How to get a bigger penis

This highly successful procedure is a medically proven opportunity to create a more natural, life-lasting larger penis.

Tissue Restructure Technology

Morganstern Medical’s most popular male enlargement operation is a cutting-edge proprietary approach – providing maximum available increase with both length and width. Our success rate is 100%. The primary bulking agent utilized to create your enlargement is derived from your own fatty – which our urologist extracts during the procedure. Our unique approach overcomes historical challenges associated with implanting fatty tissue – clumping and reabsorption – through administration of our patented Tissue Restructure Technology. The equally outstanding aspect is this natural implant results in a penis that’s both longer and thicker, permanently. This enlargement procedure is handled with utmost discretion and only takes an hour to perform. Most patients return to work in 2-3 days. This means the surgery could be performed on a Friday with the patient returning to work on Monday. Sexual activity may be resumed within 2 weeks. Recovery is days not weeks – there’s no need for any embarrassing excuses to “hide” the fact your penile enlargement surgery just occurred.

TRT is a multi-step process revolving around three phases of surgical evolution. Tissue Harvesting Penis Enlarge SurgeryTissue is first harvested from the patient’s body for subsequent reconstituting and eventual implantation. The first redesigned tissue is used to construct a pivoting basis that serves to both support the enhancement and also to insure longevity.

Tissue Diagram Penis EnlargementThe final process re-vascularizes the imbedded tissue – causing your implant to naturally reattach to the existing penile tissue as any other healthy tissue found in your body.

In other words?

With the Morganstern Tissue Restructure Technology you end up with the healthiest, largest, most natural completely undetectable penis enlargement available anywhere in the world.

Hydro Pumps

The Penomet is without doubt one of the most popular types of hydropumps, as well as we’d price the Bathmate as next best one. Just like the brand suggests, these units make use of water to improve a good as well as comfy suction power measures, that can help activate penile development in each of the proper places, which usually implies that if you work with them the path they had been intended to be used, you ought to with any luck , anticipate to see bigger as well as more firm erections. The designers in the Penomet are happy to report that their pump is medically-based, and also it seems that’s the solution for permanent increase in penis size.

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1 Jelqing

Jelqing, or ‘penis milking’ is an effective way to get a large penis, increasing both length and girth for those who have the patience and commitment to stick to a regular routine. Some men have reported seeing an increase of 1 inch in girth, and 2 inches in length after 6 months of regular jelqing.

To perform jelqing, you’ll firstly need to get the penis into a semi-erect state. To do this, you should wrap a warm towel around it for 5 minutes. It’s important to maintain this semi-erect state, as a flacid penis is impossible to work with, and a fully erect one could become damaged by this exercise.

You’ll need to lubricate the penis with a water based product. Vaseline or baby oil is absolutely fine for this.

Next, make an ‘OK’ sign with your left hand, and starting at the very base of the penis, pull upwards with a tight grip. If you’re doing this right, it wont hurt, but will simply push the blood to the end of the penis effectively. Stop before you get to the glans. You just completed a jelq!

Repeat the above process multiple times, alternating your hands if you find it easier. Try to perform 100 jelqs a day, on alternate days to begin with. Gradually increase the frequency so that eventually you have a couple of sessions per day doing this, upto a maximum of 300 times per session after 4 or more weeks. The important thing is to listen to your penis! If it hurts, stop and rest. Take a day or 2 off. Don’t push things too quickly or you may damage your manhood.

There are a variety of gadgets and gizmos available on the market which claim to be able to help you to perform jelqing exercises, but we don’t believe you need anything other than your hand and some good lubricant to perform this manoeuvre well!

Top tip: Got a bent penis? Jelq against the curve only, and keep your penis slightly more erect than your usual jelqing state. This should help to straighten your penis out.

3 Kegel exercises

You may have heard about women performing pelvic floor exercises to improve their bladder control. Well, men have these too, and working them can be a path to getting a large penis.

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The PC muscle (pubococcygeal, if you’re wondering what the technical term is) controls your urethra, bladder and bowel. But that’s not the only function. Men who exercise this muscle report an increase in the intensity of their orgasms, a decrease in premature ejaculation and importantly, improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Kegel exercises are helpful in improving erectile dysfunction due to their ability to strengthen the ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus muscles. Both of these muscles have a role in keeping your penis engorged with blood. So it’s easy to see why this is an essential addition to your big penis workout routine.

To perform kegel exercises, it’s all very simple. So simple in fact, you can perform them anywhere, with anyone around you. The library, the mall, the team meeting. Literally anywhere you like, no one will know.

All you need to do to engage this muscle is stop yourself peeing mid-flow. It’s as simple as that. Now we’re not suggesting you go into your next work meeting and urinate, stop, then urinate again. We’re simply trying to demonstrate where exactly this muscle is and how you can feel the sensation of it in action.

Now, while not peeing, try to replicate that feeling of stopping mid-flow. Feel that tightening between your anus and testicles? That’s your PC muscle.

Now you know how to engage it, you just need to practice tensing it wherever and whenever you can. To begin with, you may find you can only perform short bursts, but that’s ok. Even small pulsing exercises are helping to strengthen the PC muscle. Remember, this is a muscle which has probably never seen much action before, so it’s going to take a bit of getting used to.

As you become a pro at exercising your PC muscle, begin to hold that squeeze a little longer. Count to 10, and relax. Do this several times. As with any muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it will become, and the better you’ll be able to use it.

There are no hard and fast rules about the number of PC exercises you should perform. A couple of sessions per day, up to 30 – 50 times each should see you obtaining some improvement in penis size and orgasm intensity pretty quickly.

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Top tip: Try to get your girl performing this routinely too. It’s not just men who experience better orgasms when they have strong PC muscles, but women too. Plus, there’s the added bonus that she’ll feel tighter for you.

5 Supplements

There are various supplements which can help you to turn a small dick into a big one.

Ellagic acid enhances blood circulation throughout the body, having a knock-on effect on the penis – and you guessed it, erections. This antioxidant-rich nutrient is found in pomegranate juice. One recent study found that men drinking it daily showed a 17% increase in blood flow after just 90 days. Of course, drinking any kind of fruit juice daily isn’t great for your teeth, or your sugar levels, hence the reason why so many men instead opt to simply take this in supplement form.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a mineral which encourages new and healthy cell growth. Without an adequate level of MSM in your system, your body won’t be able to allow the growth of healthy, flexible new cells which will enable your penis to hold more blood. For this reason, this is an essential supplement to add to your diet when performing any of the above exercises intended to add length to your penis.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) boosts blood flow to all areas of the body, including the penis by helping the blood vessels to relax and expand. It also helps with energy levels – meaning more stamina in the bedroom, which can only be a good thing!

Any of these supplements will give you a boost when working on increasing your penis size, but taking all 3 together will offer the most benefit. The issue is keeping track of the number of pills you need to take in a day, and of course, buying supplements separately can get expensive.

Male Extra™ contains all 3 of these ingredients in effective quantities, plus more to boot. The addition of L-Arginine HCL, L-Methionine and Cordyceps serve to ensure you have the libido of a 20-year-old at the same time as ensuring you last longer during sex. There’s lots more information about how exactly these ingredients work right here.

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