How to find your spirit animal

June 21 by Rachel Knuttel

We bet you’ve used the term “spirit animal” to describe someone or something, maybe a celebrity, your best friend, or an actual animal that you feel a connection with. The term has become quite colloquial as of late, and we at the Lala have used it before to describe greats like Amy Schumer and Olivia Pope.

However, it is important to take the time to recognize the origin of spirit animals because for many cultures they represent an important part of their religion and belief system. Although the term “spirit animal” comes from specific Native American tribes, certain African and Celtic groups have also been known to use different terms to describe the same type of naturalistic connection or spirit guide. (Our favorite spirit animal alternative word is patronus. Because Harry Potter.) So, this is our nod to and thank you to those cultures, for helping us to realize the amazing connections that we can have with the natural world.

How can you figure out what your spirit animal is?  Besides being Emma Watson or your roommate, scroll through the connections typically associated with each animal listed below and see what feels right! (And no, unicorn isn’t an option. We’re sorry.)


  • Grounding forces and strength
  • Courage to stand up against adversity
  • In touch with the earth and nature
  • Physical and emotional healing.


  • Powerful transformation or change in your life or personality
  • Moving through different life cycles or stages
  • Rebirth or renewal
  • Lightness and playfulness
  • Tuning into the emotional or spiritual


  • Patience
  • Independent, but enjoys social connections
  • Adventurous and courageous
  • Connected with self
  • Curiosity and desire to explore
  • Balance of opposites (inner/outer, action/rest, light/dark)
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  • Jokester or trickster
  • Adaptable
  • Revealing truth/teaching hidden meaning
  • Playful
  • Difficult to categorize/often paradoxical


  • Magic and mystery
  • Destiny and personal transformation
  • Intelligence
  • Fearless and audacious
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Manipulative or mischievous


  • Gentle and sensitive
  • Gracefulness in transitions and hard times
  • Innocence/childlike
  • Intuitive
  • Vigilant and adaptable


  • Harmony and peace
  • Protection
  • Joy and playfulness
  • Resurrection
  • Inner Strength
  • Cooperation


  • Change/transformation
  • Joy and lightness
  • In touch with emotions
  • Aware of illusion or deceit
  • Connection with nature or spirits


  • Mental or physical responsiveness and awareness
  • Cunning and discerning
  • Nocturnal or in tune with dreams
  • Teacher/provider of guidance
  • Quick thinking and adaptability


  • Cleansing
  • Renewal and rebirth
  • Fertility or abundance
  • Transformation


  • Messenger of the spirit world/spiritual awareness
  • Focused
  • Leader
  • Clear vision and intuition


  • Driving force
  • Balance between instinctive and tame personality
  • Sexual energy
  • Strong emotions and passions


  • Lightness/enjoyment of life
  • Being present
  • Independent
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Optimistic/lifts up others
  • Swiftness/able to respond quickly
  • Resilience


  • Strength and power
  • Assertiveness
  • Propensity towards anger or aggression
  • Relentless fighter
  • Courageous
  • Wild of difficult


  • Intuitive
  • Change/transformation
  • Able to see through deceit
  • Wisdom
  • Exploration of the unknown


  • Gentle but strong
  • Peaceful
  • Good luck and optimism
  • Emotional
  • Balanced/harmonious


  • Courage, valor, and power
  • Guardian
  • Rebirth/transformation
  • Understanding of death and darkness


  • Innocent/childlike
  • Gentle
  • Vulnerability/conformity
  • Self-acceptance


  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • Life force/primal energy
  • Spiritual
  • Opportunist


  • Patient
  • Receptive
  • Creative
  • In tune with life’s changes


  • Willpower/personal strength and courage
  • Propensity towards aggression or anger
  • Unpredictable and spontaneous
  • Hidden shadow or darkness
  • Ability to trust one’s self
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  • Abundance
  • Connection with nature/land
  • Social/Importance of community
  • Generosity
  • Satisfaction with life/lack of material need


  • Connected to the world/Earth
  • Grounded amidst chaos
  • Determination and persistence
  • Emotional understanding and strength
  • Wisdom


  • Sharp intelligence
  • Connection with instincts
  • Independent but appreciation for social connections
  • Lack of trust in others or self


  • Wise
  • Physical or emotional healing
  • Keeper of history
  • Family/community oriented
  • Peaceful strength
  • Communicator

Your spirit animal is always subject to change, but let us know what you think yours is down in the comments below or by tweeting us at @followthelala. This writer is feeling the hummingbird…

Photo courtesy of Amelia Kramer

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Spirit Animal Meaning

Found in different cultures and belief systems, the concept of spirit animals is one that many humans adopt. Often called spirit animals, totems, animal guides, or power animals, these beings act as spiritual companions who aid and guide you along your life journey.

You have the power to choose your animal guides simply by asking for them and being open to their presence and assistance. A spirit animal may reveal themselves to you by recurring frequently in your life or by appearing to you in dreams. They may be connected to your zodiac, place of birth, past experiences, or you may just be drawn to them for no explainable reason. Animal guides come and go depending on what you need at a particular time in your life. So how do you find your spirit animal? When you need one, ask for one. Open your mind to signs and messages from your guides; they will only help you!

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A spirit animal can become a symbol of a chapter in your life. An animal guide temporarily lends you their energies and attributes when you need them, and you can take on their inspiring traits. Find your spirit animal based on what you need – many animals can help guide you depending on your needs at the time.

At Soul Flower, we often look to animals as a source of inspiration and guidance in our design process. Here are just a few of the Spirit Animals that speak to us and some of the guidance they can provide. You can click on each animal to learn more about each spirit animal meaning and help find your spirit animal for what you currently need in your life.

Choose the ELEPHANT when you need: Strength. Love and protection. Physical body. Peace. Patience. Kindness and caring. Compassion. Family and loyalty. Overcoming obstacles.  Find Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Meaning Elephant Choose the TURTLE when you need: Patience. Wisdom. Protection. Determination. Take your time. Enjoy the journey. Go your own pace. Feeling safe and secure. Protecting yourself and your own. Find Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Meaning Turtle Choose the OWL when you need: Knowledge. Wisdom. Intuition. Secrets. Darkness. Magic. Renewal. Feminine power. Navigating the unknown. Seeing in the darkness. Uncovering the hidden. Find Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Meaning Owl

Choose the BEE when you need: Communication. Working with others. Dreaming big. Prosperity. Healing. Energy. Sexuality and fertility. Sweetness. Hard work. Balance.

Find Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Meaning Bee Choose the PEACOCK when you need: Confidence. Pride. Protection from harm. Love and romance. Connection with others. Attitude and self-respect. Owning your truth. Beauty. Staying true to yourself. Find Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Meaning Peacock

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