How to get a girl to like you

how-to-make-a-girl-like-you-postIf you’re like most guys, you’ve probably wondered how to get a girl to like you.

It’s such a common thought because most men think that girls are too picky/hard to impress, and that it’s impossible to make those girls like them.

…And that exact moment, when those negative thoughts race in, is where most men will give up before they even speak to that girl.

That’s why I want to help. You absolutely can start to make her like you, even from the moment you meet… if you have a powerful set of insider tips to help you (and of course that’s what’s below).

Now, I understand if it seems like I’m promising the impossible… but if you’re prepared to follow my one (pretty surprising) rule and its seven easy tips on how to make a girl like you… you really can get almost any woman to like you right off the bat.


The Most Important Rule To Follow To Get Girls to Like You


If you read our post on overcoming approach anxiety, you already know that the best (and really, the only important) approach technique is to focus on connecting with her, instead of using ‘tricks’ to pick her up.

…And that same type of rule now applies to making her like you:

You have to focus on something other than ‘tricks’ to get her to like you… focus on showing her your ‘real’ self (be genuine). Here’s why that’s so powerful:

Imagine you approach a woman and attempt to get her to like you with a set of rehearsed lines/’moves’. The only two results that will come from that are:

  1. She’ll see right through your rehearsed ‘front’, and be immediately turned-off, because she’ll associate you with lying (and pro tip… women see through this fake front very often)
  2. She’ll buy into your fake persona, and then be incredibly disappointed when she discovers what you’re really like
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…And neither of those options sound really appealing, right?

On the other hand:

You can approach a woman as your real, genuine self, and show her what an approachable, friendly, natural man you are. And if that natural connection exists between you after that, you’re in for an incredibly passionate time with a woman who really wants to see you again.

Doesn’t that sound way better than being uptight and ‘performing’ for her all night?

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