How to fuck a pornstar

It is absolutely unbelievable that you can hire a well-known pornstar as an escort these days for as little as $500.00 per hour. 

Back in 2007, if you wanted to hire one of a handful of pornstars who also did escorting, it would easily cost you about $2,500.00 per hour. Back then, was around, but one day I stumbled across a website called At the time, this was the only website that I knew of that a few well-known pornstars advertised on. On, which is still around today, you had to register, and it was super expensive, but you could hire a pornstar as an escort.

While I have no recent experience, I’m sure some pornstars still charge $3,000.00 per hour etc, but that is not the norm anymore. Most pornstar escorts are around $1000.00 per hour.

Another way to put this into context is that 10 years ago, even a hot regular (non-pornstar) escort could easily cost you $800 per hour.

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Are Reviews Necessary?

Another important thing when hiring a pornstar escort is that you don’t necessarily have to go through a review site to hire her.

This is an exception to my #1 rule of always going through to hire an escort. (because the girls are reviewed)

A review site is a must because for most guys, whether or not the escort you hire is an undercover cop is the number #1 concern. When you hire a pornstar, obviously she’s not a cop since you’ve been watching her on your computer for years.

However, it is still a good idea to see if the pornstar you’re looking to hire has been reviewed anywhere. The reviews may tell you if she’s girlfriend experience, rude, bigger or more unattractive than what she looks like on the internet and in her photos. has many reviews of well-known pornstars. Simply click the pornstar “yes” tab in your search criteria. 

Hiring a well-known pornstar as an escort is different than hiring the hot girl you follow on Instagram who does escorting. The problem with Instagram, or any other escort site, is that unless the girl has been reviewed somewhere, you can’t be sure who she is, or what you’re getting yourself into.

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It’s ironic that people complain that pornography is bad for guys because it’s only fantasy and gives guys a distorted view of reality.

Well, it’s not even fantasy anymore.

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