how you can do it naturally, without turning to surgery:

1. Exercise

Bigger breasts exercises

I’m a huge believer that exercise is the best cure for almost everything. It boosts our mood, helps to lose weight, fights anxiety and depression, and, as it turned out, it can help to fix the breast size problem. There are certain workouts that can make your breasts bigger.

Performing them regularly will help tone your pectoral muscle and make your breasts grow faster. Dumbbell cross punch, butterflies, dumbbell chest press with wrist rotation, plank walk, chair dips and shoulder rounding are among the best exercises for your breasts.

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How to Wrangle Big Breasts

If your girls are big and you want to tame them, pronto, here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • Buy a minimizer bra—one that fits: There’s a difference, you know, between buying a large bra with too small a cup vs. a smaller size with a larger cup. Find more info here.
  • Chest Binders: These are like sports bras gone wild: they reduce your bra size by compacting your breasts. Some women find it uncomfortable, but there’s an art to doing it so you get the best shape possible.
  • Breast reduction surgery: If you’re suffering true emotional and physical discomfort due to too-big breasts, this could be a choice for you. Here are some options to think through.

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