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You’ve probably heard it a million times before… and it’s true: abs are made in the kitchen. Or, put a different way, abs are made in the gym … but revealed in the kitchen. It’s that old 80/20 rule: results are 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise. In other words, if you aren’t seeing progress, stop blaming your trainer and start cutting out the crap from your diet. (that’s your cue to put down that cupcake!)

To get some flat-belly pointers, we spoke to the abdominal king himself, Barry’s Bootcamp Nashville trainer Josh Gamble (who, if you don’t know already, was rated one of Shape magazine’s 2014 50 hottest trainers in America!)

According to Josh, in order to sculpt a flat, toned stomach, you need to do two things: burn fat and build muscle. Having low body fat equals more muscle definition. You can religiously attend Hardcore every single Thursday, but your six-pack won’t be visible if it’s hiding beneath layers of fat. And that, friends, is where diet comes into play.

“Aim for fresher and more wholesome choices,” Josh explains. “Healthy fats and lean proteins are good for you. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, and healthy fats help to regulate your hormones that control fat burn.”

To maximize the payoff from your core workouts, incorporate these belly-slimming foods into your diet. Trust us, you’ll be flaunting a six-pack in no time!


Eat berries to banish belly bloat. Small but mighty, berries are packed with loads of fiber and antioxidants. Fiber staves off food cravings, while antioxidants have been shown to improve blood flow, helping you get more results from your workouts.

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Myth #3 – You Need A Gym To Lose Weight

We have more gyms now than we’ve ever had in the history of time. And people are still out of shape and overweight. You don’t need a gym to lose weight  and get a six pack – you just need to move.

Get outside, play, do natural movements or bodyweight exercises.

If you want to lose weight, you don’t need a single piece of equipment. Skip the treadmill, and do sprints outside. Instead of bench press, do pushups. Instead of throwing tons of weigh ton of weight on a squat rack and butchering a squat, do air squats or lunges to start.

Not only are gyms not not needed, but they actualy provide MORE excuses for not working out. How many times have you thought about going to the gym but instead said:

  • “It’s too far away.”
  • “There are too many people. It’s crowded.”
  • “There aren’t enough people. I won’t know anyone.”
  • “I don’t know what to do.”
  • “They don’t have the equipment I like.”
  • “I’m embarrassed to be around gym people.”

Unless you’re trying to actively put on muscle mass, there’s no need for a gym – you can do everything you need to lose weight with bodyweight exercises with a flat space in your house or garage. And, if you really need to have a gym, you can make your nearby playground into a home gym.

Myth #3 Busted: What To Do Instead

Do the best you can, with what you have, wherever you are. I decided to do home workouts so I had no excuses. The only reason I could skip a workout was if my lazy butt decided it wasn’t worth it. You can get a six pack using nothing but bodyweight exercises and discipline.

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Myth #5 – You Can’t Ever Get A Six Pack

The biggest thing myth is that you think you can’t do it. As soon as you see someone else’s results, you immediately think to yourself:

  • That seems really hard.
  • Someone else could do that, but not me.
  • They probably have great DNA. I was born to be like this.

Bullsh*t.I say that because I’ve been there. Hell, when I started, I didn’t think I could do it until I got the photos from the photo shoot back! But that’s how it is anytime you challenge the impossible. It seems impossible until the very moment you actually manage to do it.

“It always seems impossible until its done.” – Nelson Mandela

It’s easy to believe and say that it’s impossible to get a six pack while sitting around drinking Red Bull and eating oreos.

Of course you it’s impossible when you’re eating red bull and oreos. You have to change things!

But, if you change things, you can change your results. Losing fat and getting six pack abs isn’t easy, but it is simple. You just have to know what to do and you have to want it bad enough.

Myth #5 Busted: What To Do Instead

Instead of sitting around talking about why you couldn’t ever do it, get off your butt, change your habits and actually do it.


Have you ever bought into one of these myths? What other questions do you have about losing weight and getting a six pack?

I’ve put everything I know into a blueprint called Impossible Abs. Find out more here.

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