How to figure out ring size

If you’re wondering how to find out your partner’s engagement ring size without her knowing, you’re not alone. To help all you soon-to-be proposers, we spoke with jewelers large and small, online and brick and mortar, to collect 10+ ways to measure engagement ring size without ruining the surprise.

Find Ring Size Without Her KnowingPhotos by Amy and Jordan


This is possibly the easiest and oldest trick in the book. If your partner’s out of town—or you know they absolutely won’t notice one of their rings missing—you can take a ring out of their jewelry box and do a few things with it:

1) Take it straight to the jeweler and they’ll measure the ring size it for you.

“On top of taking the ring discreetly, it’s important to know which finger and hand they wear the ring that you snagged on,” says Craig Rottenberg of Long’s Jeweler’s in Boston. “Why? A person’s dominant hand might be larger than their less dominant hand and each of their fingers will have a different ring size.. If you give this information to your jeweler, they can usually help you come up with an approximate size based on proportions they typically see.”

2) Order a ring sizer online.

For a hands-on approach, size it yourself. You can order a complimentary ring sizer on James Allen.

3) Use a pen and paper (or your finger) to document their ring size.

You can trace the inside of their ring on a piece of paper and then your jeweler can figure out the diameter of the ring from your sketch (Blue Nile also has a printable ring size guide if you’re planning to buy online)! But even better, here’s amazing advice from a jeweler:

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“The most accurate way we’ve found is to take a ring your partner wears often while they’re not paying attention and put it on one of your own fingers,” says Alexis Padis of Padis Jewelry in San Francisco. “Then, take a pen and draw a line on your finger directly below where the ring is sitting. After that, head to your jeweler so they can use one of their ring sizers to find the best match based on where the line is on your finger. The biggest reason you want to get their ring size right is so that at the very least, it’ll slide on their finger at the time of the proposal—that’s why we recommend you draw the line on your finger right below the ring, versus above it. It’s better to slightly overestimate their size and it be too big, than slightly underestimate it and they’re not be able to wear it after you propose. It’s way easier to resize a ring that’s too big than too small.”

Ways to Figure Out Her Ring Size


This is a similar concept to the one above. Most couples do talk about engagement at some point before it happens, so it’s completely appropriate to say you’d like to know what their ring size and favorite style is.

“If you’re at the stage where you know you want to marry your partner, chances are you’ve talked together about taking that next step,” says Oded Edelman of James Allen. The ring you choose, the timing of the proposal and the way you propose can still be a complete secret—no harm in asking directly for their ring size.”

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Find Her Engagement Ring Secretly


All of these tips said, don’t stress just know you can get it resized. Long’s Jewelers in Boston offers free initial resizing for your partner, and we suspect a lot of jewelers offer the same. The key is to getting it close (and as stated above, to err on the side of caution by making it bigger than smaller), and then perfecting it later.

If you need more advice, we have a good amount of proposal planning tools such as our engagement ring finder, an article on how to buy a diamond or find her ring style, or our proposal idea generator.  We also have a directory to help you book proposal photographers + other vendors. Good luck, guys.

ways to find out girlfriends ring size

All photos provided by Amy and Jordan!

How do I determine my ring size?

1. By far the most accurate way to find out your ring size is to use our physical ring sizer. Become an MRO member by entering your email below, and take advantage of our ring sizer offer (free + $1.99 shipping and handling);

2. Download and print out our ring sizer below (just make sure you confirm it printed to the recommended dimensions);

Ring Circumference

3. Read the tips provided from our customers below;

4. Head to your local jeweller and ask them to measure your finger;

5. Read our ‘Common Ring Sizing Questions’ after the sizing chart.

Customer tips to determine what ring size to buy

  • Wide bands often fit slightly tighter and customers often go up half a size.
  • Our bands are comfort fit, so they taper to the finger and you may require half a size smaller if you are used to a flat inner band.
  • Fingers swell through out the day so try your ring on first thing in the morning and after lunch or a day at work before you decide to exchange your size.
  • What fits you perfectly in Winter may no longer in Summer. You can use our Fit for Life policy to grab a new size!
  • Titanium is lighter than tungsten so if you are changing metals you may need to drop half a size to compensate for the weight.
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Ring Sizer (PDF) 

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